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Friday, August 7, 2009

Cascasde Shores Community Flea Market/Yard Sale

CSHA has changed the date of the annual community yard sale at the Firehouse to Sat, 9/19.
If you want a space, call me at 265-8680. $10 gives you a space, $15 will give you a space and 6' table. Kids can have a space for free (if you want to encourage the little ones to sell the toys they don't play with anymore, clothes that don't fit, sports equipment). If you would just like to donate items to the CSHA booth, call me, and we can arrange to drop off/pick up. We will advertise on KNCO, the Union, and posters, and will provide free coffee and pastries in AM, and Hot Dog/Hamburger/chips/drinks will be for sale. It's a really fun day, and a great way to meet the neighbors and barter or buy cool stuff.

Saving animals, one at a time

Last Saturday I volunteered at Sammie's Friends 5th anniversary celebration. After speaking with Cheryl Wicks, who started SF, and Susan Wallace, who started Scooter's Pal's, I finally understand the difference between these 2 organizations, so I'll share it with you. Cheryl, who has worked tirelessly to reduce the euthanasia rate for Nevada County Shelter, provides funds, thru donations, to get medical care for shelter animals so they can become adoptable. She also helps family pets when the family cannot afford vet care. She also takes thousands of pounds of pet food to N. San Juan and the town of Washington, to feed "underpriviledged" pets.
Susan Wallace, (you may remember, a few years ago her carpet cleaner savagely attacked her with a knife, burned her house down, and killed 2 of her 3 dogs in the fire) started Scooter's Pals in memory of her deceased pooch. Susan takes animals, mostly dogs, from the shelter that are deemed "unadoptable" perhaps due to breed, age or behaviour. She rehabs them, finds foster care, and tries to help them find permanent families. She is kind of a "last chance saloon." Yes, she will even take on the 15 year old poodle with cataracs, etc. Bless her soul.
Anyway, if you can help either of these organizations with time, money or volunteer at events, they would love to hear from you. It is incredibly rewarding. I am planning to "babysit" dogs from Susan when their foster parents go on vacation, etc, & work at the "adoptathons."