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Friday, October 3, 2008

FREE ad in the Union, Lost Pet

I found a couple of beautiful Huskies running loose on BQH a couple of weeks ago. One had a New Mexico tag, so I guessed they were "visitors" separated from their owners, (which I could not reach). Anyway, I splashed some posters down by the Firehouse, and called the Union to run a "found" ad. Did you know that they provide that service for FREE. Yes, and they run the ad for 2 weeks. What a great thing. Case solved, dogs back with Mom. Reminds me there once was a company in the Bay Area that would look for your lost dog for a fee. Called themselves "Sherlock Bones." Cute.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boat Launch still open on hwy 20 side?

According to fishing columnist Denis Peirce today, (09/30) the launch is still open on hwy 20 side and the trout are biting in Scotts Flat Lake, and the lake surface temp is 62 degrees. Hmmm, my hot tub is set at 101. . . . . . .

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Lake now belongs to kayak's and swimmers

Well, looking at Scott's Flat Lake today from our side, don't think anyone will be launching boats anymore this year. So, until the water chills too much for swimmers, it now belongs to swimmers, kayaks and fisherman. It sure is low, but not as low as in the 70's when I actually rode a motorcycle across the lake bed. All the new land formations are beautiful. Be sure to enjoy it's newest incarnation!

Chipping Program near restarting!

In case you we not aware, the Curbside Chipping Program was suspended on 09/05/08 due to lack of funds. I called Fire Safe Council today at 272-1122 and they reported that since the California budget was approved, their "check is in the mail." This means they will be able to RESUME the program soon. Good news for all. This is a great program that gets tree limbs chipped at your street. Check our "link" for a request form AND instructions(they usually chip in CS the first week of each month). This is a great (free) way to help keep your property fire safe.

Refurbishing Firehouse

Did you know a group of CascadeShores residents, with financial assistance from CDF, Womens Club, CSHA and donations painted the inside of the firehouse, recarpeted, replaced chairs and tables and decorated the kitchen and bathrooms this summer? Alot of volunteers and alot of work paid off. It looks "mahvalous." Check it out at the next event (Halloween?)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Daffodils anyone?

Fall is most definitely in the air. Time to plant those spring bulbs. Anna Rees of the Womens Club packaged and is delivering the daffodils this week that you hopefully ordered this summer. They are SPECTACULAR when in bloom (you see them on BQHill), and hold up to the spring snow. If you didn't order this year, keep it in mind for next year!