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Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Sierra Nevada WebCams: cool website

5PM UPDATE: PROBABLY GOT 4" ALREADY. Hill just got plowed, but looks wicked. Kids were sledding on it awhile ago. We're in a winter wonderland.
I always check Nevada City web cam or Grass Valley webcam before venturing to town on these kinds of days (snowy) but I just discovered NEW SIERRA NEVADA WEBCAMS site. They have a massive listing of webcams throughout California, so you can see for yourself the weather anywhere, anytime!
Our storm is just beginning to arrive here at 1pm. Light snow falling, not stacking up much, yet.
Will keep you posted.
Another website, SierraVisions is calling travel in the Sierra's this weekend "treacherous if not IMPOSSIBLE." So stay home. It can't be worth risking your life to travel Donner Pass.
Yes, it's true, Dixie Readfearn and Robert Crabb and packing up and moving back to Orange County to be with kids and grandkids. Our loss is their gain. I have personally LOVED having them as friends, which Dixie promises will continue despite the 500 mile gap. Robert has been a longtime CSHA board member, and it will be hard to fill his shoes. Dixie is just an all around great person and friend, and has taught me much in our years of friendship. Then of course there is Jackson, the Golden Retriever. I remember the day Dixie and I raced to Lodi to snag that 3 toed sloth from Golden Rescue before Robert got home to nix the idea! Yes, it IS better to ask forgiveness than permission, right Dix? So, wishing them the best, and hoping they will return often, and bring some of that LA sunshine with them. Also hoping to visit you guys there. I know they will dive into community service and renew their friendships just as they did here. We'll miss you at the Shelter to Dix. Any one want to fill her Wed afternoon shoes?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

need help removing snow?

Just talked to a PGE rep outside. They are looking for broken trees that are threatening lines so they can clear before tomorrows storm. They could use your eyes! If you know of such a tree, please call them at 1-800-743-5000 and report to them. THANKS FOR ALL OF US! Not looking forward to another power outage, though I am ready! Remember to pick up that extra gas for generator, and candles/batteries when in town. I think we will turn the hot tub into a giant freezer since it's empty. Be careful out there, and exercise patience on Pasquale. Stop and help anyone stuck or over the edge. Next time it could be you! Pay it forward people.
Garbage and recycle trucks plan to roll early tomorrow (Thu), like 5:30 am, so put stuff out late 2nite or EARLY tomorrow. They're trying to beat the storm. They will pick up extra bags since they missed last week . . .
Next snow is due Thur (beginning) Friday (heavy all day) and possibly into Sat. So write these numbers down for snow removal (in case the power is out and can't access your computer):
Chris at 530-264-6754 (he lives in SHores)
Ken Bilderback, 530-400-7979 (lives in Grass Valley, but comes in to help)
There's another big sign by store with a number to call also.
If you know anyone else, give me number and I will post. Brace yourself. I think it's gonna be a doozy!
On a happy note, Kent and Anna Rees are expecting not one, but TWO lovely grandchildren in the next week or so from each of their daughters. Hopefully grandbaby #1 will come in the next 48 hours. Double congrats!
Women's Club book club meeting tomorrow (Thu) cancelled.
Homeowners and Womens Club have planned their 2011 calendars, and have lots of great stuff listed. Be sure you check it out on the website.
Classic police blotter today: A man from the 15000 block of Shannon Way reported his neighbor plowed his driveway without permission and damaged the driveway. NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.
A man from 11000 block of Alpine Ln reported his home was broken into and a 9mm gun and 2 lbs. of marijuana were taken. OK, BAGGED. NOW WOULDN'T THAT INDICATE SALES? A 9mm. Really? Expecting Opossums? Lots of them?
A woman from the 11000 block of Ball Rd reported people hiding on her roof. ON THE ROOF? WOULDN'T THAT BE HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT? REALLY, PICTURE TRYING TO HIDE ON A ROOF. LOOK, I'M INVISIBLE! ON THE ROOF!