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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hope you're all planning a great Easter weekend. The women's club is putting the finishing touches on their annual Firehouse Easter Party for the little ones. If you have a child who wants really fond memories of Easter, bring them down on Saturday. Linda Lumos, Charlotte Starn and I baked dozens and dozens of beautiful cookies for the event. They will have games and crafts and fabulous take home baskets for all. Snacks will be served and I hear that the EASTER BUNNY himself will be there, and his name is Herve. They club pulls out all the stops for this, never knowing who's coming . . .so don't cheat yourself or the kids out of a fun time.
Went downtown Grass Valley this am with Karen Lari, and we toured Mill St. Lots of transitions happening there. Tesses Kitchen is moving a few doors down towards Main, and will have 3 levels including a real kitchen for classes. That wonderful art and floral shop on Mill (name escapes me) is reinventing itself into flowers plus hand made chocolates and candies by Lazy Dog bakery. That is a total winner. Saw a few more shops that are now vacant (don't even remember what was there) so should see some new businesses soon. Grass Valley is ever evolving, and usually for the better!
I hear thru the grapevine there have been a rash of burglaries and vandalism here in the Shores.
Because I did not confirm (though I'm sure it's true) I will only mention the street where the event happened.
Banner Quaker Hill Rd: thieves entered an open garage and broke antique gum ball machines. Gum balls stolen.
Summit Ridge Dr: 1 adult and 3 minor's broke into a home while owners were vacationing. Intruders vandalized a sofa, ate from the refrigerator, and found a bed that was "just right." Bedding was damaged beyond repair. Intruders used flooring as a toilet.
Cascade Loop: an intruder or intruders opened a closed door in a garage, entered and raided a freezer. Stolen and assumed eaten were 1 prime rib, 1 pork loin, 2 fish sticks and 1/2 gallon of strawberry ice cream.
Pictures of the suspects are below. If you see any these "characters" in the neighborhood, DO NOT ATTEMPT a citizens arrest. This should be left to the pro's.