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Friday, December 31, 2010

Losing the Rock

Rocky, the little rescue Chug (Chi-Pup) that arrived in our home in late August from Scooters Pals rescue. We were to foster him while awaiting his "forever home." He was in poor condition, and had to have half his teeth pulled and put on meds for his back disc. Over time and with lots of love and TLC he became a sweet little hug bug. Rocky took ill a week before Christmas, but despite valiant efforts by 3 vets and Scooters Pals financial assistance, he went "home" on 12/26/10. He gave me one last kiss a hour before he passed. We learned alot from each other. I learned that even a little dog in serious pain, that had been abandoned after 10 years can turn around and give lots of love, and that 4 months of friendship can feel like a lifetime. Rocky is sleeping under the great Cedar Tree next to Harry and Bella. I love you my little friend. Next time, please stay longer . . . .

Happy New Year all. Hug your loved ones.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wed, no Victorian Christmas but the lights are fantastic

No Victorian Christmas tonight, but the shopkeepers are open till 9pm for your last minute needs. I drove up Broad and onto East Broad last night. Spectacular decorations and lighting. The two victorians at the corner of East Broad and Main (past the Outside Inn) were breathtaking. Also, the Victorian at the wedge of West Broad and East Broad, and all the homes that begin there at East Broad. I'm doing a car tour tonight just to get in the mood. Hope you're enjoying the beautiful season loyal readers. I LOVE YOU MAN!
Check out the NevadaCityWebCam to see Broad Street by day or night. It's beautiful! Did the drive recommended by the Union last night. WOW. Especially the apartments on Dorsey Dr., the house on Butler (10,000 lights). Next is the house on Rattlesnake with 70,000 lights. Lots of smaller beautiful displays. Love the gates with the deer on Banner Quaker Hill. The Amarals house on Pasquale is beautiful as ever, with Eddy the Elf (you have to experience Eddy. Sounds like "Carlton the doorman."

Friday, December 17, 2010

Saturday is our Childrens Christmas Party at Firehouse

Since it's raining kittens and puppies, if you want to give your kids a break from the monotony take them to the firehouse for the annual kids party with SANTA from 1pm-3pm. Fun, food, games and gift bags for all. Terry Anasopolous is the chair, and as usual she does a wonderful job along with the other Women's Club members.
If you need something uplifting, read the today post. I cried. If you can, be sure to help a family not as lucky as you this year. Any small donation or grab a name off one of the "adopt a kid" trees in Kmart or at The Union, or send a check to animal rescue, or food bank. No matter what your situation, there is someone with more problems than you, which is both disturbing and comforting.
So the forecast is for wind/snow Sunday - Thu. Brace yourself.
Thanks for all the comments to the prior blog about the homeless and dogs. I think we can all agree that there is nothing easy about this economy, and "there but for the grace of God go I."
Everyone out there with no place to live is someones son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother. It's easy to look away when you pass someone like that, as it is hard to accept and acknowledge the suffering. I now make a point to talk to people I pass that are experiencing hard times, and if I can offer them something, I do so and try to have at least a brief conversation. Look them in the eye, ask a direct question, "are you local" or "where are you from?" I honestly see a change in body english and a raising of the spirit when you acknowledge the humanity, to someone who may be feeling less than human at that moment. Take that time if you can. Thank you.
Shih Tzu factoid: The breed was almost wiped out by the Chinese Revolution. Seven males and seven females were spared. ALL Shih Tzu's alive today are related to those 14 dogs.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sweet sisters looking for a home

Aurora (Rory) and Jasmine (Jazz) are still gracing our home, but would like to be in their forever home by Christmas.
Would you like to give these girls a wonderful home to start their new year? They are 6 years old and sweet as sugar
plum pie. Call me at 530-265-8680.
Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY from "the cold" that's circulating. Highly contagious, you get treated to 2 weeks of racking cough and head cold. Starts with a sore throat, and graduates to misery rapidly. I'm just getting over it, but now the Carters and the Inglis household has it. I didn't spread it to them!
So much good entertainment in GrassValley the week between Christmas and New Years.
Dan Hicks (aka, Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks) is appearing (remember "I scare myself"). He's just great, and so entertaining, part of the old 70's Bay Area music scene, and huge in Europe. Our best kept secrets are revered in Europe. Then there's the Trailer Park Troubadours. If you've never seen them, you MUST. They sing about life in the Shady Glen trailer park, and the lyrics are hysterical, but the music is bluesy, jazzy, country and seriously talented musicians. "My girlfriend whistles when she walks. Not because she's happy, but because she has so many body piercings the wind goes through them." Thirdly, on New Years Eve we're catching Paula Poundstone at the Center of the Arts. I've seen her a number of times over the years, and she never disappoints. What ever you do, have a great time doing it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Homeless with a pet

During my last shift at the shelter I got a call from a woman. I wasn't sure at first what she was trying to say, as the conversation went like this: Me: Sammies Friends Animal Shelter. How can I help you? Her: Hi, I live in Nevada City, and I just saw a man with a dog. I think he is homeless. . . . . Me: Ok, can you describe the problem? Her: Well, I'm just thinking because he is homeless, well, that's not a very good life for a dog. . . . . . Me: Well, I suppose it's not a very good life for anyone, but many dogs are accustomed to living outside. Did the dog look sick? Her: Well, no. But still, it just doesn't seem right. Me: Was this on Broad St overpass, and was the man a large man with blond hair, and a yellow dog? Her: Yes. Me: I see them all the time. That dog looks like he hasn't missed a meal in years. He appears happy and well fed, and I'm guessing well loved. Mam, there is no law against having a dog just because you are homeless. But if you want, you can give the owner the number of the shelter, and if he wants, I can drop him off some food. Or better yet, next time you see him, why don't you give him some dog food, and maybe a bagged lunch with coffee money?That dog may be the only relationship he has, you know. Her: Well, OK. Still, it doesn't seem right.

