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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Paving Pasquale

Lots of paving going on here in the shores. Saw new blacktop on BQ Hill by store. If you go out Pasquale about a mile it starts again. Looks like we'll have a nice clean slate for the winter! Pasquale is sure shaping up. New turnouts, treed out to let the sun in to melt ice/snow. There are still wood rounds ripe for the picking. You can slice them and make nice pavers.
What a beautiful fall. Our reward for virtually no spring! I drove to south grass valley this am, and returned via Pasquale, which must be one of the most beautiful roads in all of Nevada County. People get so used to zooming up and down the hill, I think they forget what a treat it is to meander along that road, with the beautiful Madrona forests and glimpses of both upper and lower Scotts Flat. If you never have, you really should walk or bike that road sometime. Each turn reveals another beautiful glimpse of the forest and lake views. So I was inspired:
Virginia Creeper climbs stone walls on Boulder
Maples and Liquid Ambers framing homes in Nevada City
The abundant gold of the Oaks all around you
Madrona framing they sky, oh so pretty
The asphalt so black against rust colored leaves
winding my way to the Shores
Never meeting a soul on my wondrous drive home
taking in the lake, this is no day for my chores
The womens club has been very busy with fun projects, classes, meetings. The other night was dinner and pizza at Sharon Hogans house. Mary Mahoney is going to teach a job workshop at the Firehouse (check website for dates). Manuela is planning sewing classes at the Firehouse on Saturdays, and if that does work, on a weekday. This is such a great community. I love the way people help people, and want to share their talent and knowledge.
Saw a listing for a home on Artic Close for $89,900. Can you imagine? It's cute, cute, cute, and has unobstructed lake views. The drawback is a steep downhill driveway, but at that price, who cares! Maybe a great summer rental?
Hoping burn day comes soon. Remember to call 274-7928 to see if it's OK to burn.
Did you know Surburban Propane is moving their facility from Nev. City Highway in Brunswick Basin to Loma Rica across from the airport? I think they will be moved by Oct. 30th. So you'll be driving out there to fill those portable tanks or pay the tab. That area just has everything now! There's a recycle center, Restore to drop off your no-longer-needed but still usable household/building items, propane, a Harley mechanic, oh-yeah, and Cooler Zone who happens to have have the coffee K-cups for my Keurig Coffee Maker. They have a really good selection of them too. Gotta love all the one stop shopping areas in Nevada County. It makes doing errands soooo easy. There's even a good deli out there if errand running makes you hungry.