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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How many degrees of separation?

Refer to Dixies blog about the Foundy Party. Well, Phil and I crashed that party. Not for no apparent reason. Now follow this: my niece (we'll call her Lauren, cause her name is Lauren) met a charming young Marine, (we'll call him Nathan for obvious purposes) about 6 years ago at the dinner dance at Nevada County Air Show, where the Moonlight Swing Band was playing. The young Marine's father was/is in the band. It was a beautiful moonlit night, romance was in the air, and they actually fell quite in lust/love that warm summer night. 3 years later they were married, yes, at the Nevada County Airport. It was lovely. It was also the first time anyone had requested to be married at the airport. Anyway, flash forward. We snuck into the party last night as Nathan's father was coming over to spend the night at our house after playing. The 17 piece band play's perfectly authentic Glen Miller swing music (meticulously faithful details) and will soon have CD's available. They were impressive as always. Byline, Bruce (the father) tells me that there have been many weddings at the airport since Nathan & Laurens. So romantic, saying your vows while small planes take off and land on the tree lined runway, especially near sunset. Check it out sometime. It's fun to just take a cool drink out and sit in the little park there and watch the private and CDF planes. By the way, nice to meet you in person Tom!

Firehouse Book Exchange

Wow, is there ever an assortment of books at the exchange right now. And that's AFTER we sold $1 a bag at the yard sale. Be sure and go down and grab your winter reading ASAP, as we have to box up most of the books when the rain (rain?) begins. I noticed today that someone dropped 2 HUGE boxes of VHS movies off. I scoped alot of good ones. If you are still VHS friendly, be sure to go grab them. Thanks to many of you who have helped keep the books orderly this year. The exchange was a very successful experiment.
I went to the discussion at the Firehouse last Wed. with Sarah Holm from Dept. of Fish & Game. Very interesting. Some very reassuring stats: from 1890-2007, there have been 12 mountain lion attacks in California, resulting in 6 fatalities. That's not many. Seems that the big cats avoid us like the plague, for real. I did recently talk to 2 young men who said they were chased by a lion down by the blue pond behind Lost Mine Lake. They ran, (big no-no in mt. lion etiquette) and the cat chased. Fortunately they got away. Also heard from another guy at the yard sale that said one was on his BQ Hill property last week. Sarah also assurred us that our Black Bears (Ursus Americanus, and they are Black Bears, even if they are brown or blonde in color) have never killed a human in California. I checked up on that in Wikipedia, and found one kill in Santa Cruz County, 1875. The Wick status say 52 black bear/human attacks from 1900-2003, to wit:
Alaska-5, lower 48-11, and Canada-36. Proving that better health care plans do not make bears any less grouchy, or hungry. By the way, Grizzly's, Kodiak's and Mexican Browns are all Brown Bears (ursus actos) and Polars are in a class of their own (ursus maritimus). Don't you just love Wikipedia? I'm almost smarter than a 5th grader. . . . . . Factoid: Sarah said a female black bear probably tops out at 200lb, and male 350lb. They sure look heavier than that when you're 20 feet or so from them.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dixies little secret

Has Dixie bragged, or is she just too modest, that she's lost 30 lbs on Weight Watchers plan. I'm so mad. If I'd joined her in this "home improvement" project, I'd be done. Instead, I'm going to be passing on the pie and cookies at Christmas if I want to match her loss. Anyway, I'm turning myself in to WW as soon as I return from vacation. You are an inspiration and role model Dix. Congrats! You look M-A-H-V-E-L-O-U-S! (and I know, I saw her in a swimsuit yesterday)


Many thanks to all the sellers at Saturdays community yard sale at the Firehouse. It was a perfect warm fall day, and 9 different residents came down to offer treasures. Chuck Jaffe was participating for the first time, and was thrilled to return home to a roomy garage for the first time in a LONG time. Shannon Clark put her girls to work selling lots of odds and ends. Becky was there with a wonderful array of lanterns and yard stuff. Herb and Judie Speller had lots of collectables, and on and on. Many donations were made to the Cascade Shores booth, helping us to sell nearly $300 worth of glassware, household items, furnishing & clothing. Many thanks to all that donated. The lunch counter (hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and soda/water) made a few bucks, and thanks to Kent and John J for BBQ'ing. Also thanks to Mike and Caroline Inglis, Terry Athanasopouls and Clea for putting stuff out, organizing and selling, and eventually packing up the unsold for donation to Cancer Thrift on Zion. I'll tell you, this is a wonderful, fun, generous community. Thanks all for an altogether great event.