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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

William "Billy" Kelly

Left:Chief Louis Kelly, Last Maidu Chief. The Maidu's have lived in this area since 500AD.
Below: William "Billy" Kelly

Sadly, for the second time in a few months, a resident of our wonderful community has died from exposure. I suppose it could be said that they also died from their addiction, as it is most likely what brought them to a state of homelessness. None the less, they died alone in the night, in the elements, without any of the advantages or comforts that anyone able to read this enjoys daily, nightly. I have visited in Nevada City for 40 years. I have lived here for eleven years. I have been aware of William "Billy" Kelly pretty much all that time, though until I read the news article this morning, I did not know his name. To me, he was a rather intimidating looking man I often passed on Broad Street, usually in the vicinity of Bonanza Market or the Post Office. You could see he was of American Indian decent. I admit his appearance sometimes alarmed me, made me uncomfortable. He was often clearly intoxicated. Yet, in his own way, he was impressive. You don't see many people of color in this 97% Caucasian community. Billy looked like a living photo of a Ogalala Sioux you see from the history books. In fact, the paper reported he is a direct decedent of the last Maidu Chief, Chief Kelly. So, in a way, he was royalty. He was born and raised here in Nevada City, attended local schools. So why was this man sleeping outside on Miner's Trail on a 20 degree night? I don't know. Maybe due to his habits, he had burned bridges, alienated friends and relatives. It happens. Still, it breaks my heart that in a community as small as Nevada City ANYONE is so invisible as to have to die alone, cold, probably hungry, under a public bridge. Hospitality House does a great job of feeding and housing our homeless, about 40 per night. However they cannot accept anyone who is under the influence at check in time, and many won't check in because they have dogs, which cannot stay at the shelter. A few weeks ago, I saw Bill Kelly by Bonanza Market. Once again I felt myself looking away from his face, avoiding eye contact. When I got in my car, I vowed that next time I found myself near him I would talk to him, find out who he was, even if only through a brief conversation. I was going to face my fear. I'm sorry I won't get that chance. A friend of Billy's, John Fletcher referred to him as "a sweet, kind man who had a problem with alcohol." I hope to attend any memorial for Billy. I would like to know more about this man, descended from the proudest of Americans. "Be kind to those around you. Every creature is fighting some sort of battle." God bless, stay warm.

WED, 11:30 am-Hill Closed for cleaning

HI All Reading This:
Just spoke with guys in front of my house at base THEBIGHILL. They have the hill closed for the next few hours for cleaning/widening. So, see you on Pasquale!
Dixie just told me that there will be a "going away" party for her and Robert at the National Hotel on March 20th (Sunday). Stay tuned for details.
To Cathy: give me your address and I will take a photo of your place! Email me at
The rain is starting to do it's thing and melt the snow. Getting mushy out there!
E-WASTE collection will be done only Saturday 3/5/11 at Firehouse driveway from 8:30-10:30.
I will then drive the items to Knights Paint, where the drive concludes at 1pm. See for list of acceptable items. Thanks for your participation. This is a sammiesfriends (aka Nevada County Shelter) fundraiser.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a few images from our storm

Welllll, wasn't that special!

I'm ok with the 4' of snow, I'm ok with the power out from Fri, 2am till Sunday 9:01PM. I'm thrilled with the job PG&E did, and roads, and our plow guy is a total rock star. I love all my neighbors and how everyone helped everyone. I am impressed that the Union was delivered amost every day during the storm, ditto the mail. I loved snowshoeing down to the store for a tasty burger. But why Lord, why did you have PGE take out comcast, and make me miss the Awards????? Just kidding. That was one hell of a storm, but the powers that be sure came together. PG&E was even helicoptering in workers to get poles up in the back country. What an impressive effort, to have power restored in 72 hours. It has been so beautiful and sunny since Sunday. Pasquale is in good shape, and news say they will widen it today. The absence of power really seems to bring us all together. I HEART my generator though, as a hot shower always makes things better. Hope you all made it through. Now the cleanup begins! (Dixie just told me she DID get to watch the Awards cause she has a generator and satellite. Oh, dish envy.)
We have a new resident that is a tree specialist. Brian Bixler is now living on Pawnee Trail. Check out his website (very nice Brian!) at Sounds like he can take care of all you tree woes, preservation, trimming and chipping, brush clearing and yardwork too! He can climb without spikes also. His number is 530-470-0996. He'll be posting at the store, firehouse and on our service provider on Discounts to homeowner members. Another reason to renew your membership in April.
Looking for a new best friend? There will be an adopthanon, "Chiwauwa's and More" at Muttley's Pet Emporium on East Main St, GV this Sat, 11AM. They have babies! You have never seen anything as cute as a baby Chihuahua. Angels from heaven. My new foster dog, Katie is a chi/doxie mix. Sweet, loving, playful, loyal and just that perfect touch of evil! She thinks EVERYTHING is a toy. So cute to see her dragging my steel toed boots that weigh more than she does up onto the sofa. She loves it when I pull her around the yard in a giant sled. She needs a 4ever home, are you the one?????? Ever though about fostering? It's so much fun! If you are interested in becoming a foster parent to a much deserving dog, call me and I'll clue you in. The rescuer pays all expenses, even food if you need. You just need to give Fluffy or Bowzer a safe sane home while they network (Scooters Pals/Petfinder) to find his 4ever family.
FYI: as I walk thru the neighborhood and see people providing a service (drive way clearing, electrical, plumbing, etc) I try to have a chat with them. If they are CS residents (and even some that are not) I always advise them that for a mere $15 a year, we can list them on our provider list. I also get calls and emails, as a result of this blog and website. Disclaimer: I am not personally promoting these people. Everyone's work/business must speak for itself. I'm just the messenger. I am also doing this independent of the HomeOwner's assn. Just trying to provide a service myself through this blog. I often get email's from the Newby's, asking who, what, how? I can only tell them what I personally know/experience. So, if you want to be on the service provider list with your business, CALL SOMEONE ON THE BOARD and get listed. Best $15 you'll ever spend. To me, it's always PREFERABLE if they are a resident, cause I just HATE having a plumber or someone like that tell me "it's eighty bucks just to drive to the Shores and look at it." I mean, it's 10 minutes from town, not MARS! Anyhoo, local is good. Less time, less gas. Give your neighbors the first chance to help you out I say.
CHIPPING PROGRAM: The Firesafe Council has now obtained a truck to tow their chipper. You can order chipping from them by filling out the form on their website or calling 272-1122, and paying the $50 donation. At the present time they do not have grant $$ to subsidize the program, so the donation is important.
Of course our own Michael Cotton (see him on our provider list) is always available for your chipping/tree needs, and won't put you on a "wait list" like the county will. He will also give a discount to CSHA members. Michael is a resident here and has worked hand in hand with CSHA for years to help you with your tree's safe and healthy. Michael has an article in the Spring 2011 newsletter posted on our website. Take care of those tree's before they take out your house, or car, or YOU!
If you know anyone thinking about adopting, please send them down. Lots of beautiful deserving dogs looking for a home.