Monday, December 13, 2010

How we deal with power outage

Thanks Pam and Robin for your comments on my previous blog. Now that things have calmed down, I want to share what Phil and I have learned after 11 winters here, with the occasional power outage:

You're sitting in the living room, watching your favorite show. Lights on, cake in the oven, fridge stocked, heater blasting. OOPS, lights out. Silently we rise from our comfy seats. Phil grabs and lights the two oil lamps in the dining room, sets one on the dining table, gives me one for living room. Using that light, we grab the 10 or so glass tea candle holders, and light those candles, disbursing them to each room we want to use over the next few hours, especially the bathroom, ya know. Light gas BBQ and transfer the food in the oven to the BBQ. Go to garage and pull out the generator ($500 at Costco, worth every dime). Gas it up, plug it in and connect 3 power cords (1) TV, cause Phil is always in the middle of a game, (2) fridge (obviously) (3) tankless water heater. Start a roaring fire in the fireplace if not already going. Pull out the camp stove that uses a propane can and boil a pot of water. Pour the water into the coffee pot directly over the grounds. Pour a nice hot cup of java. Sit back down and enjoy the beautiful ambiance and the incredible nature show in the yard. Total time spent: 20 minutes. Cost: zero. Enjoyment: priceless. Frustration level: NOT!
Yea, it took a few storms to finally figure it out, but that was part of the fun!
Article in the Union today regarding an about to be ex-husband shooting the "new boyfriend." Cops called it justifiable homicide. Apparently the boyfriend went to the ex's house with a claw hammer to do some damage, and hubby was waiting in the barca-lounger with a very loaded pistol. Boyfriend enters house with dangerous looking hammer, husband shoots him dead at close range from barca-lounger. Didn't break a sweat. Anyhoo, did the boyfriend really never see Sean Connery in the Untouchables???? Remember the line, "never bring a knife to a gunfight." Same goes with carpentry tools . . . . .

Friday, December 3, 2010

snow removal

If you're sick of walking thru 2ft of snow to get to the street, I heard some industrious young man from Grass Valley is parking his Kabota scooper across from the store parking lot, ready to move snow for you. Smart guy. Dixie has his number, but I can't reach her. Blog it Dix. Share the wealth!
So weird when you drive into town, and the sun is shining, people are moving around, wearing shorts. I feel like I live in Siberia! I'm wearing my layers, hiking boots, and keeping a snow shovel in the car. Then I remember why I moved here. After living in the Bay Area all my life (aka the Gray Area) where the only variance is fog season/no fog season, I wanted to experience a real seasonal change. I love the winter challenges, the extreme quiet after a snowfall, and the way my yard looks like a black and white photo. Then the wonder of burst of life in spring, warm weather from Memorial Day till Labor day, and the spectacular Fall here. I know these occasional drastic storms can make for inconvenience, but really, out of 365 days, how many are tough? It's definitely a different way of life, than living in LA or Berkeley. It draws a certain type of person, and I have met the most interesting people of my life right here in Nevada County, and especially in Cascade Shores. So, for my friends that stay, and laugh off the inconveniences, I salute you. Can't wait to get together over drinks at Christmas and swap "war" stories about the Thanksgiving storm of 010. Love ya!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to handle bear encounters

This was on a sign in a Canadian National Park (I've condensed)
Welcome to our park. You may know that we have 2 kinds of bears here, black bears, and Grizzleys. Black bears are typically shy, so if you are traveling within the park, you may want to make a little noise or break branches, so the bears will be aware of you and avoid crossing your path. Grizzyly's on the other hand can be quite aggressive and have been known to attack, so we suggest that you wear small bells on your clothes to warn the bear, and carry pepper spray. Another way to tell what kind of bear is in the area is to look at their scat (poop). Black bear scat contains berries, and sometimes the fur of small rodents. Grizzly bear poo on the other hand contains little bells, and smells of pepper. Enjoy!
Saw a neighbor moving in on Pasquale a few weeks ago, a nice young woman and her 10 year old daughter. We discussed the need for 4 wheel drive at times, and the cooler temps here, possible power outages due to trees falling, and of course lots of snow at times. Well, a few days later in "the storm" a tree came through her roof shoving the stovepipe down and the stove into the living room, followed by a 4 1/2 day power outage. I saw her packing her Uhaul today. Mother nature can be cruel.
I've been here since 1999, & don't remember snow in November. Am I crazy? Having a debate with Juleana across the street. Settle it for me if you can. Thanks.
with the snow finally melting a bit, I can now see the damage to my fruit trees, and in walking the neighborhood, can see lots of trees leaning on homes. We have a really good tree service right here in the shores. Call Michael Cotton, 265-5724 of Michael's Personalized Tree Service (certified arborist WE7065A). He'll help you clear the debris/chip/etc.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

White stuff is still falling/Getting your Mail

Since the middle of the night. People are coming slowly down big hill. Haven't heard the plow yet, but it usually doesn't start till 2" on the ground. Pasquale way dry last night coming in, so should be just the new stuff on it. NevadaCityWebCam showing it only drizzling in town.
Gentle reminder from your postal delivery person, the "other" Denise. When you are clearing the snow from your driveway, or having it cleared, please remember to clear the space in front of your mailboxes. Denise has strict orders from her supv. not to exit the truck to deliver mail (excluding large packages). So if she cannot reach your mailbox from her window, your mail will be returned to the post office until she can reach.
Helpful hint to the weekenders: If you are in the habit of turning off the water at your home, and at the street to prevent your pipes from freezing, consider turning a garbage can or 5 gal bucket over the outside access, so you can locate it under 2' snow. You're welcome.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 degrees and ICY

