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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Looking for Spot

A neighbor called the shelter Friday trying to find his little white pitty. Spot was staying with a friend while Stephan was having surgery. Unfortunately, spot bolted, somewhere around the peardale area. The dog is familiar with Greenhorn Creek, so Stephan is hoping Spot is trying to make his way home. He is sweet and shy, mostly white with a black spot on his behind. If you see him, please grab him and call Stephan at 559-7764.
If you are a homeowner in Cascade Shores you may want to read the front page article in the Union Sat. 12/5 titled: "Victims or culprits? Colfax hurt by regulation or irresponsible stewards.?" The gist is that Congressman Tom McCLintock has introduced HR3544 designed to create a litany of protections for local municipalities subject to litigation. This has to do with all of the small communities (like Cascade Shores and Colfax) that are subjected to the same rigid standards as large communities, like San Francisco, resulting from the Clear Water act of 1972, now impacting the cost of sewer treatment plants upgrades. Obviously these costs have a lesser impact per household on huge communities than the 83 homes sharing the cost in a development like ours (the other 320 homes here are on septic). Currently, the "sewer homes" here are paying an average of $2400 per year for the treatment plant. In the Bay Area, the portion part of your tax bill would be about $420. That amounts to about $3 per flush here. Yeah. Judy and Al Kildow up on Summit Ridge have been real activists over the last year hoping to get more attention to this dilemma, and Supv. Nate Beason is always fighting the great fight for this cause. I was relieved to see Nate will once again be running for Dist. 1 supv as he has been a real advocate for the issues we have here in Cascade Shores. Beason in 2012!
To read the text of Mc Clintock's speech see the story online at
Wind damage? Pam H. tells me a large pine tree fell and crushed her neighbors truck bed. Joel Meghill, my roofer neighbor said he got a call on a family on Summit Ridge who lost 1/2 their roof in the storm.
The two "pillowcase puppies" have been happily adopted from Sammies Friends.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Unplugged , and loving it

Hi all. Just returned from 8 days on the road. Took the motor home, Phil and 3 dogs all the way to Medford, Oregon. Drove our latest foster dog, Georgie to his new family. They are from Boring Oregon (yes, there is a Boring, Or) and met them in Eugene for the handoff. Georgie is surely in good hands with 2 special ed teachers (he's a bit of a special needs dog, and bless them for taking him on). Also spent some days with friends in Redding, running amok on their little ranch, with a beautiful view of majestic Mt. Shasta. The great thing about the time away was that I was totally unplugged! Only check email a few short times, kept the cell phone mostly off, and only watched a few TV shows (mostly Big Bang Theory, my latest must see.). No news other than the occasional newspaper headline caught while grabbing a java somewhere. It was heaven.
Returned yesterday, just in time for the big wind here. Holy Moley, that was a good one. If the wood Gods were generous to us last November, the kindling Gods were doing overtime this November. Enough kindling fell out of our trees for the whole year just last night. The next few days will be windy, but not like last night. That was a big unnerving, listening to fallout bouncing off the roof all night. No damage found, hope the first rainstorm doesn't turn up something.
How did you do? Any damage to your home or neighbors?
So, earlier snows, droughts, more class 5 hurricanes, monster windstorms. Damn you Al Gore!

Want to have your doggie's pic taken with Santa? Want to buy some wonderful home made baked goods? Want to check out the sweet available dogs and cats at the shelter? Sammies Friends is having their "home for the holidays" event this Sat. from 11-4. All the above is available for your fun and pleasure. Plus a great raffle. Please come by if you are in the area, or make a special trip! The shelter is on Mc Cortney, about 2 1/2 miles after the fairgrounds.
Womens Club is planning the childrens party, complete with Santa. Check the cascadeshores website for info.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Arriving at Sammies Friends Shelter today,

one of the staff told me about the two dogs that were recently rescued from the side of the road. Seems a man was driving down the road, and saw a pillowcase. As he got closer, he saw the pillowcase move. Pulled over, looked inside and found two of the most darling little white dogs I think I have ever seen. They are now at the shelter, available for adoption. These sweet little dogs are some kind of mix, young, probably about a year old, and small. When I entered their pen, they jumped up to greet me, and smothered me in sweet little doggie kisses. They also have a pure Yorkie roommate looking for a home. I went and got them a couple of fluffy beds, and some toys (they were toyless!). As soon as I returned with those items, they jumped for joy, quickly tested the bed (together) and then threw the toys in air, and delighted that they made squeaky noises. I swear, they are the most joyous little dogs I have ever seen! Know anyone wanting a bundle of joy, to make the season complete? As to the person who tied them in a bag and threw them away like garbage, possibly getting squished by a passing car, starving or freezing on the side of the road, what can I say. What in God's name would make ANYONE do such a thing? Spread the word so these babies can be in loving hands by Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another "Only in Nevada County"

Pulling up my facebook today (yes, I'm a "Facie") the first thing I see is our councilperson, Renette Senum asking growers to "hire local trimmers" instead of importing out of town pro's. Ha. She is also asking the imports and their dogs to not be litterbugs in town. You have to love that girl. 37 people immediately threw in their 2cents. Yeah growers, what's up with ordering out of town labor? What are you, the Mafia? (reminded me that Tony Soprano always ordered hit men from the outside. Harder to link to him)
Cascade Shores resident Chris Herrenkohl is offering whole season snow removal for a set price, or "as needed" removal. You can reach him at 265-2363 or 265-6748 (cell). Nice guy, does a good job.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can you afford to date?

So, awhile ago I read a SF Chronicle article about how expensive it is to date in San Francisco. The author estimated that a date including driving, parking, eating and entertainment would run you about $203. Whew, that would be tough. So, Phil and I took the challenge to see what a Nevada County date would actually cost. Here's what we found:
Round trip to town, gas = 1.75
Parking 0
Dinner at Mateo's Public/tax/tip 42.00 (Phil had a great burger platter and a drink, I had the Kobe Beef sliders with salad and 2 glasses of wine, Yum)
A walk up/down Broad St. 0 (looking for entertainment)
Crepe and coffee for 2 at Classic Cafe 12.00 (tax and tip included)
3 piece Gypsy Band and tango dancers 0 at Classic Cafe (every Friday night!)
sub total $55.75
we planned to go to a movie also, but enjoyed the music so much we opted to stay. If we had gone to movie, that would have cost another $15.00, totaling $70.75, or roughly 35% of the San Fran date. SWEEEEEET.
One thing I learned from Rachel Ray's "eating on $40 a day" is that when trying to economize, never order dessert at the restaurant. Not only are they usually $6-$8, but there's 20% on top for tax/tip, or the total for 2 people approx $20. Her suggestion is take a walk (walk off some of those dinner calories) and find a gelato or frozen yogurt shop, or small bakery. We recently discovered Treats in NC after a dinner out. It's a darling little Gelato/Ice Cream/Dessert shop in the alley next to Ike's French Quarter Cafe. The owner, Peggy Wright is the sweetest (oh, get it) person who happily serves you a wonderful array of Gelato's or a homemade dessert crepe. I had the Rose flavored Gelato, and it was heavenly. Phil opted for the Blue Moon coffee, and it was amazing. The total was $6, and the tiny little shop is so cute and fun to hang in. Try it! They are open in the evenings.
Scooter's Pals Dog Rescue here is so dedicated to getting their Pitty and Pitty mixes a home before Christmas that they are willing to waive the adoption fee of $200 for the month of Nov/Dec. Founder Susan Wallace would really love to get the dogs out of boarding/foster homes and into their forever homes for the Holidays. These wonderful dogs have been neutered/spayed, all shots, microchipped (I almost said microwaved) and are on heartworm. They are most deserving of a real family of their own. So if you or someone you know has been thinking of adopting, please contact them at 350-2099 or check their pictures gallery at Scooters exists only through personal donations, and rescues dogs right off death row. They put lots of $$$ into each dog in order to save, transport, board and vet them while awaiting an adopter. Even if you are not interested in one of the pitty's, please consider a Scooter's dog. Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I received a letter advising of a timber plan nearby a few months ago, but wasn't sure where. Well, it's begun, and it's only 3 lots above me. You have probably noticed all the vehicles on the steep part of the Big Hill. I'm hearing chain saws, large truck and big ass trees falling all day long. I'll have to hike up and see what info I can glean. I guess it will make a nice firebreak for us, but looks like their making a holy mess and clearcutting. Ugh.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pre-Foreclosure on Mt. View

Soooo surprized to see that Realtor Bill Levitz has "left the building." His home at 15722 Mt. View is empty, and I just got a email notice it is in preforeclosure as an active short sale from Gold Country Real Estate. It's a large home, and one of the few with a built in pool here in the shores. The listing price was $399, but looks like the bank is now asking $245K. Home needs lots of updating, but it's a good lot with alot to offer. Bring your contractor! Scroll down. Don't know where Bill has moved to, but wishing him the best. He was a big cheerleader for Cascade Shores, and CS real estate. You can see the listing on
Forecast is for rain Thu/Fri turning to snow over weekend down to 2000 ft. Prepare!
WED night at 6PM is the Womens Club Chili/Bingo/White Elephant gift event at the Firehouse.
Should be fun. If you are female and live in the shores, please come down and meet and eat!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

4" and still falling at 7:31, a trend?

