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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day and Bear Season

In my younger days (school days) Memorial Day only meant a long weekend to play in the newly arrived summer weather. After meeting Viet Nam vets, and understanding my own fathers role in WWII, it took on a far more important meaning. Be sure to make that phone call, or send that emial to the vets you know, thanking them for their sacrifice and service. It means the world to them.
Neighbor Pam Herrenkohl (and new Board Member) reported on her Facebook that she got a call from Lane Cox on Banner Quaker Hill by Gas Canyon Rd that a bear was in the garage! Pam and family raced over to cajole him out of the garage, but he/she had already made a hasty retreat. Oh yes, it's bear season again. Remember, our bears are shy and will happily retreat if you just make some noise. Don't leave pet food or any other food outside, keep garbage inside your garage until Thu. morn, and never ever take a shot at them. It could cost you a year in jail and $1000 fine. By the way, there is no "bear relocation" program in California. If a bear is deemed a real problem, he/she would be killed. So, be a good citizen of the woods, and don't make it tempting for the critters to visit your home, possibly dooming their existence. That means CLOSE your garage doors and make sure your other doors are not open when you are cooking something yummy. Even a vegetarian bear can't resist a fresh pie coming out of the oven, or an easily tipped garbage can. FYI, the last time a black bear attached a person in California was in like, Eighteen eighty (1880), in Santa Cruz mountains.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tailgaitors, so over, Lumberjacks, in like Flynn, BIG CONCERT COMIN UP

Union article says Tailgaitors in Brunzwick Basin is gone (not a surprize, since 95% of their menu was deep fried). Who deep fry's everthing in this day and age? Anyway, a chain called Lumberjacks is going to take a shot at that place. You know, that is the location where the Scott Thorpe shooting spree ended back in 2001, and I'm pretty sure that building has really bad ju-ju from the incident (manager was killed first week on job I think.) Oh, I said "shot." Really, no pun intended. LJ's has 4 locations, Redding, Yuba City and Sacramento (2). Good family friendly comfort food and a great salad selection, with kids menu's, at good prices. Good luck, bad ju-ju and all.
The Nevada County Land Trust is having their 8th annual "Stars" concert at the North Star House on Sat. Aug 28th. The main act is Legendary Mavis Staples of Staples Singers, an amazing R&B and Gospel singer, and local Lorraine Gervais and Burning Sensation Band warming up. This is a great opportunity to tour our own Julia Morgan creation (1st woman architect of California, 1st woman to graduate from UC Berkeley with civil engineering degree, and designer of Hearst' Castle and Asilomar Conference Center. ) They are creating a concert area and lots of parking at the North Star, for a wonderful evening under the stars. Lot's of good food and wine. Early birds (before 5/31) get discounts on tickets. It's a great night. Call 272-5994 for info.
ps: THE Saturday Farmers Market, formerly at the Fairgrounds has moved to this location. Check it out!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Traveling Red Dress

To my lady friends reading this blog: please read the bloggess "The Traveling Red Dress." Link on your right. Just F'ing inspiring. Love ya all. Click on the link showing all the pics. How great to feel that great about yourself.
Like a some of you, I've asked Dixie why she has seemingly abandoned her blog. She says she is just happy "flying under the radar" for now. Still basking in her 50 lb weight loss (you look mah-va-lous) and enjoying her jobless status. House clean, check, body makeover, check, daily exercise, check, happy home, happy husband, happy dog, check, time with the kids and grandkids, check, check, check. A bit of travel, check. Volunteering, check. Catching up on reading list, CHECK. Still, wishing you would share some of your thoughts Dix. See you for coffee and gossip soon? Was the Lady Gaga wig your Red Dress?

Women's club & Election

The Cascade Shores Women's Club has found a great way to earn money. A team of members has volunteered to work the June Primary election. Over $400 will be earned for the club, which as you know puts on parties for the children and families of Cascade Shores. Kudos ladies (of which I am proudly one). Their post will be at the Firehouse on BQHill.
Just got back from 5 days on Oregon Coast. Same weather there! I watched the movie 2010, about massive global warming/drastic weather changes. Fact or fiction? You tell me. This is the coldest, wettest May in my memory!
The Tour of California brought great atmosphere in Nevada City. Sure, we only saw the bikers for about 1 minute, but the coming together of volunteers and shopkeepers and well wishers was amazing. Great crowd. We had front row seats in front of Gold Country Real Estate by the National, and everyone was in a great mood. We rode a motorcycle thinking parking would be impossible, but really, not much different than hot summer nights. Thanks Lance! The bikes made their destination Sunday. Michael Rogers and Team HTC won the race. Lance crashed in Visalia during stage 5, while defending Levi Leipheimer. He had to drop out after receiving 8 stitches under his eye, and sustaining a severe elbow contusion. He should be back in shape for the Tour de France. Levi finished in the #3 position, 25 seconds behind Michael Rogers. Good stuff. For sure they put Nevada City on the map, and on alot of peoples radar. We should see a huge bump in tourism from this. Should be a great turnout for the Father's Day Bike race too.