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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Many thanks to all the sellers at Saturdays community yard sale at the Firehouse. It was a perfect warm fall day, and 9 different residents came down to offer treasures. Chuck Jaffe was participating for the first time, and was thrilled to return home to a roomy garage for the first time in a LONG time. Shannon Clark put her girls to work selling lots of odds and ends. Becky was there with a wonderful array of lanterns and yard stuff. Herb and Judie Speller had lots of collectables, and on and on. Many donations were made to the Cascade Shores booth, helping us to sell nearly $300 worth of glassware, household items, furnishing & clothing. Many thanks to all that donated. The lunch counter (hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and soda/water) made a few bucks, and thanks to Kent and John J for BBQ'ing. Also thanks to Mike and Caroline Inglis, Terry Athanasopouls and Clea for putting stuff out, organizing and selling, and eventually packing up the unsold for donation to Cancer Thrift on Zion. I'll tell you, this is a wonderful, fun, generous community. Thanks all for an altogether great event.

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