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Thursday, October 13, 2011

CSHA needs a new webmaster

Chuck Jaffee is currently doing the job of webmaster, but it happily coming out of retirement and returning to a assignment in his old field. Soooo, CSHA needs someone to maintain their website. If it person may be you, please contact President Sharon Hogan at 470-9170. Maybe you know a student in that field that would like some practical experience?
Had a wonderful time last night at Sharon's house with the Womens Club ladies, at their Pizza and Movie night (Kings Speech). Great crowd. Really fun, with about a hour of visiting, dinner, movie and dessert. I love my lady friends here in the Shores. Everyone is so fun and upbeat, and it's a great way to catch up.
My wonderful neighbor Anna Rees, who originates from Sweden, however has been in the US for some 30+ years raising her family is becoming a U.S. citizen today~Swedens loss is our gain (though she retains duel citizenship). Congrats Anna. It's about time!
The Women's Club fabulous Children's Halloween Party is the 29th, at 1pm-3pm. Be sure to bring your little princess/fireman/ghost or what ever to the kids party. This year, the Homeowners Assn is adding a "scary movie night" and screening some of the classics at the Firehouse after the kids party, I think at 4PM till 10PM. Sounds like a great night for those of you who love this holiday. Call Charlotte Starn (265-8340) if you would like to volunteer the kids party, or someone on the board if you want to help with the movie night. Bring a comfy chair, or you'll be sitting in plastic.
The next event after that is the Womens Club Chili/White Elephant gift/Bingo day on November 16th. Really fun, and a great way to meet the wonderful ladies of the shores, so visitors welcome. They are looking for people to bring a crockpot of chili, bread, salad or dessert. The White Elephant gift will be a prize for a bingo winner. Not sure who's in charge, but again, you can try Charlotte Starn (she seems involved in everything). I'm sticking to that unless I'm corrected. That event is at 6pm, so even you working folk can attend.