Roland Fasset's Nevadacountyweather on Facebook reminds us that last year the 1st snow was on Nov. 20th. Very early, and with leaves still on the trees, caused so many to come crashing down. Well, yesterday, Novembre cinco, we got our first snow. Started at 7pm Sat night, and woke up at 7:30 this am to that soulful silence that tells me we are totally blanketed in the white stuff and it was still coming down. I measured 4" and spent a half hour clearing the porch and part of driveway, and with a 6 ft pole, went around shaking the snow off my still leaf laden trees (not the pines of course, they are bullet proof!) my only company the resident raven, soaring through our woods caaawing the news. Suggest you do the same, or you will have lots of broken branches on your maples and dogwoods. (yes Dixie, I know that's a run on sentence).My maple hasn't even turned colors yet!
So, was last year a fluke, a 10-20 year freak winter, or are we entering a trend? You tell me.
Nonetheless, it is gorgeous out there. The chihuahua meter (my little Kate) says it's below 38. I know, cause she's casing the throw rugs as a possible toilet alternative, which is what she does when I open the door and she catches the chilly breeze and heads back to the dining room to think it over. She's right, it's 34.5 degrees. The rest of the dogs (3 right now) forge ahead and find a patch of ground not yet covered with the white stuff, then happily run around enjoying the crunch under their feet.
The Nevadacitywebcam shows only rain in town. Google it if you need that info. Enjoy your first wintery day, and let's hope it's a "fluke."
PS: if you want to laugh your butt off, go to and pull up the Sat night live sketch on the Kardashian divorce. Genius.
On a sad note, I don't know if you read the front page article in the Union on Nov. 1 about Kenneth Gammelgard, 61, a Nevada County resident, being killed by a drunk driver in Kyrgystan.
Mr. Gammelgard is a local educator who retired in 2009. He was visiting his son, daughter in law and grandchild, and was on his way to the airport when the accident occurred. His wife and other family members survived, although with some injuries. His other son, Alex and family live here in the Shores, just a few homes down from me. I often see them walking their kids and dogs, and have friendly conversations with them. I have seen his father many times with hammer or rake in hand helping to improve his sons home.
You can only imagine the expense of getting his father back home for burial, and the medical bills that will result from this tragedy. Monetary contributions as well as condolences can be sent to Sierra Presbyterian Church, 175 Ridge Rd, Nevada City, Ca 95959. (Attn: Deacon's Fund-Gammelgard/Wood.) There are so many generous people here in the shores. Hoping you can help this sweet family.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Scooters Pals Flea Market tomorrow (Sat)

Really a great Flea Market. Tons of stuff. One of my favorite shops, LaLoo on Broad St. donated boxes and boxes of merchandise. There will be some beautiful home decor stuff, new clothing, pet supplies, games, Christmas decorations. Plus a great bake sale. One stop shopping. The office is across from Weiss Bros. Come on down, you won't be sorry. Not your typical Flea Market, and every single dollar goes to pulling dogs off "death row" and finding them homes.

Monday, October 31, 2011

It's a pitty there's a homeless Pitty everywhere you look

I know, so many people have no interest in adopting a Pit Bull, or Pitty Mix. I have had the same stand . . . . until I started volunteering at Sammies Friends 15 months ago. However, I am better educated now, and better than that, have met some of the sweetest, most loyal examples of that breed through volunteer work. Here is what I have learned over the past 18 months having personally housed 20 homeless dogs.
With the housing implosion, the shelter is drowning in "foreclosure" and stray dogs. So many people losing their status as home owners, and becoming renters, or moving away in seach of jobs. Lord knows it's hard enough to find a rental that takes dogs, and almost IMPOSSIBLE to find one that takes Pitties (sometimes prohibited by the insurance companies). Since the shelter can't take many "owner turn-in's" (they are obligated to take all county strays, & fill up fast with those) the result is that people simply release their dogs on county roads to fend for themselves. This results in injured, dead ,starving and scared dogs. Many are Pitts.
Currently Nevada County shelter has 12 of them, with more rolling in each day. Last month they adopted out ONE. Yes, one pit mix adopted. Do the math. Scooters Pals has 12 on their roster, fortunately in foster homes since they have no facility.
Two programs to address the problem: First and foremost, slow the breeding. Sammies Friends (NC shelter) is offering a SPAY/NEUTER YOUR PIT BULL PROGRAM, November 7th to Nov. 12th. You can get your dog spayed or neutered for low/cost or even NO COST to you. Even transportation will be provided if needed. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Owners will also have a chance to win a the $250 grand prize for participating. The last time they had this program 70 dogs got altered. This is so important to stop more dogs from being born that will just land on the streets, dead or in the shelters. Sammies dogs receive training while at the shelter, and they can assist you with continuing training needs. They also have a program for low income owners to help with the altering of other breeds and cats. Call Sammies at 471-5041 for info on these programs.
Scooters Pals will launch a program for NOV/DEC to WAIVE THE ADOPTION FEE to QUALIFIED OWNERS for their Pitt's and Pitt mixes looking for a home (the normal fee is $200). These dogs are spayed/neutered, all shots, all medical needs already addressed and microchipped. This would cost much more to do on your own if you started with a puppy. Plus, because they are in foster care, you get to know much about their personality before you consider them for your family.
Both and have picture galleries linked to petfinder to view the available dogs. Scooters Pals can be reached at 350-2099.
SO, maybe you would like to be a hero, and give a wonderful dog a deserving chance. So many of these dogs are model citizens already, and more will be with proper homes and training. Perhaps you can foster one from the shelter so he can be in a home for the holidays, enjoying all the perks of a family atmosphere. Or perhaps you can enlighten your neighbor that there is assistance to help them do the right thing by their dog. "Helping one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog, his world is changed forever."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

CSHA needs a new webmaster

Chuck Jaffee is currently doing the job of webmaster, but it happily coming out of retirement and returning to a assignment in his old field. Soooo, CSHA needs someone to maintain their website. If it person may be you, please contact President Sharon Hogan at 470-9170. Maybe you know a student in that field that would like some practical experience?
Had a wonderful time last night at Sharon's house with the Womens Club ladies, at their Pizza and Movie night (Kings Speech). Great crowd. Really fun, with about a hour of visiting, dinner, movie and dessert. I love my lady friends here in the Shores. Everyone is so fun and upbeat, and it's a great way to catch up.
My wonderful neighbor Anna Rees, who originates from Sweden, however has been in the US for some 30+ years raising her family is becoming a U.S. citizen today~Swedens loss is our gain (though she retains duel citizenship). Congrats Anna. It's about time!
The Women's Club fabulous Children's Halloween Party is the 29th, at 1pm-3pm. Be sure to bring your little princess/fireman/ghost or what ever to the kids party. This year, the Homeowners Assn is adding a "scary movie night" and screening some of the classics at the Firehouse after the kids party, I think at 4PM till 10PM. Sounds like a great night for those of you who love this holiday. Call Charlotte Starn (265-8340) if you would like to volunteer the kids party, or someone on the board if you want to help with the movie night. Bring a comfy chair, or you'll be sitting in plastic.
The next event after that is the Womens Club Chili/White Elephant gift/Bingo day on November 16th. Really fun, and a great way to meet the wonderful ladies of the shores, so visitors welcome. They are looking for people to bring a crockpot of chili, bread, salad or dessert. The White Elephant gift will be a prize for a bingo winner. Not sure who's in charge, but again, you can try Charlotte Starn (she seems involved in everything). I'm sticking to that unless I'm corrected. That event is at 6pm, so even you working folk can attend.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glorious glorious rain

Hi there, and welcome to autumn. Ain't it wonderful. Lots of rain, and all the dust is getting settled, the trees are getting a long awaited shower. We all have TONS of firewood stacked, and the house is cozy and fragrant with the smell of a toasty fire. Karen and I stopped in Nevada City tonight and grabbed the window seat at Friar Tucks for a glorious meal of Carrot Ginger soup, fresh greens salad with chunky Bleu Cheese dressing, and a bubbly pot of Swiss Fondue. We savored all the wonderful flavors while watching the rain begin, pedestrians scrambling for the cover of awnings but clearly enjoying the change of weather. We topped the meal off with an Irish coffee, and the delightful conversations with Bob Buhlis and Austin and friends. Bob runs the postal service on Commercial Street, and SWEARS that he is retiring on November 5th, this being his 19th year of owning that business, and his 75th year on planet earth. Hope he makes his goal.
I love having Nevada City Weather as a friend on my facebook. One stop shopping. They reported tonight that Fire Ban is lifted, so you can begin burning tomorrow if you have a PERMIT, but still remember to call 274-7928 to see if it is an allowable burn day. They are also predicting snow at 7000 level, but possibly as low as 5500, and a few inches in Tahoe Basin. And so it begins!
Did you read the Union article about homeowner insurance being hard to secure here in the foothills? I don't know, but I had Farmers for 10 years, no problem (Ed Mertens on Zion St.) In July we switched to Horace Mann cause we bought a rental home in Cascade Shores, and got more coverage for less $$ from that company. They definitely insure here, so, like I said, I don't know how accurate that article was. There most certainly are companies that won't tough the high fire danger area, same as there are some that won't insure in flood plains like Marysville, but still, I think you can always find the ones that do. Have you had any problem? Do tell.
Scooterspal rescue is having a Casino Night fundraiser this Saturday at Seamans Lodge at Pioneer Park. If you're looking for some fun, come on down. If you dress in Western Attire, you get double chips for gambling (you don't win cash, you win prizes). It's all for the puppies.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Wow, everywhere you go they are resurfacing. Looks like Pasquale is done. I have to say, Pasquale is just that much more beautiful with new blacktop, when man and nature collide, in a good way. The sharp black street against the beautiful red soil, framed by the beautiful green forest is breathtaking this time of year. It's so sad that the Madrona forest is sick and fading down the road. You can see the tops browning, and so many seem to be dying or dead. I understand it is a viral disease, and it will be sad to loose any of those gorgeous trees, but I guess the forest is ever changing.
They seem to be wrapping up the project on Idaho Maryland/Banner Lava Cap, and at least for now, you can take that route without delays. Banner Quaker Hill resurfacing is done.
All done in time for this weekends Triathalon. The boat ramp closes today after 1PM I think, and will reopen Sunday afternoon.
Hope to see you at the competition tomorrow (ugh, 7:30 ish) to root for the ladies! I will have foster dog Kit Carson, sweetest guy ever. Also, I brought Mia home from the shelter for the weekend. She is a 9 year old white lab, a 10 on the beauty scale, and just as sweet. Her mom lost her home (crappy recession) and took Mia to the vet to be euthanized, the only reason being she had no where to rehome her. Fortunately the vet refused, and she is now at Sammies Friends shelter awaiting someone to adopt her. Wait till you see her, she's wonderful. If you know anyone who might want a beautiful sweet dog, or even to foster her so she doesn't have to live at the shelter while she awaits adoption, let me know. Sammies Friends provides food, vet care and any meds needed while you foster. Mia just needs a yard and a fluffy dog bed. She's very quiet, but very healthy.
2 of my favorite rescue dogs have been adopted by neighbors in the last 2 weeks. Yay, I get to see them on their daily walks. Sushi the wiener dog and Oreo the Aussie are new Cascade Shores residents, and much loved already!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Don't know about the rest of Nevada County, but here in the shores a beautiful rose glow appeared about 5:30pm, and at 7:30 the thunderheads moved in, and the sky became heavy with large gray clouds.  Just returned from walking the dogs, and lightning strikes could be seen rapidly appearing towards the east, in the high sierra.  They are easily heard and seen here, and every dog in the neighborhood is barking.  It all feels rather ominous.  KEEP THE DOGS SAFE.  This is the kind of event that makes them run, and the shelter get's full of strays that were only trying to escape the fear of the noise.
Speaking of, I still have the cutest, most loving and fun foster dog, Kit Carson.  He's a beagle mix, and a beautiful blond color.  Loves water, air blowers, walks, chasing tennis balls, anything that squeaks, and cuddling.  Likes every person and every dog, and has learned to live with cats.  He's about 3 years old,weighs about 20 lbs, and best of all, not a barker.  However, he is a great guard dog, and won't let anyone in my gate without my permission.  If Carson sounds like your kind of guy, give me a call, 265-8680.

