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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Unplugged , and loving it

Hi all. Just returned from 8 days on the road. Took the motor home, Phil and 3 dogs all the way to Medford, Oregon. Drove our latest foster dog, Georgie to his new family. They are from Boring Oregon (yes, there is a Boring, Or) and met them in Eugene for the handoff. Georgie is surely in good hands with 2 special ed teachers (he's a bit of a special needs dog, and bless them for taking him on). Also spent some days with friends in Redding, running amok on their little ranch, with a beautiful view of majestic Mt. Shasta. The great thing about the time away was that I was totally unplugged! Only check email a few short times, kept the cell phone mostly off, and only watched a few TV shows (mostly Big Bang Theory, my latest must see.). No news other than the occasional newspaper headline caught while grabbing a java somewhere. It was heaven.
Returned yesterday, just in time for the big wind here. Holy Moley, that was a good one. If the wood Gods were generous to us last November, the kindling Gods were doing overtime this November. Enough kindling fell out of our trees for the whole year just last night. The next few days will be windy, but not like last night. That was a big unnerving, listening to fallout bouncing off the roof all night. No damage found, hope the first rainstorm doesn't turn up something.
How did you do? Any damage to your home or neighbors?
So, earlier snows, droughts, more class 5 hurricanes, monster windstorms. Damn you Al Gore!

Want to have your doggie's pic taken with Santa? Want to buy some wonderful home made baked goods? Want to check out the sweet available dogs and cats at the shelter? Sammies Friends is having their "home for the holidays" event this Sat. from 11-4. All the above is available for your fun and pleasure. Plus a great raffle. Please come by if you are in the area, or make a special trip! The shelter is on Mc Cortney, about 2 1/2 miles after the fairgrounds.
Womens Club is planning the childrens party, complete with Santa. Check the cascadeshores website for info.