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Friday, April 2, 2010

Finally, the Cascade Shores Mini Mart is open

Yeah, the store is reopened. Right now it's groceries, lotto, propane, beverages. Not sure what will be done with the cafe part. Wishing them success. It will be nice to pick up the little items without a trip to town. Drop in and say hi! They would like to know what the community would like to see them stock.
Again, the annual meeting is Sat. at 1pm. Don't let the moisture keep you away. Hot dogs and beverages for all. Meet your 2010 Cascade Shores Homeowners Board.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

snow falling on cedars, pt 2

Wow, got 1 1/2 - 2" fresh powder overnight. Is this the last visit from winter? Got up at 8:30 to see the highway patrol and tow truck on the bottom of big hill, trying to upright a small truck on it's roof. About 5 teens in the car hit a snow patch going UP the hill, and ran up the bank and flipped her over. The road looked pretty clean to me, so not sure you can blame the hill on this one. Be careful out there.
I'm just back from 7 days in Eugene, ORE with family, and 2 days visiting a friend in Redding from my "former life" (meaning when I was a workerbee at New York Life Ins. for 29!!! years). My Redding friend says all her neighbors (type of place that has 5 acre lots) are from the Bay Area. She took me on a walking tour, and got to meet the whole hood. I was amazed at the value you can get there. 5 oak covered acres, beautiful executive homes with all the bells and whistles, for around $250k. WOW. Beautiful views in all directions of Mt. Shasta and Lassen, and only about 5 minutes to Shasta Lake. I'll be returning! We once owned the same type of property, over in Kelsey, on the other side of Auburn, 3 miles from the American River Canyon. Sold it for this house, and never looked back. Of course, it was wonderful to get home, and see the London type fog lifting in our beautiful pines, and now, one last visit from old man winter. The more I see out there, the more I appreciate what we have here in Nevada County. The beauty of here is that we share it with so few people. Room to move . . . . although once again my apricot tree just bloomed, and now the fragile little flowers are frozen. Another year without apricots (no, I did not plant it).
SATURDAY, 1PM AT FIREHOUSE is the annual CSHA meeting and installation of the 4 new board members. Hot chocolate, hot dogs and lemonade being served. Please come and meet your new board, and say goodbye to the old. There will also be a representative of Surburban Propane, and I am hoping the new store owner can come. Rumor is the store is reopening 2-MORROW.