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Monday, August 10, 2009

Dixie just turned me on to the above blog. It is twisted, but laugh out loud twisted. Ladies, if you are having trouble getting the man in your life to help around the house, read todays entry. Masterful . . .

Accident by the store?

Saw a wrecked jeep today on our 8am walk. I am told it was the result of a DUI involving 3 teens at the Pasquale/BQH intersection. Careful out there folks. There are lots of reports of people shooting the 4 way stop there doing 25-35 mph. Don't know if that was the case this time, but be aware. Some people around here think a stop sign is just a "suggesion" like they think 25MPH speed limit is a suggestion. I still see cars whiz up and down the big hill at 40-50. Scary.


The 3rd and last "Friday night movie" at firehouse was a great success. The Womens Club has been hoping to attract the preteen-teen crowd, and succeeded, with about 30 movie watchers last week. Sharon Hogan & family provided the movie set up, Barbie Feyh donated the CrackerJacks, and Carol Carter collected food donations for food bank. I only made it to the 2nd night, but it is just great, with the almost full moon rising over the firehouse, and bats darting about overhead. Folks even brought their pooches. Brings back memories of sneaking into the drive'ins of the 60's. Please continue this tradition ladies!
Speaking of movies, Dixie, Phil and I went to see Julie & Julia on Sat. night. Cascade Shores was well represented with us, Chuck and Marvina Jaffee (Chuck is the Union movie reviewer),Karen and Skip Hatton, but it was a full house and I think the Hatton's ducked out to another movie. As you may or may not know, this is actually two stories meshed. First, it's about Julia Childs living in Paris and attending the Cordon Bleu in the 50's, to become a chef as so to teach french cooking, which eventually led to her writing a VERY famous cook book, MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING, not to mention one of the first TV cooking shows, and a parody on SNL by Akroyd, no less. Simutaneously, it's about a woman named Julie, who in the 90's pledged to cook all 524 of Child's receipes in one year, and wrote a blog about the project, that eventually became a book and then this movie. Whew. Anyway, as played by the genius Merle Streep, Julia Childs is incredibly quirky and funny, and Amy Adams as Julie is cute as a bug & inspirational in her dedication to the task. You know a movie hit the mark when the whole audience gives it a standing ovation, which they did. If the subject interests you, see it. I smell an Oscar Nomination for Streep (what's new).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grandparent Baby Boom

Well, there are 2 sets of new proud grandparents in the shores. Olivia Diaz & Ernie Malamud welcomed Ava Olivia Kerns on 8/8/09, 7lb3oz, 20". What a patient wait that was. Little A.O.K. is the daughter of Olivia's daughter Leslie, & hubby Keith Kerns. First child for both. Congrats.
Caroline and Mike Inglis welcomed their new grandson last week, first born to their son Joe and his beautiful wife Katherine. Don't have the stats on him, but I saw pics and he is a beautiful healthy boy named Ben (what a strong name). That makes 3 grandkids for Caroline & Mike. Contrats to all.