Happy day before Thanksgiving. I am thankful our home is in one piece, and our power is on, and friends will be able to make it in for dinner 2morrow.
No so for about 1/2 of Cascade Shores. Hopefully the homes on other side of store will be online by end of day.
BIG HILL IS ICY, as is Pasquale and all of the shores. Please be careful and keep on your side of road on Pasquale. It's one of those days where 5 MPH may be too fast. Arrive safe.
It's sunny and beautiful, but too cold to melt.
If you are not a member of CSHA, you might want to consider joining. Basic cost is $100 per year, and for an extra $50 you can have your house/property checked out regularly by our security patrol officer, Mike Inglis (265-9147). A real PLUS if you don't live here full time!
Isn't that the saddest thing about Giovanni's Restaurant burning to the ground? Seems like an eipdemic! First the Olive Oil store on Mill street burned, plus Swensons Surplus, then the Old California restaurant, now my favorite landmark, in business over 70 years! How will I know when to turn onto hwy 174 in Colfax? And the say the fire started on the "smoking deck." OHHHH.
Looking for someone to plow the snow out of your driveway? (snow has turned to concrete on top, but lots of snowman making material underneath) See our "service provder" list on CSHA website. Or stop at the store and look at the bulletin board for locals with Kabotas.
My the-mo-meter says 26.6. Seems colder. But it's bright and beautiful! Stars are out.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let their be light!

Did I really write that post a few days ago? Ok, since Sat, 20" fell, cold wet heavy stuff. Trees stared snapping and keeling over. Big trees, like 75-100 ft trees. Power went out when these big trees took out MANY power poles all over Banner Mt (Banner Lava Cap, Quaker Hills, and all the little streets in Cascade Shores). Trees have gone thru roofs, broken off chimneys, blocked driveways so folks can't get their cars out. Power is just now (Tues 5:30) being restored in our area, out since Sat. It looks like a battlefield around here. More snow and freezing temps (below 20) 2nite, so brace yourself for more action. Winds this am did not result in much more damage.
Roads are decent, but I imagine the freezing temps coming will change that, and we will be skating on ice. Sooo, be careful out there. If my new neighbors Patty and Greg are reading this, no damage at your house, just large branches down. 3 doors down, not so good. Renter just moved in, and a tree hit the chimney pipe and pushed it right into the living room. Don't think she even got unpacked. So, we'll all remember Thanksgiving week 2010. This is one for the history books. Our trees are growing taller as I write . . . . . interesting. . . . . .
Power is on Quaker Hill to Store, and Pasquale loop. Should have power on other side in next 12 hours, that's what the PAR electrical workers advised. The crews out here were amazing! They worked thru the worst conditions to get us back online asap. Thank you awesome Dudes!
Go to for a neighbors pictorial of the storm. I didn't have my wits about me enough to take pics before stuff was repaired. A picture is worth 1000 words!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday, 1st snow of year

Hi ya'll,
Well, I can't remember having the white stuff before T-day, but it's here this year! As of 4pm we have about 6" here, fluffy and perfect. Slight wind, and the plow is doing a great job. More due 2nite and tomorrow. Drove to town to grab gas for the generator (walked by that empty gas can a million times this summer, but kept forgetting to take to town). Easy drive in on Pasquale, but heard there was a big tree down on Quaker Hill this am. Lost power about 9am, and lost Comcast same time, and it was wondrously quiet till all restored at 4:15. Enjoy. Don't you love it when it falls on the weekend.
Check out NevadaCityWebCam to get a live shot of what's happening at the corner of Pine and Broad. Sometime's we forget that it's only raining a bit in town when it's a winter wonderland here. has a webcam also on Mill St. Cool.
Still trying to find a good home for the 3 Shih Tzu's. Sparkle, Jasmine (jazzy) and Aurora (rory) are patiently waiting that perfect person. Call me at 265-8680 if you are looking for a beautiful, friendly, fun best friend.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moving in, moving out, moving on

Life is full of change and transformations, ain't it. Terry Asanathapolis (who was our mail lady for MANY years) said good bye to her daughter Molly, who after 30 some years in Nevada City area is moving to the great city of Portland, Oregon. As Molly, who lived in N San Juan recently said, "maybe you have to move to the big city to get away from the noise of all those barking dogs." Cities are noisy, but maybe not as noisy as the woods in some respects. Ever notice how you can hear a dog bark from 1/2 mile away, or hear the wing flaps of a raven crossing your yard, or hear the constant pelt of the acorns falling from your trees? The sounds of silence in the woods can be deafening.
I first laid eyes on Nevada City when I was 16. As my girlfriend and I drove up Hwy 49 under the Broad St. overpass, there was a fresh dusting of snow on the trees. The gold rush buildings looked perfect, as if they had just been built, and the fall colors were lingering. I had never seen such a beautiful town. I vowed that I would live here one day on that very trip. I was raised in Berkeley, Ca, and San Francisco was my playground. I graduated, worked in San Francisco for 10 years, then over to Walnut Creek and Danville area, for a total of 19 years. I have visited many of the great US cities, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston. 10 years ago I walked away from my job of 29 years, and bought a home in Cascade Shores. My dream was to leave the big city, and move to the mountains, and find friends and community in a small town. Molly's dream is to leave the mountains, escape the small townness, and move to the CITY. Ain't life funny. I hear this story repeated often in speaking with people from/moved to Nevada City. I guess the opposite lifestyle can be very appealing.
I hope Molly finds what she seeks, and as much happiness in Portland as I have found in Nevada County.
The demographics of Cascade Shores have changed since my move in April of 2000. The "old timers" are mostly gone, the real pioneers of this area. Now you see bicycles, toys and lots of boats and motorcycles in the yards, instead of the family sedan. There has been much change in the last decade. At 68 and 57, I guess Phil and I are the new "old timers" and keepers of the history. I know the names of the 2 men who originally sold the lots here, Goldberg and Cooley. I know Sharon Hess, who says she and her husband did alot of the the grading and driveway building. I know my house was known as the "Butterfield house" as that was the original family that lived in it 40 year ago. I know that Lost Mine Lake was nothing but a small swampy area, before it was a lovely park. I know that there are hot springs beyond Lost Mine Lake, and I know from my hikes exactly where you can find the most bear poop. I know that if you stay on Banner Quaker Hill Rd beyond the shores, you will hook up with Hwy 20 by the Washington Rd. I know that Dorothy and Lloyd Honey donated the land for the firehouse, and Dorothy kept 3 HUGE Maine Coon cats and wove intricate pine needle baskets.
I hope someone else younger than me takes the time to find these things out. History should not be lost, even the little perhaps insignificant things.
I went to Eugene, Oregon last weekend for my sister's memorial. She died on 10/20/10 after a 4 1/2 year battle with breast cancer, transforming from her pain on earth, to her peace in the great beyond. Her history, and our history together lives as long as I live, and her daughter and grandchildren who loved her. I like that. Miss you Lindy.
If you got this far, you might want to know that the wandering Shih Tzu's are safe at last. Lilo was recovered on Saturday in Grass Valley, found under a porch. Aurora was trapped tonight in my very back yard, that bad girl. Neighbors thankfully reported many sightings of her, including her keeping company with a black Lab. No wonder she didn't come home, she had a tall, dark, good looking boyfriend!
No, I won't lie to you. I was furious that Brandy was eliminated from DancingWithTheStars, and Bristol Palin (who I like, but has the grace of a wildebeest) made it to finals. But not as mad as the Wisconsin man who blasted his TV with his shotgun, that ended with a standoff with a SWAT team. Whoa, that's taking reality TV to serious pal. . . . . . . .

