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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Awesomeness, 5 lovely people left me welcome back comments!

So, after I wrote about not eating at the Cascade General Store yet, Phil and I and Karen Lari went and had dinner there.  I had a beautiful Garlic Beef and Rice, Phil had Broccoli Beef and Rice (both over a bed of lettuce/tomato) and Karen had I think Coconut Shrimp.  It was all wonderful.  Spoke with Peter who runs the store.  He is originally from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, so his food has that wonderful Cambodian flare (which I love way over Chinese food).  I live for good Thai, but love any Southeast Asian food.  Anyhoo, had a great conversation with him, as I visited Cambodia and Viet Nam a few years ago.  He is a very interesting and gentle man.  They are trying hard to make a go of the store, which we sorely need here in the shores, so please be sure to catch a meal there soon!
I forget to read the Union police blotter, but one caught my eye:  Grass Valley woman called police as she was attacked by a house cat."  Ha, She should spend a few days at my house.  My 5 dogs maul me daily!
Speaking of, at 4am this morning (Sunday) I was awoken by the sound of a kitten crying.  Went downstairs and right outside my sliding door was a petit black kitten, maybe 3 months old.  Of course the dogs scared her and she ran about 20 feet up a tree.  Got the dogs back inside and the little sweetie came right back down and jumped into my arms.  No kidding.  So if you know anyone missing their sweet little baby kitty, I have her! Call me at 265-8680
It's been pretty quiet here in the shores.  I don't see any big trucks rolling by, so I guess there isn't any big construction or repairs going on.  Love a quiet summer.
As you may or may not know, Cirino's Italian Restaurant on Broad St closed it's doors.  If you loved their food, you can still get it at their Main St. Grill on Main in GV. Apparently one of the employees took the opportunity to open a restaurant at Lefty's old site on lower Broad St, and hired the Cirino's employees to help run it.  Nice move!  I hear it's great comfort food. Can't wait to try.
Scooters Pals dog rescue is having a huge Barking Lot Sale on Aug. 3rd and 4th.  We're collecting good used items to sell (no clothes or shoes).  If you have things to donate, give me a call and I will gladly pick up.  It all goes to the dogs!  Thanks.  Be sure to attend if you are a yard saler.