Monday, September 12, 2011

These thunderheads are going to hang around through tomorrow

or so the weather report says. Hearing the rumble, no precipitation yes, though we had a little rain last night. Feels good to have this cooling trend, though it's pretty muggy out there.
Fire Safe expressed concern to the CSHA board as to all the brush piles in front of homes here in the shores. Don't know if the county is still doing it for free, so you will have to contact them, or contact Michael Cotton or Brian Bixler down here, or for that matter any tree trimmer/chipper you may know. We need to make our community as safe as possible, and those piles need to be chipped or removed. Don't wait for a miracle! There is a link to the request form on home page of CSHA.
Banner Quaker Hill is finally being resurfaced today up top, so you might want to take a different route home. Pasquale and Banner Lava appear finished.
The Women's Triathalon is this coming Sunday, so be aware that streets by the lake will be closed in the A.M. Come down and root for those wonderful athletes, and donate if you can to this great cause, early detection of cancer through imaging, or peace of mind knowing you are "all clear." Your dollars pay for mammograms for lots of deserving women who can't afford this very important exam.
Went to the duck races yesterday. That really is a fun event. I guess my duck didn't win, however the lucky winner received $5000. This is put on by NC Rotary, a great organization. Our own Caroline Inglis is the new President elect of the Nevada City chapter. She's a hard working clever lady, and was our CSHA secretary for years, and a great friend (even though we haven't talked for weeks Caroline, what they hey?).
We're heading into propane season again, so if you have not yet joined the CSHA, you might want to do it now.  Propane is about $2.50 a gal, and will only go up as we enter fall/winter.  AS a member, you will be saving as much as 20-30% on every tank.  The CSHA will prorate your membership this year, as membership is typically paid in April.  So fill out the app and send in your pro-rated check now, and get that discount with SUBURBAN  and support your HomeOwner Assn.  They work for you!
Once more, I have to brag about the amazing paint job Herve, Jeremy and Tony did on our house. I still think I'm at someone else's driveway when I pull up. Still putting things away (where did all that stuff come from) to prepare for the rainy season, but I can't say enough about the great job the guys did, and how reasonably priced they were. Thanks again guys! They also do general contracting and foundation stuff. Between them and Brian Harrison, who did a bathroom and our wonderful living room addition, you never need to go outside for help with your home projects/additions.
Oh, look, just passed 14K reads.  Thanks folks.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Resurfacing Banner Quaker Hill Rd on 08/30

FYI: not sure is they will close to traffic, but it will be controlled, and who wants that sticky stuff on their paint? So, you might want to take an alternate route (Banner Lava, or Pasquale).
The county is doing a great job of repairing the surfaces here in the Shores. If you have not been here for awhile, you'll be impressed.
Seeing alot of athletes practicing for the 09/18 Triathalon here. Today was their "mock" race. What a dedicated group of women, and what a great cause, raising money for breast cancer exams at Sierra Nevada Mem. Hospital Imaging Center.
Speaking of, my good friend and CS Resident Karen Lari is having major surgery on 08/30. If you know Karen, she would be open to some help after her daughters leave on Sept. 7th. I am trying to schedule some meals, or anyone that would like to donate to her some of their excess firewood. Karen won't be able to work for awhile while she recharges. Let me know if you would like to help. Call me at 265-8680 or email me at This community is great at helping each other out, and I know Karen will get the help she needs.
Went to Lost Mine Lake 4pm ish yesterday. No one there but me and Baby Kate (my Chi). We hopped on my floatee and circled the island for an hour. Just us and all the wonderful wildlife. Fish swimming by, all the beautiful birds on the back side of island, frogs jumping into the water making a splash. The water is warm in one spot, nice and cold in the next. What a treasure that pond is.
Pam Herrenkohl has been in charge of LML for the past 2 years. What a wonderful job she has done keeping it mowed, clean and orderly. She has managed all the rentals for weddings, birthday parties, reunions. She does it all with a smile, and it is in very capable hands. I know you read this, so thank you Pam for continuing the wonderful 40 year tradition of Lost Mine Lake. Job well done! You and your team are remarkable.
While we're talking about accomplishments, Renette Senum and her team of volunteers finished the boardwalk/seating/flower box area on Commercial St. It looks AMAZING! So grab a cup of coffee and desert from Mecca, or a slice of Pizza from Pete's, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. I'll be there tomorrow trying it out.

Friday, August 26, 2011

No Firehouse Flea Market this year

Boo-hoo. Pam H. let me know the community yard sale was cancelled this year as there were only 2 people participating. Does this mean no one is parting with their stuff? Maybe another sign this recession is not quite over. Will have to get my yard sale "fix" in town.
Our new foster dog is here. Carson is a young Beagle mix. Pure blond, funny and sweet, loves to love, and plays ball like a major leaguer. Great manners and totally housebroken,sleeps in his crate without complaining, he's a doll. Plus he never barks! Know anyone interested? He's a keeper. I'll be taking him to Petco adoptathon Saturday for viewing, or call me at 265-8680.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Man, my readers are smart folks!

Just got home from 3 days in Gray Area, and my house is almost finished. Herve and Jeremy and Tony are unbelievable! It looks amazing. My neighbors all said it looks like the builders just drove away, as in the paint job makes it look like a brand new house! Also Herve said that after I wrote about them, another neighbor came by to see and hired them to paint their house too! Good stuff. If you are interested in getting a bid on work you need done, you can reach Herve at 264-7094. They also do general contracting and foundation work.
Also, the guys went fishing at Jackson Meadows and brought me a 6 lb German Brown Trout that we'll be BBQ'ing tomorrow for lunch. Did your painters do that for you??????
Sharon Hess stopped by to mention that since I blogged about her house cleaning business here in the shores (she's on the service provider list) she has gained a few more clients. You are all sooooo smart to hire her.
Supv. Nate Beason and Doug Ferrell of the Roads Dept. came through and paved the corner here of BQH and Pasquale. I'll send them a quick thanks from all of us that have to make that turn, and can now do it safely without swerving to miss that pond that had formed.
Reminder: The Homeowners are having their annual community yard sale on 09/10, Sat. This is your chance to sell junk and buy treasures! You can have a booth for $10, and a table for $5. Lots of fun and food also.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another great house/deal in Cascade Shores

12942 Spanish Lane. This is a short sell (patience) but is listed at $179K now. This is a great 3/2 that shows very well. Clean and pretty, with a nice bedroom/bath that were added a few years ago. What a nice house, and Spanish Lane is a really nice street. So many great homes for sale in the shores right now, though many do seem to be finding new owners. I think this housing debacle may have a silver lining. All the homes that were not well kept seem to have "turned over" and have new owners that are bringing them up to their potential. Lots are being cleared, helping with our fire safety. In the end, we may have a more consistent look, and lots of interesting new neighbors. As they say, the only thing you can count on is CHANGE. The times they are a changin'.
Isn't the weather just perfect? Went and floated on the lake yesterday, and it could not have been nicer. From 2-4pm not a single motor boat on the lake. Just me, a floatie, little Kate the Chi-Chi and a whole lotta sunshine. Paradise. On the way out I realized the shrubs were holding a bounty of wild raspberries. Yum. It's still blackberry season too. The vege stands are carrying the heirlook tomato's now too. Joy.
So far, Herve and Jeremy are doing an amazing job painting our home. They are tidy and fast! Check it out when you drive by. Corner of BQH and Pasquale. They both live here in the shores (father and son) and you can't find nicer guys.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scooters Pals blowout yard sale Sat.

