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Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Idol/Adam Lambert

I fully admit to being an AI junkie. DO NOT CALL MY HOUSE BETWEEN 8-9PM ON TUES OR WED. That said, if you are following AI this year, my pick, like just about everyone else is Adam Lambert. If you want to see him REALLY do his thing, type into Google "Adam Lambert is crazy" and see him do his cabaret bit with the girls. Pick the 1st offering on google (should be a UTUBE video, or just go to Utube and type in same). There are alot of clips from his performances before "idol" discovered him. (I don't think he was unfound . . . )
Hope you are aware of the rabid skunk that attacked 2 dogs on Summitt Ridge in late March. KNCO reported that the animal control located the skunk's nest, and found other skunks had been there too. So, be on the look out for skunks or foxes behaving strangely in the area, and make sure all you pets have rabies vaccines, even the kitties.
Someone left a message to me (anon) that there has been another incident on BQH near Summitt and that a skunk charged people and their dogs . . . . . skunk was shot . . . .

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


If you read the blog before, I'm happy to report that Rosie the Dane is now home. A neighbor on Sailor Flat Rd. found her on their property and contacted Pam from the flyers she put out. Rosie had a few bumps and bruises, but is otherwise fine. I still think it is a remarkable and compassionate thing that Pam went to the shelter looking for a family dog and came home with a senior dog with serious health issues. Bless you. Who knows what would have become of Rosie otherwise.
THE kids Easter Party is this Sat. at 1PM at the Firehouse. Egg hunt, games, egg dying, snacks and crafts. It is put on by Womens Club and free to all. Big fun.
I went with friends to Golden Gate Fields in Berkeley last Sunday. It was $1 day, which means $1 entry, $1 parking, $1 hotdogs and drinks. The big draw was the doxie races (aka weiner races). Inbetween each horse race a group of 12 or so weiner dogs would race about 75 ft from a doggie gate to the finish line. What a riot! About half would run the race, and half would stay around the gate and socialize (kind of like little kids at T-ball). The cutest was the little guy that had his rear legs in one of those carts (he was paralized) but came in 3rd in his heat. What a champ! He was serious, and ran straight for the finish line. I've never seen such a great variety of doxies, long haired, wire haired, dappled, spotted, black/tan, red, gray. A smorgyboard of weiner dogs, each one cuter than the last. Also, a glorious Bay Area day on the bay, sunny and hot, then windy and cool. You know, if you don't like the weather in Berkeley, wait a minute! I'll definitely go back. My 41/1 longshot horse came in 2nd, and I had $10 bucks on her. Sorry Halle B, but great run! It was worth the bet so see a little black filly, smallest horse on the track come from last to 2nd against the big boys. She even had the lead around the last stretch.