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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Home sweet home

Just got back from a week away, and managed to avoid the news for most of that time (just too busy!) Tuned in to CNBC, local news, ect, and seems like all hell is breaking loose. Anyway, wrote a poem for your entertainment, or suffering.

Oil spills in sacred waters
floods in Tennesee
A bomber threatens Time Square travelers
A vendor stops to see
Dow is down a grand today
Greece is going bust
Earthquakes rocking foreign lands
L.T. succumbs to lust
The news I fear is never good
Despair it seems sells well
Wish someone would write a daily post
In which the news is swell

Hope you had a good week. Thanks for checking in.

PS: above sign we spotted on Quaker Hill Rd by the logging site. Now that's funny! Wonder if it works? Some folks must really hate loggers . . . .