139 Joersche St, across from Weiss Bros Nursery, 8:30 till 5pm Sat. A warehouse full of treasures, plus wonderful baked goods. I'm making Green Tea shortbread cookies and chocolate espresso cookies. If you're nice, I'll give you the super simple recipe for the Choc. espresso's, which are AWESOME if I do say so myself. The Green Tea cookies are my own invention, so I'd obviously have to kill you if you got the recipe. Anyway, please come to support Scooters continuing effort to rescue wonderful deserving dogs from high kill shelters (meaning that every week, approximately 70% of their dogs and cats die cause no one showed up to adopt them). You can pick up some great items, baked goods or grab a lunch snack. Also, if you want to donate books, they sell them on ebay. So easy to help our furry friends. You can also find out how to become a foster parent to some sweet little baby, if you have been considering. Scooters pay's the vet, food and meds on such animals. You just give them a loving "soft place to fall" while they await their forever home. Thanks to all the wonderful staff and volunteers at our shelter, Sammies Friends, the euthanasia rate is under 1%. What an awesome team.

Blessings, and kiss your pup if you are lucky enough to have one . . . .
Went to the Yuba river today with friends. It's friggin cold. It was wonderful and refreshing, but I think I'm back to our nice warm lake tomorrow. Felt just like the snow melt that it was. The scenery and white water was breathtaking though.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Need help with your utility bills?

In case you are not aware, there are two great programs to help you with utility bills if you are low income. LIHEAP is a county program that will help you with PG&E, Propane or Wood (your choice). Call 265-1388 for info to see if you qualify.
CARE is a PGE program that can get you a 15% discount if you can qualify. The number is 800-743-5000.
Hope this info in helpful.
Check for info on these programs.
EC wrote me back for an ABFAB night. Anyone else???
There is a darling doxie named Mona available at GV shelter. Also, Scooterspals has one name Sushi, young, sweet and very male oriented. Anyone looking for a darling wiener dog to love? I can hook you up!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Very Scary Dog Attack on BQH Hill

Just got news that last night 2 loose pit bull's jumped into a fenced yard on BQH by the store and attacked the resident Aussie Shepherd. A very brave neighbor heard the commotion and ran over to break it up. One of the Pitty's left, but the other challenged him and stayed in the yard. I don't have a description of the Pitty's other than white with substantial collars on. DO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY BELONG? If so, please let me know and I will pass info on to the doggie victims family and Animal Control. This business of letting dogs roam around here with so many kids and cars and other FENCED IN dogs is crazy.
Hey EC, want to get together for wine and ABFABATHON???? I need to be with "my own kind" when I watch that show.
Hey Patti G, your neighbor had his lot cleaned. Looks super good. You will like.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Where has the time gone???

First, I want to thank you wonderful people I have run into lately that have thanked me for my blog, thereby reminding me that I have not blogged (verb?) for awhile. Much has happened around here at Casa de Perros. First, my majorly cute foster dog OSCAR got adopted by a lovely couple in Carson City, Nevada. Bless you Oscar, you stole my heart! We drove him to them yesterday, a long beautiful tearful ride around Lake Tahoe, and on the way there and back saw so many amazing hot rods and classic cars, then realized it was Hot August Nights in Reno. So had to stop and have dinner and peruse town. If you love cars even a little, or want to relive your childhood you have to go the HAN in Reno. The people watching is spectacular too! Oh buy back to OSCAR, who will be living on the high desert with an 8 year old Rottweiler sister, chickens, and Wild horses, as his 1 1/3 acres borders BLM land. We saw 2 herds right outside his fence, and he was not even impressed. I was. They were beautiful healthy looking horses. Lucky Oscar.
Around the shores, could the weather be more perfect? I think not! In the low 80's and dry and just yummy . Enjoy. The big lake is officially bath water temp, and everyone is smiling and it seems last winter's hardship are forgotten. Well, except we are all still cleaning up trees. I ran into Michael Cotton (Michaels Tree Service) and he has a very big smile on his face. He said he see's it taking probably 2 years to clean up the storm of 2011. Then I saw Brian Bixler (Bixler's Tree Service) and he's pretty happy with the amount of work available here in the shores too. So if you're dragging your heels, better line these guys up if you want work done this year. Shop local! Their phone numbers are on the service provider list.
Don't know if you've noticed, but the pot hole on my corner (Banner Quaker and Pasquale) is graduating from a pot hole to a swimming hole. We call it Lake Pasquale, or Pasquale Ice Rink in winter. Anyway, I saw that they are resurfacing Pasquale from the Red Dog end, so I emailed Nate Beason, Supv. of Dist 1, (love that man) and asked him to see if he could get the guys to come down and repair that hole before some poor person in a little car disappears into it! Within 24 hours he answered me back and got Doug Farrel of roads dept to commit to fixing "soon". We'll see how that goes. Nate is pretty good at getting things done.
This is the time of year you can usually get a pretty good seat for the annual meteor shower, though I think the waning moon (is it waxing or waning, I forget) may cause less than perfect viewing. We often go down to the boat ramp with pillows and lay down and watch the show. James Mayer (thanks James) sent me a link for when you can view the Space Station in the sky, but I'm too lame to read it properly. However it is so I think if you google Satellite Sighting/Grass Valley you can view it (i'm also to lame to transfer the Nasa link).
Lost Mine Lake is reserved tomorrow, Sat. the 12th. The children's climbing thingy got restained today, and I stopped by and did some weeding/cleanup in the area around the playstructure.
Warning to the wise: August is the month I have usually seen rattlers (yes, rattlesnakes) down in the diggins'. So make sure your kids know what they look like and how to evade them. Seriously.
After watching the GOP debates, minus Ms Palin, who is touring Iowa, again stealing someone else's thunder, we tried to come up with a few slogans for her campaign, just in case. How about "Palin 2012, "Stupid IS the new Smart" Or, "Sarah, Twice the Man You'll Ever Be." Or nice and simple like "Sarah - GOTCHA!" CUMON, that's a little funny. Well, it is behind 1/2 bottle of white wine . . . .
In case you're a newby, and you'd like to join a walking group, just want to let you know that if you are are the Firehouse on Monday, Wed and Friday, 8 AM SHARP, there is a group that walks 1 1/2 miles out Pasquale and back, (yes, that's a total of 3 miles) and dogs are welcome, on or off leash. They keep a pretty good pace, and you will be back at the firehouse by 9am, and you're dog will sleep till 12! The faces change, but there usually is someone there.
Reminder of upcoming events on the calendar: Aug 20th, Wine tasting at LML. Bring and appetizer and wine to share and visit with neighbors. The Wed night BBQ's are still happening too. Some serious horseshoes going on down there. . . .
September 10th is the annual community yard sale at the Firehouse. Great event. Bring your treasures to sell, or bring you mad money and buy. Lots of fun, and burgers/chips/drinks for lunch. This is you chance to purge your life of those useful but no longer needed items, or but a great recycled item and help save the planet. It only works if you work it!
September 18th is the Barbara Schmidt Millar triathalon at Scotts Flat. You are probably noticing the athletes jogging and biking around here right now. Give them a wide berth on Pasquale. This is a great event that raises money the free cancer screenings at Sierra Nevada Hosp. and raises awareness. A dear friend here in the Shores has recently been diagnoses with breast cancer, reminding me that 1 in 8 women will experience it in their life. So, please support this event, and be sure to give these wonderful athletes the respect they deserve.
The taco's at the store on Taco Tuesday are pretty freaking good. Suggest you check em out.
Met a nice retired General Contractor names Herve, who bought a house on Summit Ridge. He and his son do house painting and other handy things. So, we're getting our house painted by them next week. Tres exciting, but sooo hard to pic out a color. I'll let you know how it turns out.
OMG, are you watching Trueblood. Can you even believe how wimpy Eric has become. Where is my wonderful evil vampire. He's become a total wuss. This must end! Vampires are not supposed to be sensitive and "in touch with their feminine side." YUCK!
Were you ever a fan of the 80's show "Absolutely Fabulous.?" One of my favs, also known as ABFAB. Well, it's in rerun on LOGO, channel 146 on Comcast, and it's doubly funny the 2nd time around. Gotta love that British humor. And then if you hang is, it's RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE, which I can't explain, but you must see to believe. Who doesn't love to watch a bunch of outrageous Drag Queens makeover plain jane wannabe's?
IN case you weren't aware, we had a scheduled power outage from 8am - 1pm ish today. So, reset those clocks and timers.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Crimeny, I just love that band. They played a private party at the Foundry last Friday night. You can read about it in the Union. Why the hell wasn't I invited? I'm their biggest fan, (ooooh, spoken like Cathy Bates in "Misery.") No really, your mission is to find out who sponsored that concert and REPORT BACK TO ME! Thanks! That means you too Dixie, use those contacts and let's get on next years list (if there is one).


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friday night movie, need help making popcorn

I'm not sure what the Friday night movie at Firehouse is this week, but the ladies need help making the free popcorn. So if you want to lend a hand, show up at 7pm. The movie is at dark o'clock, aka 8:30 ish. If you just show up and don't have a chair, you can borrow one inside.
The boardwalk sidewalks are getting a start on Commercial Street by the sustainable committee. That will be really nice. They are installing benches and flower boxes too. Nice. The Wed. night markets are in full swing for the month of July, so only one more to go! Grass Valley is having their summer nights now too, with great bands, food and vendors.
I hear the Holbrook has a really great new chef/menu. Will have to go try it. One of my fav's is still Goomba's on Hwy 174 next to Memorial Field (or whatever that field is called). Great pizza's and the best sausage sandwiches and great Caesar salad.
Lost Mine Lake is reserved all day Sat. for a wedding. That really is a great place for a wedding or family reunion or birthday party. You get it dawn till dusk for $75 is you're a member, $100 non-member. What a deal. You can order a portable sink/hand wash station to park by bathrooms, and there is power, refrigerator, lights, picnic tables with umbrellas, 6' portable tables, BBQ, horseshoes, volleyball and children's playground, not to mention a 5 acre lake. Just call Pam Herenkohl (on contact list to reserve. If it's not rented for the day, you can also "take your chances" and use it, but you won't have it exclusively and you won't have access to the refrigerator and umbrella's, or maybe the BBQ racks. BUT everything else is always there!
On the left is a snippetfrom God I love her, and I love TrueBlood, and I love to hate/love Eric so I had to share.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Are you a "vacation home" here in the shores?

