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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pete the Greek, and the end of an era

UPDATE:  Pete's services are to be held at Hooper Weaver Mortuary on Wed. 12/5/12.  There is a viewing from 10am-1pm, with a service at 2pm.  You are invited to gather at the Cascade Shores firehouse at 4pm for refreshments and memory sharing (potluck).

Our dear friend and neighbor, Peter Athanasopoulos, aka Pete the Greek departed this earth and Cascade Shores today at 1:15pm, or thereaboust.
Pete was one of the true Pioneers of Cascade Shores.  He purchased his lot at the corner of Cascade Loop and Sadie D wayyyy back in the late 60's.  He hand build his tidy A frame a board at a time, driving up from San Mateo every weekend.  He spent many hours dredging on the Yuba and
Feather Rivers with his buddies, mostly with Herman,  and had quite a bit of the shiny gold stuff to prove it!
Without Pete and the other retiree's that settled here in the early 70's, there would be no Lost Mine Lake, no Firehouse.  They were the ones that put those deals together.  His friends Lloyd and Dorothy Honey donated the land the firehouse sits on, and somehow they put together the building.
Pete was a bit of a McGuyver, who could make a building out of a few odd boards, rubber bands and chewing gum.  On time and on budget.  He taught me how to demo and how to build, how to use a sawsall, how to pipe a water system.  And he did it all sitting in an easy chair and giving directions.  And it worked.  Pete was that good.
Pete took care of his lovely wife Anna for 10 years when she was in a coma.  He lovingly cared for her every day till her last. I saw that first hand, as I met Pete when he needed a little help with Anna when he was preparing for his own back surgery.  His kindness and tenderness with her was a site to behold.
After Anna passed away, Pete ran into some amazing luck.  Our beautiful mail carrier, Terry Grebbens befriended Pete, and a few years later, she agreed to be Mrs. A.  That was a very lucky day for Pete, as Terry is one of the kindest, sweetest and fun friends I've ever had too!  Over the past decade they've traveled and gardened, chopped wood and shared grandchildren.  It's been a good run.
So many of the "old timers" are now gone from the Shores.  Pete, having lived to 86 has seen many of his friends pass away.  That's never fun.  With age comes wisedom, and he took it in stride.  Pete was a proud Greek man till the end, and a great scrabble player.  Pete will missed by his brothers, his sisters in law, son Pete, grandchildren Eve, Jason and Melissa, and great-grandkids Amelia and Adreon.  Our hearts go out to his wonderful wife Terry and her family.
THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES PETE!  Sitting at the lake and watching the sunset, we will see you in our hearts.  Memorial pending.