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Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas yall, and Happy 2014

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  We had 11 people, 10 dogs, 2 kids for 4 days!  So glad it wasn't raining or snowing!
I haven't heard, but I'm guessing the Polar Bear Club of Cascade Shores will do their annual lake jump on New Years Day.  Not as dramatic when it's 61 degrees, but you won't catch me close to the water.
The General store is back open.  Have you been there for a meal lately?  Good stuff coming from that kitchen.  Peter is so very nice.  Support your local store.  Saves time and gas if you can pop in for the staples.  Let's keep them in business.  So many people have come and gone as managers of the General Store.  Would be nice to see real success.
When the snow begins again (and it will!) just want you to know we have a new Snow Plow guy in the Shores.  Dave King, (530-615-7626) of Castle Construction has a pretty cool snow mover, and it has a blower!  I don't like to have someone just push snow around my yard when we get alot.  Dave's machine can blow it aside so you don't have a mound that sits for a month!  He'll do a contract with you so you don't even need to call him, he'll just come by and clear when the white stuff falls.
He is also building a home here in Cascade Shores (over by Cascade Loop and Gaston) and is just a really nice guy.  He loves the shores.  He is a General Contractor, and does nice work.  I know, cause he replaced 1/3 of a roof for me, saving me alot of $$$.  On time, on budget.  Thanks Dave!
The eatery in Nevada City that was Beach Hut Deli, then Cool Runnings, is now Nevada City EATS.
On Coyote by Main/Commercial (across from the former B of A).  Great (cheap) food and really good coffee. They've got street taco's that are real authentic.  Ummmm.
I don't go to the laundry mat much, just to do comforters.  However, the new one in Grass Valley by the Hospital (in the shopping center that has Holiday Inn and KNCO) is super nice.  Check it out.  Makes it a pleasure to do your laundry.  Wireless too.
Once again, I have the most adorable foster dog.  Sonny is a 1 yr old Doxie mix, with nice long legs!  He's well mannered, quiet but really really a fun guy.  Loves to run, play, chase balls, play tug, and gets along with ALL dogs and cats.  Just an sweetheart!  Check him out on if you're looking for a new best friend.