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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My foster dogs need homes. Do you know anyone?

Jake the Chi went to his new home 2 weeks ago, go Jake. One of those perfect matches, and his mom Sue has called 3 times to tell us how wonderful and smart and fun Jake is . . . of course we knew this.
So, now we're looking for the right person for Mercury, a Ratty Fox. Merc is an elegant, sweet funny Fox Terrier/Rat Terrier mix. He is tall, weights about 12 lbs, and is just very regal. He would do well in a mature home, keeping company with adults (he's ok with kids, just not a kid dog). He likes his crate, and loves to join you on the sofa, and likes short or long walks. He has a low deep bark that sounds more like a goose, but is not a "barker." Only sounds the alarm when someone is at the door. He will qualify under Scooters "senior for senior" program where you get a reduced adoption rate. He is probably somewhere around 8 years old, and has a healthy long life ahead. (check his pic on or scooters

BOLT (see picture above )is a young (1 year old) french bull dog/rat terrier mix. He's full of life and mischief, and will keep you busy. He is not destructive, and knows he is only to play with his toys, thought he finds shoelaces irresistible. He would do great with a young family who wants a playful sweet young dog. He gets along with everyone and everything, and is very friendly from the git-go. Bolt weights about 15 pounds, so he'll fit into any home!