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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I recently told you that the shed at LML was kicked in (unsuccessful burgulary). Now Caroline tells the that across from her on Lake Lane, by Scotts Flat lot, some boats being stored were broken it to, and gas cans and gas taken, gas lines cut. So be on the look out. Why does this always happen in late May/early June. I guess the creeps are coming out of their hidey-holes. Be on the lookout . . .
Must be the year of the underdog. First the Kentucky Derby longshot (50/1) wins, (Mine that Bird) then the Preakness (Rachel Alexandra), 1st filly to win since 1924, then Melissa leaves , Dancing with the Stars early, then Shawn Johnson takes the prize, over Giles (aaargh?). The American Idol win of Chris Allen last night was a MAJOR upset (though my money was on him. I figure he grabbed the Danny Gokey christian votes). What next. Al Franken for Senator?????? Oh yeah, that happened. Anyway, I guess NBA will be next, then the Mets or Cubs will win the World Series. Hey, might be a good bet.
The Chron today reminded me of a great Herb Caenism. "Live each day like it's your last. One day, you'll be right."
Happy planting. Rite aid has 6 packs of flowers for $1.69. I'm on my way!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heartworm pill for the pups/Jars of money in your home?

I have always gotten my dogs heartworm pills from the vet, as I understood that you would have to acquire a perscription from the vet to order online, and that seemed like a hassle. But Dixie just clued me in that a perscription is no longer required to order online, and they cost about half as much. She order for Jackson, Jenna and Harry via Total Pet Supply, at a considerable discount. Good work Dix.
I used to save my change all year for our annual Reno trip, where I would promptly pump it into a video poker machine in about 20 minutes with little gain . . .now they only want "virtual" money at the machines, so that tradition ended. Then I recently read that most folks have a change jar with somwhere between $50 and $100 dollars, just sitting, not being circulated. I also read how much local charities are hurting due to the recession. So, I counted up all the money jars, and came up with $153. I put it into my checking account, and wrote out 8 checks for $20 (close enough). Now they are on my "outgoing" mail, and when I read a worthy cause in the Union, or get a mail request from my favorites, I write in payee and shoot it out. I challenge you to do the same. Feels really good to respond to those "shoutouts." Sammies friends is of course first on the list. . . . gotta take care of the pets.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Puttin' Padre's/Walking Group

Are you wondering who the group of 8 full dress Harley riders staying in the shores are, roaring up and down Banner Quaker Hill the last few days? Well, Caroline Inglis clued me in that they are all Pastors or Elders from the Evergreen Valley Church of San Jose, and they are staying at the home of Dave and Eileen Deardorf, a beautiful house on Baltic Place, snuggled up against a white cliff overlooking Scotts Flat Lake. This is their annual Cascade Shores excursion, and a nicer group you will not meet. Last night they told me they were going to start the day with breakfast in Grass Valley. I saw them parked at the General Store tonight, grabbing a burger I guess. Whoda though they were church folk. See, you get a different impression when you see a group of Harleys, dontcha. Admit it. Anyway, be sure to wave when you see them pass.
By the way, speaking of Caroline Inglis, she invited neighbors over to help celebrate her mother's 93rd birthday last night. Happy birthday Linnea. I do believe she'll see 103. Her 90th was spent on an Alaskian cruise. Her 92nd, a year ago, it was a European cruise and then she kicked around Dublin, Ireland on her 2cc scooter, with a pint of ale. I can only hope . . . .
Our Mon., Wed, Fri., walking group has expanded to about 8 people and 6 dogs. The group meets at the Firehouse 8am sharp. Takes 1 hour to walk 3 miles, 1 1/2 each way out Pasquale. We rarely see a car, so the dog's are allowed off leash. Please join us, it is so much more fun to exercise when you have folks to talk to. The more, the merrier! The dogs are in heaven running, sniffing and slurping mud water. If you are on the road at that time, use caution on curves. Thanks!

Successful LML cleanup/New tenants

15 people showed up for LML cleanup Sat. Many thanks to members of the board, plus Gary, Roy Leighton, Larry Anderson, Brian & Henry Harrison, Clea, and Kenny from Summit Ridge (who reads my blog, thank you Kenny.) We painted, moved sand to beach, raked pine needles, spruced up kids playground, and tested out the new umbrella's to make shade over the picnic tables. It all looks great. The bad news, yesterday some vandals kicked in the equipment shed door. They did not get in, and caused alot of damage to the door. There is nothing of real value in the shed, but makes is very frustrating that the damage was done for nothing . . . . .
Sunday evening I went to LM lake to enjoy the solitude, and was joined by my friend Ilene Oslin, who shared her snacks and wine. We were admiring the small family of Canadian Geese, mom, dad and 4 babies. They glided peacefully back and forth, and we commented on what wonderful parents they are, always guarding and vigilant while the babes explored the lake and lawn. How wonderful that they have the lake all to themselves. . . . .
This morning I went down and there were 20, yes, TWENTY adult Canadians standing on the beach. Auggggh, paradise invaded. I wonder who sent them the invitation. Don't know how long they'll stay, but I do know they will be fertilizing the lawn, ALOT. Rake will be placed by the tree at the shore . . . . . Party crashers . . . . They are beautiful . . .