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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hot Dam, new fire hydrants in Cascade Shores

Saw an NID guy walking the mean streets of Cascade Shores. My naturally nosey ways caused me to ask, "what up?"  He was checking locations of our very outdated hydrants, (FD has to use adapters just to use them they're so old) and he said they will be replacing some this year.  Good deal.  Anything to make fighting fires here in the forest gets my vote!
There also will be more blacktop resurfacing this year, the streets that did not get it last year.
This Wed, 3/12 will be an open meeting this Wed.6:30 with Supv. Nate Beason to get an update on local politics.  I'm not sure the subject matter, but guessing the coming fire season will be at the top of the list.
Talking with someone new who was asking where the interesting food is in Nev. County.  I love to eat good, and eat reasonably, so here are a few of my favs:
GREEK:  Afternoon Deli, Grass Valley, behind Kmart (McKnight Turnoff).  I know, weird location. But their Meza with 6 tiny cups of heavenly greet dippers are amazing.  Lots of other good stuff too.
ITALIAN:  Goomba's in Grass Valley (Hwy 174) does a decent job with their sausage and pepper sandwich, and with their garlic steak sandwich.  About as close as you'll get to a Chicago Style sangwich, witht flying to Chi Town Portillo's. Thin crust olive oily pizza too, the real thing.
THAI:  Love the little joint next to Goomba's, forget the name. Maybe PANOY.  Funky feel, GREAT THAI.
WHATNOT:  Nevada Cify Eats on Coyote by the Chamber.  Great street taco's for about $2. Shredded beef, nicely spiced, with toppings.  Fresh and filling
DESSERT:  UMMMM, I do love a good coffee and dessert.  Not counting calories or pennies?  The Tiramisou at Tofanelli's is fierce!  On the run?  Inside the New York Hotel on Broad St, NC are amazing Truffles and dessert's by DeGroot, one of the best chocolatiers probably in California. Also served at Cafe Mecca on Commercial St, which has a distinctly Berkeley feel.  I was born and raised in Berkeley, and it feels like home.
PUB FOOD:  Cascade Shores own Matt Martolis opened Matteo's in Nevada City, corner of Commercial across from Friar Tucks.  Best Kobe Beef sliders, and Stinky Mac N Cheese ever, and great assortment of beer.  Something for everyone, and fun friendly place.
Speaking of Friar Tucks, they've been serving up fondue since the 70's, and I've been eating it there since the 70's.  Corner of Pine and Commercial, opens at 4pm.
ICE CREAM:  Hands down it's TREATS, in the alley by IKE's French Quarter Cafe, off Commercial St.  Your teeth hurt from the smell of sugar when you walk in, but oh-la-la, the choices are mind bending. Really unusual flavors, hard to choose, but you can't go wrong.  Grab a cone, and walk back to Broad St, cop a squat on a bench and people watch while enjoying Treats heavenly concoctions.
That's all I can think of for now.  Gotta go, this made me hungry for dessert!
Yesterday, Phil and I attended the Soup Supper put on my Hospitality House/Utah's Place.  This once a year even is always such a joy.  Local artists donate hand made soup bowls. You donate $20, and grab a bowl and have soup and bread donated by local restaurants, and nibble home made desserts.  Local musicians take turn sharing their talent, and the whole place is packed with kind generous people supporting this worthwhile event.  Hospitality House is a non profit that helps the homeless with meals, clothing, job counseling, etc.  They helped over 125 families move into permanent housing last year.  It's always fun to chat with the people who join your table.  This year the woman next to me turned out to be Tina Vernon, Tax Collector.  We talked a moment about property and taxes, but found something much more interesting to discuss.  Animal rescue, my favorite subject.  Turn out Tina single handedly rescued about 16 of the Canadian mares that cruelly are kept chained in stalls and continually pregnant so their urine can be used for female hormone therapy.  It's a disgusting practice, unbelievably cruel and unnecessary. Tina is my new (quiet) hero.  I shall never write a tax check out again without thinking of her courage and kindness and generosity to these abused animals.