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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Are you a "vacation home" here in the shores?

In chatting with some of my new "weekender" neighbors, they reminded me of a dilemma I had back in 99' when I was only visiting my house on weekends and holidays. It is so hard to stop having fun early Sunday so you can clean house before you leave! Then you get to go back to your real life, and clean house again~
So just wanted to clue you in that Sharon Hess who lives here on Nugget St. is a great housekeeper, and she uses all natural hypo-allergenic solutions, and does a fantastic job. If you are interested in her services, you can find her on our service provider list.
Trying to reduce your plastic use? I just discovered a great new website "" which is full of clever ideas for reducing your consumption, or recycling the stuff that shows up in your life no matter how hard you try to avoid. Now that the farmer's markets are in full swing, how about having a permanent shopping bag by the door, and put your empty berry baskets, egg cartons etc in there. The farmers are happy to take them back (cuts their costs) and you can use them to measure while you are then, then leave them behind. Also put some paper lunch bags in your "market kit" if you don't want to use the plastic that they offer. See the site for more great ideas.
I have been mindlessly using plastic to rid myself of the kitty litter stuff, but have switched to brown lunch bags (ooohh, don't let it get mixed up with real lunch, ugh).
Rumor has it the General Store here is changing hands again, this time to a local couple. Seems to be poppin' this year. I sure wish them luck. I think there have been at least 6 or 7 different people running the place since I've been here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Movie of the Week "ET"

The Womens Club is showing the classic movie ET Friday night at the Firehouse parking lot. Popcorn and beverages are free. Bring your favorite movie chair and a nice warm blanket. It's gonna be cool out there.
Cal Fire has been checking out yards for fallen debris (I told you so a few weeks ago). They are giving you a report card (oooooeeeee, I got an "excellent, keep up the good work). If there are concerns, they give a follow update. SO, if you don't live here, you might want to have someone check to see if there is a warning on your door. Could result in a fine.
Wow, is it cool here now. Only a 72 high the past few days. Nice to sit out and read weather, or finish up that yard work. I have yet to test the water temp of the Big Lake. Have you? What's the verdict, swimmable?