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Monday, February 10, 2014

4 Arrests in Search of Cascade Shores Home 2/7/14 - Neighborhood Alert/Watch

Article in the Union Saturday detailed arrests in a home here,  15000 block of Cascade Loop by Gaston.  This is an 2 story A frame, yellow with brown accents.  This is pretty disturbing, considering it's only feet from where kids are let off the bus, and in a very quiet area..

Article reports that Joshua Paulin, Tabitha Gilbert, Ryan Seth Dentinger, and Douglas Macduff Jr (his residence) were arrested for drugs (heroine, mushrooms and meth) paraphernalia, (scales, needles), felons with guns, 12 gauge shotgun, 22 rifle, under the influence of controlled substance and outstanding warrants.  Nice group of people living right in the middle of the shores.  Also found stolen property (a GPS).

I tell you this not because I like to gossip, but because this kind of activity in the midst of a family neighborhood does not have to be tolerated.  Drug traffic is usually pretty obvious (cars that come and go in short periods, really unsavory people "hanging out" and activity in the middle of the night is usually a good sign).  You have a right, if not a duty to report such things.  I'm all about live and let live, but when my next door neighbor was supplying all the truck delivery guys with meth a few years back I told his wife (they had kids in the house, kiss your kids goodbye if you get caught),  his landlord, and the truck drivers employers.  Problem ended pretty quick.

So, be on the look people.  I'm not saying they had a lab, but if someone did, they can blow up their home and yours, and dump toxins.  IF they need money for drugs, burglarizing your home or car is the easiest way to obtain quick cash and items to sell. Though we like to feel safe here, it is imperative you lock your cars and doors, even when leaving for short periods. Let's at least make it harder on them to do their thing. Keep an eye open for unwelcome people on your neighbors property too. Usually a quick "can I help you" will chase a burgler off, and then you can note the vehicle, person or any suspicious activity and report to sheriff.

While we are on the subject of neighborhood watch, the Cascade Homeowners Assn is on the look out for new members.  Even though this is a voluntary organization (you can choose to join or not, and it's only $100 a year) it is a VERY IMPORTANT group.  This is our only solid voice with the county, the roads dept, and a group to help deal with our rural concerns, like the ever ongoing sewer systems for 83 homes here.  They also maintain and insure our little jewel, Lost Mine Lake, and obtain our Surburban Propane discount.  They need your support, and we need their existence.  I spent 5 years on the board, make lasting friendships and felt good about the progress we made (even if there are residents here that are anti-government, there are plenty that appreciate the board.)  So please consider filling one of those positions.

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