In chatting with some of my new "weekender" neighbors, they reminded me of a dilemma I had back in 99' when I was only visiting my house on weekends and holidays. It is so hard to stop having fun early Sunday so you can clean house before you leave! Then you get to go back to your real life, and clean house again~
So just wanted to clue you in that Sharon Hess who lives here on Nugget St. is a great housekeeper, and she uses all natural hypo-allergenic solutions, and does a fantastic job. If you are interested in her services, you can find her on our service provider list.
Trying to reduce your plastic use? I just discovered a great new website "" which is full of clever ideas for reducing your consumption, or recycling the stuff that shows up in your life no matter how hard you try to avoid. Now that the farmer's markets are in full swing, how about having a permanent shopping bag by the door, and put your empty berry baskets, egg cartons etc in there. The farmers are happy to take them back (cuts their costs) and you can use them to measure while you are then, then leave them behind. Also put some paper lunch bags in your "market kit" if you don't want to use the plastic that they offer. See the site for more great ideas.
I have been mindlessly using plastic to rid myself of the kitty litter stuff, but have switched to brown lunch bags (ooohh, don't let it get mixed up with real lunch, ugh).
Rumor has it the General Store here is changing hands again, this time to a local couple. Seems to be poppin' this year. I sure wish them luck. I think there have been at least 6 or 7 different people running the place since I've been here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Movie of the Week "ET"

The Womens Club is showing the classic movie ET Friday night at the Firehouse parking lot. Popcorn and beverages are free. Bring your favorite movie chair and a nice warm blanket. It's gonna be cool out there.
Cal Fire has been checking out yards for fallen debris (I told you so a few weeks ago). They are giving you a report card (oooooeeeee, I got an "excellent, keep up the good work). If there are concerns, they give a follow update. SO, if you don't live here, you might want to have someone check to see if there is a warning on your door. Could result in a fine.
Wow, is it cool here now. Only a 72 high the past few days. Nice to sit out and read weather, or finish up that yard work. I have yet to test the water temp of the Big Lake. Have you? What's the verdict, swimmable?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

3 new and wonderful reasons to visit Nevada City

First, the Crazy Horse Saloon on Commercial St. has reopened (same owners) as a Frozen Yogurt parlor, with a grocery selection. Going there tomorrow. Heard it's pretty cool, and pretty cool.
Second, Pete's Pizza in Grass Valley has opened a parlor in NC, and you can buy by the slice, which is ABOUT TIME. Why should you have to commit to a whole pizza when a slice will do? Third, a new wine tasting room, (not sure what st) which makes it 5 tasting rooms. How fun is it to hop from wine shop to wine shop, then make a return trip to pic up your fav's. Loving it. Indian Springs Winery on Broad/Pine always has fun evening events too, if you have not checked that out.
So many beautiful homes in our neighborhood for sale right now. Just came back from an open house at Toni's on corner of Nugget/Pasquale, around the corner from here, a really lovely serene 3 bedroom/2 bath house. Her husband Bill, (RIP) was more than a nice guy. He was a great woodwooker. The house has so many beautiful custom touches. The master bathroom just makes you want to jump in with it's hardwood surround tub. The kitchen screams "throw a party and invite everyone you know." The covered deck off the living room is perfect for snuggling and watching the snow fall (or the leaves) and has a trap door that takes you down to garage, plus an inside route to garage. All new paint, with a 2 car attached garage and shed. Too many custom touches to name. And she is asking $265K. Are you kidding???? 15515 Nugget. Check it out.
Missed the Airfest~Friday night and Sat. only. Too bad, it's the best, and it's every other year. Oh well! I thought it was Sunday too.
The Union had a story about a group of people who had planted vintage roses at the cemetery on Red Dog (the one on the right coming up Red Dog towards Quaker Hill). I did a little detour through it today and was amazed at the huge collection of blooming plants that are now thriving there. It has a transformed that gray, drab, but totally interesting historical graveyard into a Renoir painting! If you like graveyards (I admit, I do) you must stop and "smell the roses." Whoever you are, you guys did a great job of cheering up a boneyard. Many Nevada City founding fathers/mothers buried there. So interesting to live in the midst of such California History. I'll take pics to share next time. Wish the Union would do follow up stories on that sort of thing with pics. Some good news would be nice once in a while.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Words to the wise

Just saw a fire truck pass the house with siren/light going. Not sure their mission (fire or emt) but reminder: BURN SEASON IS OVER! No more burning your slash and yard waste till the rainy season (November?). Please observe. The fine for violation is hefty, but the risk of lighting Cascade Shores like a roman candle is horrifying. Please be fire safe, and keep doing the great work of cleaning up the downed stuff on your property. The county chipper is still making the rounds, so place your branches on the edge of your property at the road, with the stems facing out so they can grab and chip. Do not stack higher than 4'. I imagine they will be chipping throughout the summer. If I hear different, I'll let you know. Chippers can be rented at Green and Gold, or you can hire local tree people (Michael Cotton or Brian Bixler). Check out service provider list on for their contact info.
Pam Herrenkohl who manages Lost Mine Lake would like to remind everyone that the summer rules are in effect, NO DOGS ON LAWN AREA of Lost Mine Lake. I love dogs as much as anyone, but toddlers and dogs in a swimming/barefoot area do not mix well. There is a great doggie beach area on the path right of the bathrooms, so take Fido there for a swim or trek around the lake, but please do not bring him to picnic area. I know, we all get accustomed to letting the dogs hang out during the winter months, but please respect the summer rules. Also, please clean up after your dog when on the path. We'll place plastic bags by the gate in case you forget them. This is pretty much the only rule at LML, so it is much appreciated if it is observed. It is for the safety and comfort of all.
I watched a beautiful Robin make a nest right over my kitchen door, and she raised one chick, who left about a week ago. Then I noticed her sitting in the nest again, and when I checked there is another single blue egg. Is this common? I did not know they had singles, or that they reused the nest. Anyway, it makes me happy that she feels safe even though Phil and I and dogs are cats enter and exit thru that door all day long! I also just restocked the bird feeders for the first time this year, and it's an all day buffet around here. Love the huge assortment of birds in the Shores. So fun to watch. Anna across the street feeds her hummers all year. She must have 3 different types/colors visiting her house. They zoom right over my head when I come to her door.
I take pine cones, lather some peanut butter in between the layers, put it a plastic bag with bird seed and give a good shake to get it all coated with seed. Then hang it from a tree with a piece of wire. The squirrels go CRAZY for it. They hang upside down off the pine cone enjoying the treat. Must be the equivalent of me with a piece of cheesecake in the enjoyment level!
I admit it, I'm all absorbed in the Casey Anthony trial. Sick, I know. I'm betting on a less than 1st degree verdict from the jury. That buffoon of an attorney, Jose Baez actually did create a bit of doubt whether it was an accident or homicide, but can we agree that this child had to have died from severe neglect at least . . . . certainly one of the most bizarre trials since O.J. I was addicted to that one too.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get "Tangled" with your neighbors

Friday, July 1st at 8:30 is the first of the Firehouse Movie Series put on by the Cascade Shores Womens Club. So bring your most comfy chair, a nice blankey, and don't forget the kids. The movie is shown outside in the parking lot, and it's FREE. So fun! "Tangled" is a wonderful animated Disney film based on the story "Repunzel" by the Brothers Grimm, featuring the voices of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy. At a reported $260 MIL, it's the most expensive film every produced by Disney. The CSHA is providing the popcorn and drinks, all you have to do is show up at dark o'clock. The Americorp kids are still camping in the Firehouse, so there may be a crowd, but this gives you a chance to thank them for their commitment to making us firesafe here. Hope to see you there.
This is very self serving, but Phil and I bought a lovely 2bed/2bath house on Cascade Dr. that is on the rental market. If you know anyone interested in renting a charming place here in the shores, send them our way. It also has a detached 2 car garage with an extra room over (office?). It really is lovely. Our phone is 530-265-8680. Thanks!
To the person who wrote to me that they can't walk their dogs without fear of them being harassed by other dogs here in the shores, please write to me at I'd like to discuss this. Perhaps I can give you some tips on a safe route. I walk my dogs alot, and without incidence. There are some streets I avoid as a few charging dogs scare me a bit too. It's unfortunate that owners don't understand how intimidating it is to be charged by and unknown dog, regardless of how "friendly" they think their dog is . . . .

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Bear steals "easy" fish

Pam Herrenkohl reported on her facebook that her son and husband went fishing in Scotts Flat Lake here and caught a 8lb er. Now that's impressive enough, but while they were in the house celebrating with 2am burritos, our friendly neighborhood bear climbed into the boat and tried to make off with the fish. BUSTED! Too funny. Not sure how they talked the bear out of it, of even if they did. After all, she had triplets to feed. Karen Lari got a picture of the trips climbing the tree by her house, they are sooooo cute.
A couple of years ago the paper had an article about a guy in Tahoe that put a pizza in his Mustang convertible, ran into a store, and you guessed it, came out to find a full grown bear in the back seat eating the pizza. WHAT TO DO????
A neighbor called to report that a large white female Shepard mix dog has taken up residence in her yard on Banner Quaker Hill by Gas Canyon. No collar or ID, and no one seems to know who her family is. So, she will be delivered to Sammies Friends shelter on Mc Cortney tomorrow. If you know where she belongs, please clue them in. They said she is sweet and friendly.
Speaking of, Sammies Friends adoptathon was a huge success, and 17 animals went to their forever homes. A few were long term shelter cats, so we're doubly happy for them. Thanks if you went and supported the event.
Driving to the shelter on Sat morn, we saw lots of HUGE yard sales on Mc Cortney. Tis that season too. Some really nice furniture and patio stuff. I just love yard stuff! Farmers markets are in full swing too. Gotta love summer here.
Seems like there are more houses for rent than there are for sale right now. I counted 6 in just a few blocks. I guess we'll be getting a lot of new families between the sales and rentals. Nice to see new faces in the neighborhood. Hope they'll come to the Wed night BBQ/potluck at Lost Mine Lake and get acquainted.
If you are new, be sure to join the CSHA (Homeowners assn) and get your Surburban Propane discount. It's well worth it, at 20-30%. The savings on your first fill will more than pay for your membership. I had a new tank set at my rental home on Cascade Dr, and the first fill was only $1.86 a gallon.
I was talking to Leslie that just bought a house up on Summit Ridge, and she was telling me she had trouble finding an insurance company that would cover a house in Nevada County, due to our high fire hazard factor. I know that Horace Mann Co. and Farmers both insure here if you are looking . . . .