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So much changes in a few days

Well, if you read the below, I have to share the good and bad news. 2 dogs were wonderfully adopted, 1 is in foster with intent to adopt, and one is with a foster until the perfect home is found. Unfortunately, 2 escaped 2 different locations, and are probably trying to make their way home.
So, if you know ANYONE who has knowledge of loose ShihTzu's in Grass Valley or Nevada City, please contact me at 530-210-1488. Thanks so much. Both are black and white, small, and scared.
4 members of the Cascade Shores Womens Club participated last Friday night in "Are you as Smart as a 6th Grader." The team competition benefits the schools, hot meals, etc. for local kids. After placing 2nd last year, we were confident we could win a prize this year, and we did! We received the "Sour Apple" award, a beautiful glass apple, for placing DEAD LAST. Ohhhh, those questions. The algebra made me dizzy, the history drew a blank, the ecology was GREEK. I think we got 18 right out of 40. So, next year, we need you brainiacs to join our team! Sample question: Of all the countries Alexander the Great conquered, how many had cities named after him, Alexandria? 1, 4, 7, 13. another: What civilization invented the wheel? Chinese, Samarians, Greeks, Phoenicians. SEE WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. I should go back to school, starting with 3rd grade! No fair googling. Did I mention I was one of the four geniuses?
Did you enjoy our first mini snow last night? Yes, woke up to some of the white stuff in the driveway. All I could think of was Dixie lounging by the pool in Kauai. Ahhhh, the benefit of having a daughter that lives on the islands.
Today was the Womens Club soup luncheon at firehouse, with bingo and white elephant gift exchange. Big fun. They discussed their new board, and the kids Christmas party to be held on
Sat. 18th. Santa will of course attend, and there will be crafts and games, elves to help the little ones, and lots of good snacks. Please feel free to attend the free celebration from 1pm till 3pm.
I was reading a craiglist item today. It was under "rentals wanted" and they wrote: looking for 2 bed/2 bath so we can return to Nevada County. We moved to Reno, and it's awful. No trees and it smells like pee. Please help us return home! Awwww. That's so sweet. I love our "peeless" pine smelling air too.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Along those lines . . . . Beautiful Shih Zu's looking for homes

My last blog was about November being "adopt a senior animal" month. Well, the other day I was contacted by a neighbor about a situation. A nice man in Nev. City lost his wife in June to cancer. They have 11 (yes, eleven) beautiful healthy dogs. However, he feels he can no longer care for them all. So, he has decided to try to adopt out 7. If you know anyone who would love to add these lovely girls to their family, we have 6 Shih Zu's, female, spayed, microchipped, shots current, groomed and friendly as they can be, PLEASE CALL ME at 265-8680. The girls range in age from 2-10 years old. Also, a lovely American Eskimo named Frosty, about 9 years old. A little shy, but sweet and just beautiful. You never see dogs like this come into the shelter. This is a great opportunity to own a beautiful, sweet, settled dog who will love you back in spades! THe little gals are dying for attention. Spread the word. Sparkle, Aurora, Jasmine, Lilo, Belle and Holly Noel thank you. Frosty too.
The Womens Club (including yours truly) manned (womaned?) the Polling Place on election day, thereby earning $450 for the Club, which will be used to further entertain the local kids, in addition to other community improvements. They are considering having a winter activity for the Tweens, maybe a movie night or social of some sort. They also joined with homeowners assn. to buy one of those cute large popcorn machines for the summer movie nights.
There were about 25 kids plus assorted parents at the Halloween party. The kids have such a great time showing off their costumes. These ladies never run out of steam when it comes to providing fun and energy to community events. Terry Anasopolous headed the team. Thanks Terry.
It's burn season again. OK to burn without a permit, but call 274-7928 to check wind/dispersion info. before lighting up.
Woohoo, Dixie is blogging again. I knew something would piss her off enough to get back on the keyboard. Welcome back Dix.

