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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Recent Burglaries on Quaker Hill

I just had a neighbor report to me that there has been some burglary activity on Banner Quaker Hill above the shores.  The assn. there has been meeting with local sheriff in an attempt to identify and catch the suspect.  The info. being shared is that the person seems to switch between a black Honda and a white truck, apparently switching lisc. plates.  The MO is to approach the home and knock on the door, and if answered, the ask for directions to Idaho Maryland.  If no one is home, they enter the home through the back side (away from the street).  They are mostly taking jewelry and gold items, and sometimes expensive pictures/frames.
If you see any activity as described, please try to get a good description of the vehicle and the person.  So far this has been described as a male, age 25-45 yrs.
There is nothing more violating than having someone enter your home and take things you have worked long and hard for.  Let's come together and see if we can end this threat to our security and sense of peace.  Sorry to have to report this.  We like to feel like our "cocoon" here in the shores is safe.  It may be that this person is living here in the shores.  It seems the vehicles may be the key to catching this person. Lock your doors!  Don't be an easy "hit."
TOnight is the Scooters Pals silent auction and spaghetti feed (flyer on my last post).  This is a great opportunity to have fun, purchase some services and gifts (Christmas is only months away!) and support this wonderful dog rescue organization.  Scooters is run 100% by volunteers, so every dime goes to the dogs~

Monday, October 15, 2012

SRA (State Responsibility Area) tax bill $115.00

Hi fellow residents of a "high fire risk" area, which of course is true.  By now you should have received your much disputed and unfair tax bill.  You are probably grumbling, and begrudgingly paying the bill.  If you don't, unfortunately a lien can be placed against your property, and heavy late interest and fines levied.
If you did not read the papers today, you might be delighted to know that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. has filed a class action lawsuit (in conjunction with others) regarding what appears to be an illegal and "double taxation" issue.
If you agree that you are being unfairly targeted,  do yourself a favor and go to and follow the steps to protest this tax.  This includes paying the bill in a timely manner, and marking your check "paid under protest" and completing the protest form they have provided.  Be sure to follow all the steps as outlined. This tax will again be charged  in 3/13, so it is important that this matter be addressed as soon as possible.  If the class action suit is successful, you will only receive a refund if you have followed the steps on
Many in the know feel that this is just an attempt of the state to grab a few bucks wherever they can.  It appears the money would go to a "general fund" and not into any fire protection fund. I hope you will educate yourself on this matter and if you agree, take time to file the protest. Good
also (howardjarvistaxassn)
I've got tickets for Spaghetti Feed at Scooters Auction if you want . . . . . great place to purchase services and fun stuff, and 100percent goes to the pups . . . . .