Friday, June 24, 2011


Come to the shelter on McCortney Sat. 12-4pm for a party, food and a chance to meet all the wonderful shelter animals. Someone placed 7 beautiful black/white Australian Shepard puppies in a dumpster in North San Juan. There has to be a special kind of hell for people like that. Come see them, they are so beautiful, and they still have puppy breath (I so love puppy breath). Lots of beautiful deserving dogs, cats, bunnies, goats and even a Llama are at the shelter looking for their new family. Even if you are not in the market, come see how nice the shelter is, and leave a donation of food or $$$ for the "babies." There will be a raffle also, and a chance to buy tickets to their annual dinner at Lake Wildwood on July 31st.
The Union confirmed that the forestry will be checking lots in Cascade Shores for fire hazard debris piles/downed trees. The fine will be $500 if your lot is not safe. So do yourself a favor and clean up before you get tagged. It's still burn season, WITH A PERMIT.
I hear lots of people are complaining about the black lab owned by the Ferguson's at the corner of Pasquale and Banner Quaker Hill, by the store. Animal control has been contacted regarding the dogs habit of jumping out from the bushes right in front of moving cars, or lounging in the street and blocking traffic. Owner's have been notified and requested to get the dog under control. . . .If you call animal control about "dogs at large" they will come and check it out. There is in fact a leash law here, so any dog roaming is in violation. Sometimes it takes paying a fine to get Fido back to wake up irresponsible owners. The beautiful basset that was wandering around finally went to the shelter, and the owners on Summit Ridge didn't even go to claim her. She got immediately adopted, and is now in her happy new RESPONSIBLE home. Good for her, she was a sweetie.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forestry gonna be tagging dangerous lots?

Someone (don't remember who) told me last night at LML event that the Dept of Forestry is going to re institute their lot checking for too much flammable debris in Cascade Shores. When I moved here is 2000 they did that. They would give you a report card telling you what had to be done, then returned in a few weeks and you were FINED if the hazard was not corrected. Wonder if it's true. Hope it is, because there sure is a lot of fallout from the November and March storms, and it's gonna be one hell of a fire threat.
OVER 11,000 reads on my blog since inception. THANKS!
Dixie said Kate the Chi-hua-hua walked Big Sam the big weiner dog to the gate for his new parents cause Kate knows there are only 2 permanent slots in our house for dogs, and she wanted to make sure she made the cut. Is that why my computer history is showing "how to make chloroform?" That's it, Kate is forbidden from using the computer!
Sooooo, the Womens Club had their wine and appetizer party at LML 4pm Wed, and had so much fun, they will do it all summer. The Homeowners has their potluck BBQ at 6pm on Wed, so, there is something for everyone. Kids playing in the water, competitive game of horseshoes, volleyball, and that great playground for the little ones. Feel free to join us on "hump" day, aka Wednesdays! I just LOVE appetizer night.
Scooterspals dog rescue is having a Grand Opening for their new office on Saturday, 2-6pm. It's on Joersche, next door to the old Briarpatch site, on the corner across from Weiss Bros. Nursery. Drop by and say hello, enjoy the party, and maybe find out if you would like to foster a doggie for them, or make a donation to the cause. They will have wonderful food by Austin, and I think music. They have always run the rescue in their personal homes, so the gift of an office for a year by a Penn Valley couple has been a huge blessing. They'll have classes on fostering, supplies and maybe even a boutique with doggie geared gifts and art. Susan and co. have saved over 700 dogs over the last few years. I've fostered 16 or 17 myself, and is has been the most rewarding thing I've even done. Each and every dog has been such a special little spirit enhancing my life.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LML events

The womens club is having a wine/cheese meeting Wed at LML at 4pm. Bring wine, a chair and an appetizer and they will supply the frivolity. If you're really feeling like enjoying the great outdoors, stay for the homeowners pot luck mixer. Last weeks was great with about 25 adults and kids there. This time I'll make it too!
FINALLY, some really summer weather. Actually had to water the flowers today. It's beautiful here and I went down to watch the sunset at the big lake last night. Real dramatic clouds and just a gorgeous sunset. Nothing better than sitting on the boat ramp in the middle of the lake at 8pm for the show.
Met new neighbors on Pasquale last night. Rich and Steve bought Archie and Doris's house. They are from Berkley (my birthplace) and are really enjoying the beauty of Nevada City and the shores. I was telling them if you miss Berkeley, you can always go to Mecca Cafe on Commercial and be treated to funky atmosphere and rude employees, and I mean that in a good way.
You'll feel like nice and comfy like you're back home! (It's a Berkeley thing). In the 70's there was a real funky steak house & bar in Port Costa (a little hamlet under the Vallejo Bridge) called the Wherehouse run by Juanita. She was like a female Don Rickles. People used to come from miles around just to be insulted by Juanita. She passed on last year. Too bad, the woman was a 350 lb national treasure!
If you've been following the saga of Big Sam, worlds largest weiner dog (41 lbs when I got him) we finally have a happy ending. I fostered Sam out of the shelter cause he was reported by his owner turn in as a biter, had a bad case of heart worm, and was 10 lbs overweight, dangerous for a guy with 4" legs., and was overlooked for a month at shelter. We got him heartworm treatment, dieted and walked him down to 36 lbs, and found out Sam would not bite even if you bit him first. A nice woman was all set up to adopt him the Monday, and cancelled on Friday. I was so sorry, cause it seemed like the perfect home. Then I decided to take him to Scooterspals adoptathon at Incredible Pets. Within and hour, I had 3 families lined up begging for Big Sam. A WONDERFUL couple that lives on Red Dog was just enchanted by that big old weiner dog with an even bigger heart, and took him home with them. I insisted on visitation rights, cause I really fell for that sweet sweet soul. Little Kate the Chihuahua actually took Sammie's leash and walked him from our door to the gate for his new parents. Awwww.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BBQ at Lost Mine Lake tonight

The Homeowner's Assn is launching their "BBQ at the Lake" tonight. They are encouraging your to bring your potluck item to the lake and mix it up with your neighbors. The coals will be it for your BBQ item, from 6PM till--????.
Sounds like fun. The park is in beautiful condition, in part thanks to the Americorp volunteers that cleaned it on clean up day, and Pam Herrenkohl's great organization skills.
Be sure to check the calendar on the website ( for all the fun activities planned here this year. The new board is trying out some new ideas, and they are doing it for YOU, so hoping you will give things a try. Lost Mine Lake is a great resource. Your $100 dollar membership to CSHA not only provides you with a great discount on propane, it pays the maintenance and insurance costs of the LM Lake. It also allows them to sponsor great events all year, so, please do your part for the community and JOIN!
If you've been watching a big group of Harley Riders go back and forth thru the shores, that the group of Ministers and friends that have an annual outing here in the shores. A residents donates his lake view house to them. Great group of guys.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rain, rain go away

Still raining here, though the thunderstorms did not materialize. Usually at this time we are frolicking in the lake. Missing those days . .
THIS WEEKEND IS THE GOLD COUNTY SAILING REGATTA AT SCOTTS FLAT, starting 11am Sat, with 3 races, and 2 races on Sunday. Also a BBQ dinner Sat night on Hwy 20 side. Should be beautiful!
Nevada County Shelter on Mc Courtney desperately needs canned cat food. You should see those kitties light up when they get their wet food. If you can't make it out there and you'd like to donate, you can drop food inside my gate (15855 Banner Quaker Hill Rd, at corner of Pasquale by the Big Hill). I'll drop it off for you. Thanks. If you would rather give a check to help feed, I can drop that off too . . .
As I go on walks, I've been seeing new property owners visiting their new homes. Looks like the trend is people buying 2nd homes as vacation/weekenders, so our full time population is dwindling. That's all right, less traffic on the hill. Unfortunately, it means less money spent in town though, tough on the merchants. So, be sure to shop local! The farmers markets are back in swing, even with the rain. My favorite is North Star House. I can spend hours there. It's on Old Auburn Rd. Take a left at gate #3 by fairgrounds on Mc Courtney. The house was designed by Julia Morgan, you know, the one who designed Hearst Castle. It is slowly and lovingly being restored. Their entertainment for this years concert is Aaron Neville. Awesome!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Falling in love, again

