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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Puttin' Padre's/Walking Group

Are you wondering who the group of 8 full dress Harley riders staying in the shores are, roaring up and down Banner Quaker Hill the last few days? Well, Caroline Inglis clued me in that they are all Pastors or Elders from the Evergreen Valley Church of San Jose, and they are staying at the home of Dave and Eileen Deardorf, a beautiful house on Baltic Place, snuggled up against a white cliff overlooking Scotts Flat Lake. This is their annual Cascade Shores excursion, and a nicer group you will not meet. Last night they told me they were going to start the day with breakfast in Grass Valley. I saw them parked at the General Store tonight, grabbing a burger I guess. Whoda though they were church folk. See, you get a different impression when you see a group of Harleys, dontcha. Admit it. Anyway, be sure to wave when you see them pass.
By the way, speaking of Caroline Inglis, she invited neighbors over to help celebrate her mother's 93rd birthday last night. Happy birthday Linnea. I do believe she'll see 103. Her 90th was spent on an Alaskian cruise. Her 92nd, a year ago, it was a European cruise and then she kicked around Dublin, Ireland on her 2cc scooter, with a pint of ale. I can only hope . . . .
Our Mon., Wed, Fri., walking group has expanded to about 8 people and 6 dogs. The group meets at the Firehouse 8am sharp. Takes 1 hour to walk 3 miles, 1 1/2 each way out Pasquale. We rarely see a car, so the dog's are allowed off leash. Please join us, it is so much more fun to exercise when you have folks to talk to. The more, the merrier! The dogs are in heaven running, sniffing and slurping mud water. If you are on the road at that time, use caution on curves. Thanks!


  1. Hey Ms. Denise - Anne Linnea aka Lynn says thanks for the birthday shout out in your blog! And after our Texas to Barcelona cruise for her 92nd birthday, we went to Dublin, Ireland. Lynn scooted around (literally) over cobblestones and several pesky Irishmen...LOL. She's a trooper. And after a pint of Guiness, it's all good.

  2. Hey, Denise, very informative and well done! Especially appreciate the bear sightings!! Will be checking you guys out on a regular basis.
    Jilly-bean, a regular Cascade Shores visitor.