Monday, November 1, 2010


No, were not talking about Grandma here. The fact is, may senior dogs and cats are turned into shelters every day, or found abandoned on the streets. Yes, even in Nevada County. Their chances of finding a home are slim, as everyone, understandably, wants a young healthy animal. These animals often actually are healthy, or maybe need a inexpensive daily dose of meds (don't you?).
A man and his wife came into the shelter a few weeks ago, and selected a large overweight 12 year old German Shepard. I had to ask. "Why that dog?" There are so many to choose from." The man said, "A few months ago my dog passed on at 12. Had him since a pup. I'm not ready to make that 12 year commitment just yet, but surely I can share a few years with this guy." Doesn't that make you want to cry?
So, maybe you would like to have a pet, but for whatever reasons can't make that long term commitment. What about sharing the next 5 years with a wonderful deserving little soul who lost their family thru no fault of their own?
November is "adopt a senior" month. Please consider. Is there some floor space in your warm comfy home for a little dog or kitty bed? Room in the cupboard for a few cans and bag of food? Room in your heart for a new loving friend?
A month ago my so very beloved Doxie, the famous Harry T. Dog passed away in my arms quite unexpectedly. He just turned 16 in August. He has been part of the family for 14 1/2 years. I think the last 6 years were his sweetest (he was actually wonderfully evil the first 10. He wasn't known as "the little bastard" for nothin'). God Bless and please care of the little man till I get there.
Anyway, think about it, and please pass on that story. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tid bits

Been gone for a week, returned on Sunday, which was really Rainday. Boy, did it pour! I actually came back from the Bay Area on the #6 California Zephyr Amtrak Train, Emeryville to Colfax, in 3 hours. What a great ride. It's so interesting to see the back side of the towns you usually breeze by on Hwy 80. The train was nearly empty, so I grabbed a window seat on the east side (I know the Bay Views by heart) to see the seldom seen side. I find the back yards, rear of businesses, wrecking yards and hobo (homeless?) camps interesting. Then we traversed the farmlands of Suisun, Fairfield and Vacaville, on into Sacramento. In Sac, we picked up a gentleman from the Railroad Museum who then narrated the rest of the trip. Lots of factoids on the founding of the various towns between Sac and Truckee, where the rock for the bridges was mined, and populations in the heyday. It was great. I put my book away and just took in the ambiance. Trains are such a relaxing friendly way to travel. Unlike planes, children run up and down the aisles, people visit about their destinations, and share travel tips. Everyone seemed more than willing to help another passenger, or chat. I'm thinking I will take Amtrak to visit my friend in San Clemente this winter. Only 12 hours from Emeryville to LA. Why not, I've got the time! The bonus is that is was cheaper than the tank of gas it would have taken for Phil to come and get me. Love it.
The womens club is going to staff the firehouse onto Banner Hill for the Nov. 2 election. If you forget to mail your ballot in time, you can always drop it off at that firehouse, and save yourself a trip to Rood center. The money they earn goes to the CSWC to pay for their wonderful events, like the Halloween party this weekend. Bring your little gremlin/monster/princess down Sat. for games, treats and gift bags. It's always a fun social event, with lots of nutritious snacks for kids and parent. Bring a snack to share if you wish!
Monday is also games day at the Firehouse. Bring your favorite game and a snack.
I heard there were 7 offers by end of day for the house on Artic Close that went to market a short while ago. I guess so, at $89,900. Way cute house. I guess cash is king in this market. Seems you have to have cash to play this real estate game. Lots of great opportunities in Cascade Shores.
I'm still fostering Rocky the wonder chihuahua, which we have nicknamed "Rocco." He is a sweet 10 year old Chi/Pug mix, looking for a forever home. If you love and understand Chi's, or know someone who does, he would make an excellent companion. They are quirky silly little dogs. Loves to love, needs little exercise, travels well, and is crate trained. He really is sweet to "his person" though a little wary of others. He gives me lots of kisses, and is a great car companion too. Not a barker, likes kitties. You can find his picture on Petfinder. And if you ask Dixie, do not believe her when she tells you he is a nasty little fruit-bat. To know him is to love him.
The rain Sunday caused a small landslide at the corner of Summit Ridge and BQH Rd. Roads sure were quick to clean it up. I guess that's because of all the resurfacing going on down BQH Rd. Sure are lots of bigggggg trucks traveling up and down the big hill lately. Any idea when it will end? Your recovery $$$$ at work I guess.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Paving Pasquale

Lots of paving going on here in the shores. Saw new blacktop on BQ Hill by store. If you go out Pasquale about a mile it starts again. Looks like we'll have a nice clean slate for the winter! Pasquale is sure shaping up. New turnouts, treed out to let the sun in to melt ice/snow. There are still wood rounds ripe for the picking. You can slice them and make nice pavers.
What a beautiful fall. Our reward for virtually no spring! I drove to south grass valley this am, and returned via Pasquale, which must be one of the most beautiful roads in all of Nevada County. People get so used to zooming up and down the hill, I think they forget what a treat it is to meander along that road, with the beautiful Madrona forests and glimpses of both upper and lower Scotts Flat. If you never have, you really should walk or bike that road sometime. Each turn reveals another beautiful glimpse of the forest and lake views. So I was inspired:
Virginia Creeper climbs stone walls on Boulder
Maples and Liquid Ambers framing homes in Nevada City
The abundant gold of the Oaks all around you
Madrona framing they sky, oh so pretty
The asphalt so black against rust colored leaves
winding my way to the Shores
Never meeting a soul on my wondrous drive home
taking in the lake, this is no day for my chores
The womens club has been very busy with fun projects, classes, meetings. The other night was dinner and pizza at Sharon Hogans house. Mary Mahoney is going to teach a job workshop at the Firehouse (check website for dates). Manuela is planning sewing classes at the Firehouse on Saturdays, and if that does work, on a weekday. This is such a great community. I love the way people help people, and want to share their talent and knowledge.
Saw a listing for a home on Artic Close for $89,900. Can you imagine? It's cute, cute, cute, and has unobstructed lake views. The drawback is a steep downhill driveway, but at that price, who cares! Maybe a great summer rental?
Hoping burn day comes soon. Remember to call 274-7928 to see if it's OK to burn.
Did you know Surburban Propane is moving their facility from Nev. City Highway in Brunswick Basin to Loma Rica across from the airport? I think they will be moved by Oct. 30th. So you'll be driving out there to fill those portable tanks or pay the tab. That area just has everything now! There's a recycle center, Restore to drop off your no-longer-needed but still usable household/building items, propane, a Harley mechanic, oh-yeah, and Cooler Zone who happens to have have the coffee K-cups for my Keurig Coffee Maker. They have a really good selection of them too. Gotta love all the one stop shopping areas in Nevada County. It makes doing errands soooo easy. There's even a good deli out there if errand running makes you hungry.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amgen Tour 2011/Opossum Trial

