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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today and tomorrow are no motor days at Scotts Flat Lake. You can learn Stand Up Paddling (?) Sunday from 11am-2pm. Gold Country Yacht Club is having an open house and offering free sailboat rides (if you can't paddle over to the other side, you will have to drive to 5 Mile House and down the that entry point) Last year it drew 100 people. Wolf Creek Wilderness is teaching the Stand Up Paddling. It will be fun just to watch! On father's day Wolf Creek has a kayak tryout clinic. That's lots of fun. You can test drive all their kayaks.
We are packing up the motor home for a trip to Arizona. Sun, swimming, margarita's! It is always such a job to get packed, dogs bathed, food figured out, house sitters for kitties, someone to water plants. Whew, I'm tired already. Anyway, it's great to travel, and even better to get back home! I'll try to blog from the road.
Reminder: LML cleanup is May 16th, Sat. 10am till done! Volunteers appreciated, lunch served. I'm starting to get summer bookings for the lake. See the flyer on the home page if you are interested (click on Lake for Rent).
Did you believe the snow the other day? 2nd snow since the dogwoods bloomed. According to legend, that's the last for the year. We'll see.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I went down to review the supply of books at the exchange (the file cabinet by door of firehouse). We definitely need new/interesting books. Had to throw out the many that got wet this winter. If you have books to donate, EXPECIALLY KIDS BOOKS, please give me a call or drop them by my house (corner of Pasquale and BQH Hill, 15855 BQH Rd to be exact). I will gladly put them on the shelf when we are sure it's done raining for the year. Also welcome are magazines, periodicals. Please, no encyclopedia's or out of date/tech books. The exchange is used by many, and it's a great feeling to see kids and others perusing the shelves in the summertime, when getting to a library is and extra trip to town (the kids are kinda landlocked here in C.S.). Thanks for your donations.