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Saturday, November 27, 2010

White stuff is still falling/Getting your Mail

Since the middle of the night. People are coming slowly down big hill. Haven't heard the plow yet, but it usually doesn't start till 2" on the ground. Pasquale way dry last night coming in, so should be just the new stuff on it. NevadaCityWebCam showing it only drizzling in town.
Gentle reminder from your postal delivery person, the "other" Denise. When you are clearing the snow from your driveway, or having it cleared, please remember to clear the space in front of your mailboxes. Denise has strict orders from her supv. not to exit the truck to deliver mail (excluding large packages). So if she cannot reach your mailbox from her window, your mail will be returned to the post office until she can reach.
Helpful hint to the weekenders: If you are in the habit of turning off the water at your home, and at the street to prevent your pipes from freezing, consider turning a garbage can or 5 gal bucket over the outside access, so you can locate it under 2' snow. You're welcome.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 degrees and ICY

Happy day before Thanksgiving. I am thankful our home is in one piece, and our power is on, and friends will be able to make it in for dinner 2morrow.
No so for about 1/2 of Cascade Shores. Hopefully the homes on other side of store will be online by end of day.
BIG HILL IS ICY, as is Pasquale and all of the shores. Please be careful and keep on your side of road on Pasquale. It's one of those days where 5 MPH may be too fast. Arrive safe.
It's sunny and beautiful, but too cold to melt.
If you are not a member of CSHA, you might want to consider joining. Basic cost is $100 per year, and for an extra $50 you can have your house/property checked out regularly by our security patrol officer, Mike Inglis (265-9147). A real PLUS if you don't live here full time!
Isn't that the saddest thing about Giovanni's Restaurant burning to the ground? Seems like an eipdemic! First the Olive Oil store on Mill street burned, plus Swensons Surplus, then the Old California restaurant, now my favorite landmark, in business over 70 years! How will I know when to turn onto hwy 174 in Colfax? And the say the fire started on the "smoking deck." OHHHH.
Looking for someone to plow the snow out of your driveway? (snow has turned to concrete on top, but lots of snowman making material underneath) See our "service provder" list on CSHA website. Or stop at the store and look at the bulletin board for locals with Kabotas.
My the-mo-meter says 26.6. Seems colder. But it's bright and beautiful! Stars are out.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let their be light!

Did I really write that post a few days ago? Ok, since Sat, 20" fell, cold wet heavy stuff. Trees stared snapping and keeling over. Big trees, like 75-100 ft trees. Power went out when these big trees took out MANY power poles all over Banner Mt (Banner Lava Cap, Quaker Hills, and all the little streets in Cascade Shores). Trees have gone thru roofs, broken off chimneys, blocked driveways so folks can't get their cars out. Power is just now (Tues 5:30) being restored in our area, out since Sat. It looks like a battlefield around here. More snow and freezing temps (below 20) 2nite, so brace yourself for more action. Winds this am did not result in much more damage.
Roads are decent, but I imagine the freezing temps coming will change that, and we will be skating on ice. Sooo, be careful out there. If my new neighbors Patty and Greg are reading this, no damage at your house, just large branches down. 3 doors down, not so good. Renter just moved in, and a tree hit the chimney pipe and pushed it right into the living room. Don't think she even got unpacked. So, we'll all remember Thanksgiving week 2010. This is one for the history books. Our trees are growing taller as I write . . . . . interesting. . . . . .
Power is on Quaker Hill to Store, and Pasquale loop. Should have power on other side in next 12 hours, that's what the PAR electrical workers advised. The crews out here were amazing! They worked thru the worst conditions to get us back online asap. Thank you awesome Dudes!
Go to for a neighbors pictorial of the storm. I didn't have my wits about me enough to take pics before stuff was repaired. A picture is worth 1000 words!