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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Help has arrived

Wow, not posts since July.  Where have I been?  That is along dry spell.
Well, global warming aside, feels like it's finally starting to cool off a bit (just a bit).  I have been planning my 1st real vacation in about 6 years.  This year is a big number for the hubby, so we're gonna try the cruise thing.  Boston to Montreal, via Bar Harbor, Maine, Halifax, NovaScotia, Quebec City.  Then will drive through New Hampshire and Vermont and back to Boston.  So, getting ready to leave has been a task, as there are so many "honey do's" not yet done.  Which is what I'm leading up to.  I have been SAVED.  Last year I bragged about the great job Jeremy Pastre did painting my house, on time and on budget.  Once again he has saved my bacon, and came over and built the long awaited dog run, and repaired all my failing fencing.  He always finds me the best materials at the best price, and does the work quickly and efficiently, happily.  He's skills are too many to list, so let's just call him builder/handyman extraordinaire.  Did I mention affordable?  Anyway, I'm going to give you his number, and I hope you are wise enough to use it if you need some help with your "honey do's."  Jeremy lives right here in the shores, and you can reach him at 264-7215.
So sad to hear that Olivia Diaz and her hubby Ernie are leaving the shores.  Ernie just loves living in Paris, France, and Olivia likes to split her time between here and there.  Nice job if you can get it.  Olivia is enjoying watching her granddaughter Ava grow up (she's just a toddler) so is naturally torn.  They plan to rent their home on Pasquale, so if you know anyone looking for a great rental, look for the sign to go up.  A nice condo in town is their new home, easy to shup up and take off for the lights of Paris!