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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heartworm pill for the pups/Jars of money in your home?

I have always gotten my dogs heartworm pills from the vet, as I understood that you would have to acquire a perscription from the vet to order online, and that seemed like a hassle. But Dixie just clued me in that a perscription is no longer required to order online, and they cost about half as much. She order for Jackson, Jenna and Harry via Total Pet Supply, at a considerable discount. Good work Dix.
I used to save my change all year for our annual Reno trip, where I would promptly pump it into a video poker machine in about 20 minutes with little gain . . .now they only want "virtual" money at the machines, so that tradition ended. Then I recently read that most folks have a change jar with somwhere between $50 and $100 dollars, just sitting, not being circulated. I also read how much local charities are hurting due to the recession. So, I counted up all the money jars, and came up with $153. I put it into my checking account, and wrote out 8 checks for $20 (close enough). Now they are on my "outgoing" mail, and when I read a worthy cause in the Union, or get a mail request from my favorites, I write in payee and shoot it out. I challenge you to do the same. Feels really good to respond to those "shoutouts." Sammies friends is of course first on the list. . . . gotta take care of the pets.

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