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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baby it's coooold outside

the thermometer on my back porch shows 19 degrees, but it's a balmy 21 degrees on the front porch.  Car doors frozen shut, and gate frozen shut.  The nice dusting of snow that fell 2 days ago is a nice dusting of ICE.  Be careful out there.  I wrote a poem I will share:

Opened the door to let out the mutt,
slipped on the ice and fell on my butt,
went to the car and found it froze shut
building a fire now inside my hut.

Ha.  Hope you're keeping warm.  Hill clear this am (Sat) but don't see much traffic.
I reported that a dark haired clean cut looking guy was seen stealing stuff out of unlocked cars.  I was one of the victims. Last week in the Union they caught a guy (same description) doing exactly that in town.  Then they linked him with 2 other guys stealing metal from Hansen Bro yard.  So, they are all chillin' in Wayne Brown Facility, and hopefully we won't see them again. It is a good reminder to keep your cars and homes locked, and as they say, "keep an honest man honest."  We live in such a cocoon here, and it seems crime free, but nowhere are you completely insulated form at least petty theft.  So take the proper precautions.
Lots of businesses moving and opening in town.  Leftys Grill moving from mid Broad ST. to the old Deer Creek Inn building.  Nothing is more beautiful than sitting on the deck of that building on a warm summer night sipping something delicious. Glad they are trying that location (though it seems to be a doomed business since Deer Creek Inn dissolved). I forget who else is moving, but I know it's good news.
My current foster dogs are Bruce, a cream colored 1 yr old Doxie, just a wonderful little boy, would be a great family dog. Also little Chica, a small (6-7 lb) wire haired doxie/chi. Cheekie is a through and through lap dog, but cute and amusing.  Very housebroken, even in 19 degrees. She just wants a little loving and a warm bed at night.  check them on You can come by my house to meet.
I was shattered to hear that my neighbors dog, Rex was hit by a car on Quaker Hill by my house, and killed.  Please don't let your dogs wander here in the shores.  They are no match to a speeding car.  I would always take Rex into my yard when I saw him wandering, but his owner seemed unconcerned. Now Rex paid the price.  Sad.  If you don't love your dog enough to keep him safe, don't have a  dog.