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Monday, February 24, 2014

Pet needs here in Nevada County/Shore Thing

Met a nice Newby at Lost Mine Lake today.  Welcome to Susie, Ira and Roxie Rose (her spaniel).  We got to talking dog (my favorite subject) so I thought I would share some info here with you all.  I know some people who read me are weekenders, and perhaps aren't' that familiar with the health risks (for pets) here in Nevada County.
First I want to talk predator's.  I have little dogs, and a cat, so i'm always concerned with their safety. You can't walk around the block without seeing a "missing kitty" posters.  I am sorry to inform you that if you let your kitty prowl around after dusk, and kitty disappears, there probably is a coyote involved.  Just the other evening when I arrived home at 7ish, there was a pair of coyote's by my driveway. I have heard them barking late at night, trying to lure my dogs out of the house.  A friend recently lost her 12 lb Chihuahua walking 50 feet from her neighbors door to her door.  Something was in the bushes, the Chi went in, and was never seen again. Just a sweet darling of a dog, that always came when called. Yes, it can happen that fast.  So, if your yard is unfenced, I suggest ALL dogs be on leash after dark.  I have seen Coyotes in broad daylight, and Mt. Lions have been seen here in the Shores, so I don't suggest EVER chaining a dog. You would be making him/her a sitting duck.  Give your dog a chance of escape, but more importantly, give him a 6 ft fenced area to be truly safe.  My guys are in a 6 ft dog run if I'm not home, or inside the house, or on a deck high above the ground.  Kitties should really be kept inside. My neighbors build a nice outdoor pen that is enclosed by chickenwire, but allows the kitties inside/outside access
 Bears really aren't a threat to dogs, and mostly try to avoid them. (Reminder, put your garbage out Thu 7am. IF you put it out Wed night, animals will spread it all around for you, and you put your animals at risk, and strays at risk of eating the garbage.  Bears ALWAYS remember the "good" houses if you know what I mean, the easy pickins).
Next, vaccinations and meds.  Please read up on heartworm disease.  In Nev. County, it's not "if" but "when" a dog will succumb to heartworm. This mosquito born disease is a slow and painful death, easily avoided with a monthly pill, ($5 for small dogs $10 for large).  You will need a heartworm test by a vet to get the prescription. (larvae turns into worms, that grow like spaghetti and wrap themselves around the animals heart and strangles it.  Gruesome and painful way to go).
You might also want a LEPTO shot if you think pooch will be drinking out of dirty puddles and the like.Then of course rabies and DHHP (distemper).  You should spread these shots out a bit.  That much vaccine at one time can make a dog mighty sick. As far as fleas go, I have never seen a flea on my dogs since we've been here in the Shores.  I guess the altitude is high enough that they don't survive winter cold.  Ticks we do have, so you might have to Frontline your animals, but you probably can get away with every 6 weeks, rather than the 4 indicated on package. If you want to do something more natural, you can try various oils, like eucalyptus.
Hope this helps.*****************Oh, chickens?  Would not suggest.  They seem to draw the bears . . . *************************
Don't know if you are interested, but myself and a few friends are starting up a group called Shore Thing.
First rule of Shore Thing:  no "rules." No "minutes."  No expectations.
We plan to get together periodically (monthly or more) for a appetizer/wine social, or to go to a play, music or something like that . . . . rotating homes or public venues.IF you want to be on our email/evite list, let me know and I'll add your name.  Very informal, just a way to stay connected and share cool stuff. It's for girls only!  Total drop in. Just make a suggestion, and see who "salutes."  Nice way to meet newby's too.
Well, one more day of sunshine, then some liquid stuff.  Lost Mine Lake filled up just from the few days last month.  Yayyyy!  Who knows, maybe we'll get some 2014 snow yet.