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Friday, May 15, 2009

Scotts Flat Lake Pass

If you haven't renewed your lake pass yet, know that you have to drive the vehicle you use to enter parking lot over to the other side to office, as they have to affix a sticker on your window. You are allowed 2 stickers, but you must bring the cars to them. I spoke with Peggy Davidson, and she assured me that the gate on our side has been fixed, so you can enter with your pass card, and leave at the opposite end of gate (last year gate broken, and you had to enter and leave on the same side. It was a pain in the butt, as you had to get out, walk around and have card open gate again). However, she said already someone tried to jimmy the gate and broke it. If it keeps happening, it will be a big problem for all.
Peggy also said that there will be NO ADMITTANCE to parking lot on CS side after 9pm, and no alcohol consumption in parking lot. They will have staff there from 7am - 9pm to monitor. Don't shoot the messenger . . . . . Me and friends like to moonlight kayak on full moon nights. It don't happen till 9pm. Bummer.

Lost Mine Lake for Charity/Suburu's

The CSHA gave 3 rentals of Lost Mine Lake to the Rotary Auction (KNCO broadcasts) and all three were bid for! I have already heard from 2 folks that plan to use their rentals in June for kids birthday parties. They were very excited to learn that they had the park for the day for BBQ, swimming and volleyball and horseshoes. I get really excited for them when I hear how happy they are with the facilities. Since the trees had to be cut down that provided shade in the picnic area (bark beetles) we have drilled holes in the tables and purchased market umbrella's to provide shade. Members, be sure to use the lake. It's just beautiful all summer.
The husband and I went to Grocery Outlet to stock up. It was warm, so I left windows down 6 inches on our white Suburu Outback. When we came out, making it two rows to the car, I kept pushing my magic button to open the doors, and no click. After about three tries, I realized we were trying to get into the wrong white Suburu. When we made it to OUR car another row back, we found an older lady standing sheepishly next to the rear door. As I approached, she asked "is this your car." "Yes.""Well, a few minutes ago I threw my purse into your back seat. Can I have it back?" We all laughed, as I told her I had just been trying to put my groceries in HER car. Moral of story, too many white Suburu Outbacks out there. Too many people over 50 driving them.