It was announced that Lake Tahoe will host the Amgen Tour 2011. Nevada City was hoping for a repeat, but I guess they are spreading the wealth. Oh well, we did it up right in 2010!
Don't know if you've heard of the Carter Livingston case. He is a 19 year old from LOP that hacked a opossum to death (44 chops) in front of 4 onlookers, and it was so entertaining, he posted it on youtube. I went to courthouse today to show support for Humane Treatment of Animals, to sit in on his hearing. About 50 others showed up to do the same. Carter's hearing was postponed till 10/28. We need to send a loud and clear message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated. If you agree, send a note to Deputy Dist. Attorney Katherine Francis asking a maximum penalty for this felony crime.
Nice to see the rain cooling things off and settling the dust. So far, no burning is allowed yet. To find out if it is a burn day, call 274-7928.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gotta Brag here

If you're not a baseball fan, this means nothing. I am, so this is cool. My friend Ron bought tickets to last Sunday's Giants game like 6 months ago when the season first went on sale. So who knew they were going to have a killer season. So, last Sunday, he and I were sitting in row 8, 3rd base when the fabulous San Francisco Giants clinched the Natl League West against the Padres in a TOUGH 3 game series. They lost the first 2 games, but he final score was 3/0 Sunday, and the Padres never got a man past 2nd base. Whew! What a nail biter. AT&T was packed, everyone waiving orange towels, the fanship was amazing and it was a beautiful San Francisco Day.
A few years ago the Homeowners put together a CERT class at the Firehouse. If you wanted to join, you were trained to be a First Responder, and learned first aid, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, artificial respiration, and some other techniques. They also just taught us how to stay calm in the face of emergency, which is definitely easier when you know what to do. Well, on the way home from the Giants game, in an absolutely packed Bart car, the young woman standing right in front of Ron and I fainted right into Ron, then began having Grand Mal seizures in rapid succession. Thanks to that wonderful class I took, I was able to take care of her for the full 20 minutes before the para-medics arrived. It felt really good when I easily remembered exactly what to do, and all ended well. Thank you CSHA for making that possible for me, and for the woman. I actually have had 3 medical emergency's thrown at me since I took that class. Maybe they can put it together again.
A very nice woman called me last week about the Firehouse Book exchange. She was worried about the books getting wet if it rained, so offered to throw a tarp over the case. She also said she sometimes took the junky books to her home recycle bin. I started the book exchange 5 years ago, but certainly don't need to be the one to maintain it. I totally appreciate any and all that want to do maintenance, removal of the junk, etc. It is YOUR book exchange. When the real rain comes, most of the books are moved inside the building for the winter, and I keep only the top drawer of the metal cabinet accessible (the bottom drawers can get wet when the snow piles up). Please enjoy, and any helping hand maintaining it you can offer is appreciated.
I heard that one of the foreclosures in Cascade Shores, a cute little yellow house at the corner of Sadie D and Cascade Loop got picked up for under $100K. It was purchased directly from Fannie Mae. WOW. That's got to be a new record.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Got room for a sweet old dog?

No, I'm not trying to farm out the husband. There is a lovely blond 10-13 year old cocker spaniel at Nevada County shelter, dropped off by his owner who wanted to travel, and was hindered by her dog's simple needs. He is very scared and shaking at the activity of the shelter, and just needs a comfy place to rest his bones and mind. He is sweet, obedient and totally healthy. Can you or anyone you know help Piccolo out? Please call the shelter if you can. Thanks for passing this info on.
Feeling the heat? It has been actually beautiful here in the shores during this heat spell. At least 10 degrees cooler than town. Love my trees. Went to LML today, and it was serene and beautiful. If only the days stayed long and light like summer. Fall is so beautiful here though, and the leaves are changing to yellow and my Chinese lantern plant is gloriously in bloom with it's beautiful orange lantern.s. Anyone want some for table decorations? Come by! I'll gladly share.
Speaking of fostering dogs, my latest is really a pistol. I have a 10 year old Chihuahua named Rocky. He is 7 lbs of love mixed with attitude. Quite the independent soul. He had his medical problem when he arrived a month ago, but with the help of Motherlode Vet Dr. Tim, Rock Man is feeling much better, and I think he's ready for a home. He needs little space or exercise, loves cars and kids (if they are careful and don't try to pick him up) and has a lot of life left to live. So if you're looking for a senior dog, or know someone who needs a good (tiny) companion, come meet Rocky. He's on PetFinder too, and my facebook. Thanks!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wine and Dine

2nite is a get together at Lost Mine Lake. Sponsored by CSHA, bring your favorite bottle of wine down between 4-pm-7pm, and an appetizer to share if you wish. The idea is to share wine and conversation with your neighbors. Hope to see you there! It gets dark at about 7:10, so you might bring a flashlight too!
Have you checked out yet? You key in an zip code of where you wish to dine, and it will show you lots of local restaurants offering fantastic savings when you purchase a coupon. You can save as much as 75% on some. Dixie used her's at 5 Mile House, and paid $20 for a $50 certificate. She and Robert had only good things to say about the experience