Walking up Lake Lane after a visit to the big lake, I saw Lori and Jerry Sheftel in their yard. Last year they put their home on the market, and set about looking for a new home. "We're done with the Shores, we're done with the snow" they exclaimed. The Sheftel's work hard at their plumbing business, and Jerry said "I think I'll buy one of those trophy homes. I deserve it." So, for the past year they have looked all over Nevada County and all the way to Lincoln. What did they find? Well, Lori told me "we never found anything as beautiful as right here." "Where else can you have a lake view like this, a yard like this, the wildlife like this?" Their home is modest, but they have worked hard to make it perfect for their family.
As spring slowly arrives, you go about the spring chores. Rake up fallen wood and leaves and burn. See what plants made it through the winter. Go to the nursery or drug store and select your favorite bedding plants. Set them around the yard, and feel that sense of accomplishment. Paint the trim that peeled due to the moisture over winter. Clean the bird feeders. Drive down to Scotts Flat to check the level of the lake. Notice all the incredible huge white dogwood blooms, the cherry trees pink against the green forest. Watch the dogs sail across the red dirt, leaping over next year's firewood drying in the sun. Fall in love with Cascade Shores all over again.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, this was one for the books. So gray and rainy one minute, even a bit of falling snow, then sunny and warm the next! I went to big lake on Saturday, and not a single boat. I wonder how many campers cancelled for a staycation at the last second due to rain. Nice and quiet here in the shores.
Went to Tofanelli's today to meet up with Steve and Connie Foxe for lunch. They are former shores residents now residing in New Mexico, and missing California. Had a great time, and a great lunch. The crabcakes over baby greens with mango salsa is the BOMB. Great bloody Mary's too. Downtown GV was deader than a doornail, so we took advantage and did a little shopping. I love GV when it's in lazy mode. Have you checked out the Bamboo shop? The clothing made of bamboo is amazing. . . . soooo soft.
Went wine tasting at one of the tasting rooms on Mill St. and they kindly let me bring my foster dog Sam into the tasting room. He was as usual a perfect gentleman and visited shortly with everyone in the room before plopping down under my stool and taking a snooze. This dog is just the best ever, and if you are looking for a new best friend, you might want to check him out. Unfortunately, his last owner did not give him monthly heartworm meds, so he has to be treated for a heartworm disease. Please, give your dogs the meds. It's not fair to make poor Sammie go through the painful cure when it can so easily be prevented. He'll be ready for a forever home after this treatment in a few weeks. I'm sure he'll take the discomfort with his usual calm.
I always watch the home sales around here, and saw one sell on Quaker Ridge for $1.4 Million. Whew, did not know there was still a home around here worth that. A few Summit Ridge homes have sold in the high $300K range, and the smaller homes are selling too. Lots of the foreclosures have found owners. If you want to see, just key your address in then click on homes sold in your area. Very informative.
I've been stopping in at the store frequently lately to grab a little this and that. The clerk is so nice! It's really well stocked. Check it out if you need something on the fly.

Friday, May 20, 2011

2 Aminals turned into to shelter today from Cascade Shores

Are they yours? A lovely ( and I mean that) male pitbull was brought in today. He walked into a home on Banner Quaker Hill Rd. a block from the store, and stayed the night. After a warm night in the garage and a hearty breakfast, he was brought into the shelter. Very sweet and well behaved dog. All white with a few black spots. He's waiting for his family at Sammies Friends shelter. He was wearing a green canvas collar, no tags.
Someone on Cascade Drive brought in a female Calico adult cat. Very friendly. Had been hanging around their house for a week or so.
CSHA has some fun stuff coming up this summer. Check the calendar for some socials and pot luck's.
Saw a 2 bed/2 bath house in The Union for $120K. Say "views" too. Wow. Have to go take a look at that one.
Got another check for $25 from PGE for power outage Feb/Mar. The refunds just keep rolling in. . . .
Dixie caught me. I said Sam's fundraiser was 3/27, but of course I meant 5/27.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fundraiser for Sam the Giant Wiener Dog

I mentioned Sam on a former blog. He was turned in to the shelter over a 6 weeks ago, and described as "bossy." He elderly owner could not handle him. After a month of no interested adopters, I brought Sam home to give him a break from the shelter. He is not only NOT bossy, he is the most congenial doggie houseguest I've ever had, and I've had many! Friendly, fun and sweet, he has fit in perfectly with our tribe. Anyway, it has been determined that Big Sam (38 lbs!) has heartworm infection, and must now undergo painful treatment, as his owner did not see fit to give him a very inexpensive pill a month. He is on anti-biotic, and in another week will get his first injection to kill the worms. Why am I telling you this? Well, Sammies Friends (aka Nevada County Shelter) has agreed to pay for Sam's treatment, so he gets better and becomes more adoptable. He will stay here with us during his recovery, and should be fine in a month or so. Caroline Inglis has volunteered her kids to have a lemonade/cookie booth at the big lake over Memorial weekend to help defray the cost of Big Sam's treatment. So, if you would like to help, please come by the boat ramp on Saturday, 3/27, or if you would like to donate, you can send me a check made out to Sammies's Friends, at 15855 Banner Quaker Hill Rd, 95959. Just put "Big Sam" in the note. Thanks. And friends, if you have a dog, please give them that monthly pill. Spare them the pain and suffering of such a preventable disease. It can be devastating, and will eventually take their life.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nevada City steps up for the Amgen

Wow, due to the snowstorm Lake Tahoe had to cancel stage 1 & 2 of the race, so the start was held right here again! Nevada City pulled it together in a couple of house. The city that can. Great job planners, and Dwayne Strasser. You made it happen for Amgen. They won't forget us now!
Sharon Hess over on Nugget told me that the local garbage marauding bear has turned to poultry. Her 3 hens were turned into a midnight snack the other night by the bruin. So, keep your pets inside at night. She plans to contact Fish and Game about this bear. Feels like he is becoming a big to carnivorous. Their usual food choice is manzanita berries and such, but when they get used to garbage, they quickly learn to prefer that over berries. So do our bear buddies a favor and don't put your garbage out till Thu morning. Don't compromise their safety or yours by making garbage available, or chickens.
Snow 2 days ago has melted. No problems, but I am real tired of cold damp weather. Summer better be around the corner. This is becoming quite a trend, these late springs. It's the same weather in Bay Area, so we're not alone.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lake Cleanup a success thanks to a great group of kids

The Americorp kids camping at Firehouse came down to LML in their bus and KICKED BUTT cleaning up the lake/park. What a great group! I've never seen it look better. They moved sand to the beach, set benches, cut up trees (come and get the pine rounds in parking lot if you want). It would have not happened without them, as very few residents (sadly) showed up. Lost Mine Lake is such a great resource, and such a wonderful peaceful setting for us here in the Shores. Pam said she already has 4 bookings for the 2011 season, including a baby shower and 2 weddings. SO if you are planning an event there, be sure to book with Pam Herrenkohl soon. You'll find her number on the board list.
Well, we got that snow today, as did Grass Valley and Nevada City. Woke up to that wonderful silence you only sense when fresh snow is falling. It's just the right amount, with no disruption of roads. Enjoy, it'll be hot enough soon. Just sorry for the Amgen Tour bikers trying to pedal around Tahoe today. BURRRRR. They'll be coming thru Nevada City and Grass Valley tomorrow if on schedule. Brave souls.
I was so sad to hear that someone tore the doors off Mateo's Pub last week, trying to burglarize the place. Matt Margiles, former CS residents owns the pub, and it serves wonderful food, plus has fun entertainment. The outside dining area is the best in Nevada City. If you haven't eaten there, be sure to try. I swear, theives are getting bolder and stupider. What were they going to steal from a restaurant, and on a day they were closed, when clearly there would not be money on premises. A few weeks ago some guys tore the bars off La Cache jewelry on Broad Street at 2am. They got caught on Hwy 49 when a National Hotel employee saw the crime and called NCPD. Desperate times?
Countdown to 10,000 reads of blog. Today is 9822.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Yes, there will be lunch served at Lost Mine Lake 2morrow

Pam Herrenkohl assured me that there will be lunch served to those helping clean up the lake area tomorrow.
wondering who the group camping at Firehouse are? It is a group of about 26 young Americorp and Fire Safe Council helpers. They are making a firebreak in the woods up by Red Dog and Quaker Hill Cross Road. They will be here till Sunday. They said another group will be coming in that will stay for2 weeks. So, if you want to be a good neighbor, and thank them for their service (they are volunteers afterall) stop by with some treats and a good word! I heard they are even going to help at Lost Mine Lake Saturday. I spoke with a few yesterday, and they are really nice kids.
Snow predicted Sunday. Do you believe it. Well, the almanac claims 3 snows after the dogwoods bloom. They bloomed about 2 weeks ago. So if it's true, we'll get 2 more after this. Don't go running out and buying those bedding plants yet!
My blog is sneaking up on 10,000 hits since inception. Thanks! I don't even remember when I started, but that's alot of reads. I appreciate your encouragement.
The Amgen Bike Tour of California is starting in Tahoe on Sunday. They will be coming down Hwy 20 and into Nevada City on Monday. Not sure of the time, but they'll probably sail through pretty fast! Still, if you know roughly what time, let me know!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lost Mine Lake Cleanup

So, the annual cleanup is Saturday the 14th (coming up). I hear CSHA is putting 2 new benches at the Lake, and one at the dog beach (some vandals destroyed the one I built for dog beach. Bummer). Hope they are serving lunch! So grab a tool and wheelbarrow and come down. Beats looking at all the downed trees at your own place, right?
Speaking of, I drove around Mt. View today. Boy, the really got clobbered by that storm. So many big trees are now large piles of firewood. Reminder: burn permits are needed now. I'm guessing the burn season will be short this year, so get a jump if you plan to burn.
Went to the Casa de Inglis yesterday. They live right next to boat ramp. While I was the, they saw (I missed) a young bear cub scoot right across the yard on it's way to the lake. Lot's of bear sightings lately. The lake is FULL, FULL, FULL. Can't wait for the boating season to start. Last Saturday was the "no motor" day. Time to buy that $150 season pass.
Wasnt' that crazy the other day when it was sunny, then hailing, then sunny, then hailing. It snowed that day in Tahoe. Nice today. All the birds have returned, and I hear crickets at night. A good sign. The dogwoods are in full bloom, so no more snow, right?
Talked to Dixie Redfearn today. She's loving live in Urange County. She's jazzed that Costco and T. Joe's are so close she can go just to pick up one item. I don't know, sounds dangerous to me. Everytime we go for toilet paper we seem to come home with a gazebo or some strange impulse thingy. Anyway, she's bragging about all the great weather. I kind of like our "crap shoot" weather. You never know what you'll get from one moment to the next.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sam the un-bossy Doxie

