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Friday, February 6, 2009

snow this weekend? Finding Kitty a home

Weather report is forcasting snow at 3500 ft. on Sunday. Are you ready? The rain the past 2 days has been welcome, though it needs to really pour to seriously help.
I hear the store is having a big NASCAR day, I think on the 14th (?). Call the CascadeShores General Store for exact date if you're a NAS FAN and want to watch with same . . . . oh, you fans already know the date don't cha?
I was snooping around a 4-sale house last week, and realized that a kitty had been left behind by the renters. She was a sweet, loving, lonely and VERY hungry little girl. I started feeding her while putting out feelers, and magically a lady that overheard me telling a friend said, "I just lost my best friend (dog) of 14 years, and I need a new baby." I delivered the kitty today for a try-me-on-for-size, and it looks like a match. Cross your fingers. So many pets left behind in this housing disaster. Scooters Pals rescue is having an emergency. They need foster car for 4 dogs right now. Please call them if you can give a dog a temporary home. Their number is 265-9335. They pay for the food/medicine and are actively looking for a permanent home.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CSI Class

Tonight I attended the first of 5 CSI classes Grass Valley PD is giving to citizens. Fun and interesting. Our first teacher was an FBI agent that really should be doing stand up comedy. Who knew body fluids, crime scenes and and dna catching could be funny.
Anyway, one of the best parts was talking with a lady that rescues pot bellied pigs. She has 13, and 6 of em sleep in the house. She says that are beautifully potty trained, and the good news is their legs are too short for them to jump up on the furniture. So they are floor pigs. Also, she says they squabble like siblings (that has to be a riot!). I'll try to get an invite and a picture.

Best aftermath of SuperBowl/Milk

Went to Savemart Monday after Superbowl and got avacado's for 50cents each. Wow! They must have been overordered for SB. And after I just read about the great avacado crop shortage in California!
Dixie and I and the hubby went to see "Milk" at the Del Oro. What a well made movie. I was actually working in downtown San Fran on the day of the murders, a few blocks from City Hall. It was devastating, Moscone was so popular and Milk so entertaining. I remember the gay movement, and also the headlines, "100 people have died from mysterious disease" (AIDS). Hard to believe 31 years have passed, millions have died, and we are still debating gay rights. Anyway, Director Gus Van Zant certainly captured the era and feelings and the amazing journey of Harvey Milk. He even managed to make Dan White a sympathic character (not easy considering his cold blooded deed). This is a don't miss.

Fridge anyone? New one needed at Lake.

Sadly, the fridge at Lost Mine Lake is getting very old and needs to be retired. Does anyone out there have one 10 years young, or younger to donate or sell cheap? If so, please give me a call at 265-8680. Thanks!

The good, the bad and the probable

The good first: folks with septic don't need to wory about new regulations (Assembly Bill 885)that would have you paying for an inspection every 5 years, or maybe even a new system. Stricter rules were put on "hold" for now. That's about 25,000 families in Nevada County that can breathe a sigh of relief. A bill is being drafted that could counter the regs if needed in future.
The bad: If state budget problems don't improve soon, we can kiss the "free chipping program" goodbye for 2009. Apparently Nevada County hasn't even been able to pay the bill for 2008 yet.
The probable: We will have a very high fire danger this year. So prepare to get rid of those dried out piles waiting for chipping yourself. They present a huge danger sitting right on the roadside where they can catch a cigarette butt real easy. Maybe we can all ban together and get a private company to come down there and do a group rate. Anyone interested? Call me at 265-8680, and we'll see what we can arrange.

Crime Spree in Cascade Shores

Just returned from a week in Eugene Oregon with family. With 4 sports minded nieces and nephews from age 10-15, it was non-stop practices and games to attend. No time to blog!
Anyway, when I got home Robert Crabb told me that Satuday night before Super Bowl, there were many mail boxes throughout the shores creamed by vandals. Also, someone (?) dumpted two sofa's at the corner of Pasquale and BHQ, by the store. That's quite a spree. What's up? Vandalism is actually pretty rare here. Anybody on their way to the dumps that wants to take a few sofas? They look pretty trashy out there.