Friday, September 17, 2010

Italian Festival this weekend

Phil (the better half) is from Melrose Park, Illinois, which is 20 minutes from Chicago. He's half Italian, half Polish (hold the jokes.) Melrose Park is a small, mostly Italian suburb of Chi Town, where you can drive down any street with a local, and they will point out a house where some mobster grew up. There's Joey Aiuppia's house, he finally got pinched for skimming from a casino. Or, Anthony Arcardo lived there, he was the "BIG BOSS." So, when we go back to see the family, we're always passed from Italian aunt and uncle to cousins, ect, "come for dinnah, we'll throw togetha a little sumpthin." Which means fabulous traditional pasta, gravy, hot and mild sausage, peppers and onions, eggplant, homemade this, homemade that, some huge selection of desserts and lots of brand x wine and coffee. Sleep it off, and do it again tomorrow at another relatives house. ANYHOO, can't wait to go to the FIRST Italian Festival at the Fairgrounds this weekend. Not only will there be GREAT Italian food from all over the county, (which I will be comparing to the "real thing") a real live Dean Martin impersonator, (I can't resist impersonators) funny chefs, a strolling accordion player, dancing and bocci ball. Too fun. It will be like a trip Chicago, without the lost luggage and storm delays! Yay!
By the way, last time I was in Melrose I found out what WOP means (a derogatory word for Italian American) In the Ellis Island immigration days, it meant With Out Papers. Tee hee.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Women's Triathalon here this weekend

You've probably seen all the women of all ages training around the Shores for the past few months. They will swim, bike and run their way to victory this Sunday. This is a much welcome event here in the shores. It is a great cause (raising money for the Breast Imaging at Sierra Memorial Hosp. so women who can't afford mammograms can get them). It brings athletes, volunteers, family and friend spectators here, to enjoy the beauty of our forest and the always impressive views at Scotts Flat Lake. The mood is always festive, and the crowd friendly and orderly. It is well organized and unobtrusive. I can't think of a better place in Nevada County to hold this event. A few weeks ago a local resident wrote an unpleasant editorial to The Union, which they published, complaining about his life being inconvenienced by the women's training here. For anyone reading this, I'd like to say that he is the one and only person I have ever in my 11 years here heard complain. The President of the CSHA, Harry Wander wrote a quick rebuttal letter to editor that was also published. Thank you Harry. And Gary, SUCK IT! Good luck ladies. I am in awe of you all!

Friday, September 10, 2010

On the Road with Austin and Santino, and US

Last Thursday Lifetime aired an episode of "On the Road with Austin and Santino." They are a couple of clothing designers that travel the country remaking innocent local yokels. It's very campy, and very funny. Last week they "remade" Jacque, owner of Pilot Peak Vineyards for her 60th birthday party. It features Mill Street fabrics, Solstice in Nevada City, and of course Pilot Peak and Lake Wildwood. Too goofy to describe. You can view it by typing the title in Google. Must see. Sidenote: Austin is from Nevada City (though he never let's on) and was a contestant on Project Runway's first season. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, skip it . . . . but if you have any inkling, it's 20 minutes you won't regret. He kind of resembles one of the vampires on Twilight, but he's funnier. I guess it's not hard to be funnier than a vampire. I'm rambling. . . .
Just got home from 2 days & nights in Reno, with a side trip to Virginia City (20 minute drive). I haven't been to VC for many years, and forgot how interesting it really is, not to mention the scenic drive there. We did a self guided "nook and cranny" tour and found some really interesting buildings to tour (Fourth Ward school, built during the heyday of 22,000 residents, and held 1,000 students at a time.) Courthouse, Opera House. If you go there, be sure to travel the streets above and below the main drag, as that's where you find the really interesting stuff. We stayed downtown Reno at the El Dorado, and were treated this morning to the site of dozens of hot air balloons drifting around from our 23rd floor room. The Reno night sky is beautiful, and waking to the beautiful mountain range views give you such a peaceful rising. We earned breakfast by taking a brisk walk down the Truckee River park area, and saw the Cirque show at ED. Throw in some really great meals, and the whole thing cost less than $200. Great mini vacation, great bargain!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Free wood survivalists!

walking out Pasquale about 3/4 mile from the store saw tree work being done, lots of big ones being removed to open up the canopy and let the sun in. I asked the guy loading trees and he said it is a county project. He said it's ok to take the smaller stuff on the ground, just don't cut the trees stacked on the side. Lot's of 3' sections and large rounds up for grabs, mostly pines.
Hit the big lake both Sat and Sunday, and it was so quiet for a big holiday weekend. Only Kent & Anna Rees with their daughters and grand baby Little Rees on the beach. A handful of ski boats and some sail boats, and a few other kayaks out there. The water is still perfect for swimming. I guess we're being rewarded for such a late summer start with a long summer end!
By the way, the really good news is that both of Kent and Anna's daughters are expecting new little ones in March 2011!
Went to Pilot Peak Winery Saturday night for ribs and Blues. Fabulous! The setting in beautiful, the band played from 6-11, dinner was good and the wine flowed. The winery dog, a fairly overweight golden lab made the rounds all night looking for handouts. I guess he can't read, cause they had scotch taped a sign on his back that said "Please don't feed me." He looked perplexed at the lack of offerings. Kind of the equivalent of a "kick me" sign in jr. high. Poor guy.
Tonight I went to the 5 mile house on Hwy 20, yes, 5 miles out of town, for a memorial gathering for Mitch Faber, who passed on last spring. I've know Mitch for some 25 years, and he was an amazing guitarist (and guitar teacher) that really made his mark in Nevada County, and beyond. What a great evening, with his sister in law, Lorraine Gervais singing, his brother Charlie on bass, and many of his students contributing to a talented and moving concert. The 5 mile House is a great setting for concerts, has great food, and is really trying to get the word out. They donated the grounds for Mitch's memorial/celebration of life concert. Good guys.
Don't forget that next saturday is the firehouse yard sale and hot dog lunch. Come by and find a treasure, sell stuff or grab and lunch. Kids can have a booth for free. Time to get your kids to clean out their old toys? Great time for them to make a few $$ and get a little lesson in capitalism.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