Hi All, I'm Sam. I've been at the shelter for a month, cause my former mom said I was bossy. I'm a Doxie, so duh. Doxie is German for "large and in charge." Anyway, I am in foster care now with Denise, and she said I am not bossy in the least. I immediately got along with Jenna the dog and Katy the TOTALLY BOSSY Chihuahua. I ignored the two kitties, and found a wonderful bed on the floor. I politely tell you when I have to go outside to do my business, and I love watching TV from the sofa. I will gladly accompany you on a walk, and I don't bark unless there's a darn good reason. Do you want a great doggie companion? Come meet me at 15855 Banner Quaker Hill Rd. I'm only 3 1/2, so I plan to live a long happy life with my next family. I'd love to meet you. By the way, I have a quirk. I actually smile! Denise will try to get a picture of me smiling. It's pretty funny.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OOOPS, The union had a typo

The cost of Cinco De Mayo at Stonehouse is $25, not $2. Still, a great cause~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Water off tomorrow/Cinco De Mayo

HI all,
Don't forget, NID is turning off water Wed am for work.
Did you know that the Stonehouse at foot of Broad/Boulder has been a culinary/restaurant school for the past 2 years. The idea is to teach foster kids the trade, so they are employable when they "age out" of the system. What a great idea. Anyway, this Thurs. they are hosting a Cinco De Mayo dinner starting 6PM. $2 donation at door, and buy your authentic Mexican food to celebrate! Sounds like fun, and what a great cause. The statistics on how many foster children enter a world of poverty due to lack of education after age 18 is shocking. So, you can help by attending this event and extending your support. See you there!
I guess every one is in a "clearing" mode with this great weather. The chain saws are buzzing, I see delivery trucks bringing soil and lumber, etc. Looks like we're all in the mood to clear and beautify. It's important to get all the fallen trees/branches cut and burned or stored to reduce fire danger this summer. Hope all the "vacation home" people will join in soon. Those who live here stay very concerned through the summer/fire season months. We all need to do our part to keep the Shores firesafe. That means tackle that cleanup asap. The county chipper is driving around chipping the stuff you have neatly stacked (stems out towards road). Take advantage!
On that note, if you need help, there is one person on our service provider list who will gladly tackle your yard work. Dusty Hudson is listed. Give him a call! Nice kid, and he works for $12 an hour, and always does a great job. There are 2 tree people listed. Hire local! It save them gas and travel time, and they can give you a great deal.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Noticed power out today?

Actually, if you read your PGE mail, they warned that they were setting a new pole across from my house on BQH Rd, and that power would be out for a spell.
This coming Wed, NID will be turning off water from 8:30am - 5PM, so get those showers and coffee made before they turn us off.
As of Sunday, burn permits are required. You can get a permit at the fire station on Coyote (across hwy 40). Remember to call 274-7928 to see if it's an official burn day.
Woodcutting season set to start May 11th in Tahoe Natl. Forest. There are rules for cutting (amount, where, etc) so contact a ranger station, headquarters or by mail.
Our own Lost Mine Lake cleanup is 05/14. The association always appreciate help in getting the little lake in shape for the season. So don your working duds and bring some tools, or call Pam Herenkohl, 265-2363 if you have a project in mind, and she can advise you. It's a great way to meet neighbors too! Don't forget, in addition to helping you keep your propane bill low, your CSHA membership of a measly $100 per year pay the insurance and upkeep on our little jewel of a lake/park, so pay your dues! (oops, that means me). Advertise your business for $15 per year. Advertise your rental home for $15! Go to a meeting for free, and find out what the board is working on or planning, or add your 2cents.
WEINER REPORT: Doxie lovers, there is a charming LARGE doxie at the NC shelter named Sam. Very handsome red boy. I thought he was baring his teeth to me, but today I realized he was smiling! We went for a walk together, and he is just the most charming sweet boy. Even with his "full figure" he was able to hop easily up on a bench and lean his head against my shoulder, and lightly kissed me. It was like a date. Anyway, his family surrendered him cause he was "bossy." Yes, Doxies are bossy. They like to rule the roost if possible. So, if you know anyone that wants a wonderful handsome boy, who needs to go on a diet, send them to the shelter. Sam is waiting for you!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Catching up

Don't know if you missed me, but I'm back. The Womens Club held their Easter Party last weekend, and it was as charming and fun for the little ones as always. Great food, games and the kids just never get enough of the pinata (Bill Carter is so good at taunting them with it). Thanks to all the ladies that make Easter such a great memory for the shores kids. Got to speak with Olivia Diaz there, back from her European adventure. She and Ernie just returned from their 6 weeks in France. Great stories, and what could be better than "spring in Paris." She really timed that trip well! Her granddaughter Ava enjoyed the activities, and what a beauty, wearing the latest Paris fashion (I'm not kidding). They do grow up way to fast. Her baby shower was just the other day, and now she's a toddler.
I pulled my shelter shift today, (FOUR darling little wire haired Doxies are available at shelter. What is this, dump your doxie month????). After I stopped by Ben Franklin's and ran into Jeannie Ferguson, former shores resident. She mentioned there will be another reunion of the ladies of the shores this summer (all the residents that met here over the last 10 years). Then I met Karen Lari at Sutton Cinema to see Water for Elephants, which was so wonderful the audience broke into applause a few times. I hope they nominate Rosie the Elephant for a supporting actress award this year. At the theatre, ran into and got to catch up with Chuck and Marvina Jaffee, returned form their 2 1/2 month Arizona experience. They wisely missed all the fun storms lollygagging in the heat of Tucson area. Also saw Karen and Skip Hatton. Where else but Nevada County can you run into 6 people you know in a few hours? That's what I love about this place.
While discussing the hardships of the storms with people, I can't help thinking about Kent and Anna Rees, the only folks I know here with a whole house generator. I swear, at one point during the storm, with power, cable and phones out, & 4 feet of fresh snow in the yard, and Phil and I were living like the Donner Party folks, I bundled up like an arctic explorer to go check on them. I find their house lit up like a Las Vegas casino, cozy fire blazing, a constant 70 degrees throughout, and classical music filling the house (which I call "little Sweden" cause you feel like you just entered a Swedish B&B) and their usual 5 course dinner being served, sans complimentary wine. We on the other hand were dining on banana's and beans, and wearing ski gear to bed. What's wrong with this picture? What I do love about living at 3400 ft, at the end of the road is the pioneer spirit here. I haven't heard one person rant about all the difficulties. It's been more of a "whatchagonnado" type of attitude. I love my neighbors! It's good to have you back all you winter travelers. I don't blame you for bugging out (I did myself for 2 weeks) but it's sure good to see you all back. Looking forward to seeing you all at the big lake this summer. It's right around the corner, right? Yes, the dogwoods have bloomed, and that means spring is here. . . I hope.
We received a $25.00 check from PG&E for loss of use in November. How thoughtful. I also called COMCAST and asked for a refund for the period of non-use in March, and they obliged.
The $$$ are just rolling in. I figure the two 70' oak trees that laid down in front of our house will provide 2-3 cords of firewood, or about $700. Making lemonade out of the lemons! Getting the news from Kent Rees that the trees were blocking my driveway and front door while I was getting a pedi-cure in Arizona, PRICELESS!
Just heard from Billy Barber on Nugget St. that the guy who took down their big leaning oak tree a few weeks ago was the same kid who took a 30' fall when his ropes kit a high voltage line while climbing. Billy said he was a nice kid, and a great climber. Prayers for his recovery.
Speaking of Nugget St, there is a great 2 story house for sale in the middle of the block. Great 2 story family home, with detached 2 car garage, real clean with new carpeting and a newish kitchen. I think they're asking $160K. So many well priced homes for sale now, 1990's prices around here. Seems like homes are moving again, even the bigger ones. I guess we'll be seeing a lot of new families around here. Be sure to educate your new neighbors about the CSHA, and the great propane discount they will receive from Suburban if they join.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

OK, I'm going to fess up

I know my neighborhood is in shambles from the snow damage, and some neighbors are really in distress. After the insurance companies, pge and cable contacted, cars repaired or replaced, things will return to normal, (things could be worse, Japan). My across the street neighbors reported they lost not one but two cars, plus main power pole. Stayed home with a borrowed generator. My friend that has a house on Pasquale, and had a renter, had a tree come through the living room roof. The renter (with health problems) had to go to town, as it resulted with a hole in the roof. Dixie and Robert could not get a moving van up the driveway for their move, so she was in the new place with no furniture, he was in the old place with no food/power. Many more stories of difficulty. So, where was I?????
Wellll, I kinda bugged out a week ago and I have been poolside in Arizona. It's been heavenly. Hot days, comfy nights, just the right amount of wind. My kind friends and house-sitters have kept me updated on my place, and I've read the Union for more info (I don't think they know CascadeShores exists!). Will be home soon to survey damage and hopefully observe the beginning of spring. Hang in there neighbors. The silver lining? I think the famous drought is over. Tahoe has received 62 feet of snow this year, 2nd only to 1950, and I guess the Donner Party year. The rivers will be rushing, lakes will be full, farmers will have their water back. Big picture people. Godbless.
You might want to attend the CSHA annual meeting at the firehouse this Sat. Trade war stories, swap info on people who can help you get things cleaned up. This is a fine community, and everyone seems happy to trade info. Michael Cotton is listed on our service provider list to help you with your tree needs, as can new resident Brian Bixler also a tree guy. Lots of work to go around.
Have you clicked on Weather on lower left side of home page? Roland Fassett has a BEAUTIFUL gallery of pics, and great constantly up to date temps and conditions site. Nice work Roland. Thanks for keeping us up to date on our favorite subject in CS, the weather!