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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Robert Crabb is a musician?

Oh yeah, Phil and I will be at the Stonehouse Friday night for music and food. Robert Crabb and friends are playing music. If you don't know Robert, he is the former president of CSHA and current VP of same, a pretty nice guy and a seasoned musician. He puts the "funky" in the Sgt. Funky band. The $15 charge is just to cover the rental of the building, which I think is one of the most beautiful around here . . . . . should be fun. Food and beverages available too. Nothing like a night out to fix the cabin fever syndrome.

I have been on "blog" vacation

Dixie reprimanded me for not writing in my blog. I guess once you start, you legally can't stop.
I told her all quiet on the Western Front, didn't know what to say. . . here goes anyway:
snow melting, lots of brown, red and green things showing up now, and I can see just how many branches came down in storm. Rain good.
Heard today that the Holbrooke Hotel is the latest "econ" casualty- will close it's doors very soon. How sad. Such a historic place, and how many jobs lost?
NID will raise water rates 5% a year over the next 5 yrs (whew, 25% total). Only customer complaints could have stopped this action, (I guess you should read those water bill inserts). There goes my plan for a grassy knoll . . .
Drew Gooden (NBA) just got traded by Chicago Bulls to Sacramento Kings. Drew is from El Cerrito (my home town) and I have known him since the was only 4' tall, (he's a 6'10" forward now). While I was desperately seeking tickets online to a Kings game, the hubby called out, "never mind" he just reinjured his groin, first night playing with the Kings. Not sure when he'll play again. Cancel ticket purchase . . . Don't you love the information era? Oh yeah, Michael Jordan was there co-managing the visitor, Charlotte Bulldogs. OHHHH, Michael.