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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Resurfacing Banner Quaker Hill Rd on 08/30

FYI: not sure is they will close to traffic, but it will be controlled, and who wants that sticky stuff on their paint? So, you might want to take an alternate route (Banner Lava, or Pasquale).
The county is doing a great job of repairing the surfaces here in the Shores. If you have not been here for awhile, you'll be impressed.
Seeing alot of athletes practicing for the 09/18 Triathalon here. Today was their "mock" race. What a dedicated group of women, and what a great cause, raising money for breast cancer exams at Sierra Nevada Mem. Hospital Imaging Center.
Speaking of, my good friend and CS Resident Karen Lari is having major surgery on 08/30. If you know Karen, she would be open to some help after her daughters leave on Sept. 7th. I am trying to schedule some meals, or anyone that would like to donate to her some of their excess firewood. Karen won't be able to work for awhile while she recharges. Let me know if you would like to help. Call me at 265-8680 or email me at This community is great at helping each other out, and I know Karen will get the help she needs.
Went to Lost Mine Lake 4pm ish yesterday. No one there but me and Baby Kate (my Chi). We hopped on my floatee and circled the island for an hour. Just us and all the wonderful wildlife. Fish swimming by, all the beautiful birds on the back side of island, frogs jumping into the water making a splash. The water is warm in one spot, nice and cold in the next. What a treasure that pond is.
Pam Herrenkohl has been in charge of LML for the past 2 years. What a wonderful job she has done keeping it mowed, clean and orderly. She has managed all the rentals for weddings, birthday parties, reunions. She does it all with a smile, and it is in very capable hands. I know you read this, so thank you Pam for continuing the wonderful 40 year tradition of Lost Mine Lake. Job well done! You and your team are remarkable.
While we're talking about accomplishments, Renette Senum and her team of volunteers finished the boardwalk/seating/flower box area on Commercial St. It looks AMAZING! So grab a cup of coffee and desert from Mecca, or a slice of Pizza from Pete's, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. I'll be there tomorrow trying it out.