A little history lesson: The lovely white columned house on the left hand side of upper Broad St. was built in 1911 by Senator Aaron Sargent and his wife Ellen. Senator Sargent settled in Nevada City in1850, was district attorney in 1856, worked at and owned a local paper, served on Calif. senate, and elected to US Senate 1873-1879. In 1878 he introduced the 29 words that would become the 19th amendment some 42 years later. You know, the one that allowed women to vote. You see, his wife was a leading voting rights advocate, and friend of Susan B. Anthony. Interesting, an enlightened man who listens to his wife. The 19th amendment was ratified 08/18/1920. The final wording was "The right of citizens of US to vote shall not be denied by US or any State on account of sex." (Listen up prop. 8 supporters. We have been down this road before . . . )
So let's flash forward to 2004, when the lovely home, known as Grandmere's Inn, a popular B&B and wedding destination, was purchased by a family and turned into a private home. The selling owner was from Carmel, Ca, and had no feelings either way about the loss of business to Nevada City. Believe me, Grandmere's brought NC alot of business. I was a caterer at the time, and spring and summer weddings kept the place hopping. Winter holidays and events kept it fully occupied. Restaurants, wineries and shops benefited greatly. The purchaser had no regard for this lovely piece of Nevada History being able to be shared with the public. A deal is a deal.
Now the house has become a victim of "foreclosure" and it's lastest owners wish to reopen as a B&B. However, an a ordinance,legal mumbo jumbo and complaints from some other B&B owners are preventing this.
So the new question is, should an exception be made/ordinance be revoked to restore the Aaron Sargent House to a viable business. What do you think Aaron Sargent would do? Open the doors and let history live and let the community have access to this important piece of our heritage, or close the doors and let maybe a family of 4 live elegantly here in Nevada City? I think I know the answer, but would like to hear from you. A small hurdle towards restoring the B&Bmay be jumped at the City hall Thu. at 6:30, 317 Broad St.
League of Women Voters: maybe you should weigh in on this at meetings.
By the way, have you ever visited Senator Sargents grave at Pioneer Cemetery on west Broad St. It's the overgrown area to the right of the well kept part. It's a beautiful old overgrown secret place, with great views of town.
Yay, Neil will be reopening his Fiorio's Olive Oil shop (and magical vinegars and a plethora of awesome gourmet items) on Spring St. in Nevada City. If you didn't visit it before it burned last week on Mill St, be sure to visit in Nevada City. Neil can't wait for his space to be restored in GV, and thinks NC is a great fit for his products. Our gain!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

stuff coming up

The annual flea market at the Firehouse is being held on Sat. 09/11. If you want a booth, call or email Pam Herrenkohl. This is your opportunity to clean out the house and garage for the season!
Or, this is you chance to pick up some treasures. I love the sign I once saw at a shop "WE BUY JUNK AND SELL ANTIQUES." That can be you!
The annual Triathalon is on 9/19. Remember, the streets around the Lake are closed until 1pm or so.
Have you tried the Idaho Maryland/Banner Lava Cap route up here lately? They are doing heavy duty construction on the roads there, and the back up can be up to 20 minutes. Wise to avoid right now. I think it wraps up around 09/19 also.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Land trust Concert/Florio's

Saturday night is the Mavis Staples/Lorraine Gervais concert at North Star House in Grass Valley. This is going to be a great event, with music, food vendors, wine, auctions and tours of the 10,700 sf house designed by Julia Morgan (you know, the Julia that designed Hearst Castle!). Anyhoo, I've been volunteering with the Land Trust for the event, and found out today that YOU can get a discount on tic's if you call the Nevada County Land Trust Office and "mention my name." WOW, I am important! It's a "don't miss" event, and the weather should cooperate perfectly. The grounds are being transformed, as hundreds of people have volunteered to help make it ready. We've even had inmates from Wayne Brown facility helping.
I was broken-hearted to see that Florio's Olive Oil Co burned up yesterday. The Mill St shop has the most amazing infused vinegars, olive oil (blood orange olive oil, pleasssseee) and gourmet items in the county, I swear. I am always singing their praises. Please Neil, please rebuild. Can't live without the stuff. It's so good it makes you wanna cry.
Missed the mini heat wave here, but it was 104 when we got to Richmond at 3pm on Tuesday. Now, that has to be a record. We play softball in Berkeley, fog central, and it was perfect at 8pm, with a full moon and temps in the 80's. Those are a rare treat in the East Bay.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sales, sales, sales

Sure seems to be alot of home sales here recently. The house next door sold, after 2 YEARS on the market. One on Nugget sold after only 60 days or so, and then I met a couple walking on Pasquale that said they just brought a house here, and now their kids are looking for one near the lake. I also noticed two on Cascade Dr sold in the last few months. I'm sure there are more, but even that's alot after what seemed like no movement at all. Also met a couple that purchased a lot on BQ Hill Rd. Lots still with 4sale signs, and prices seem stable. It will be nice to meet new neighbors on my daily dog walks!
My foster dog Chester got a 4ever home last Friday. Chester, a 10 year old beagle with "soulful eyes" was dropped off at the NC Shelter by his owner of 10 years, as she wanted a divorce from him, and they needed to "move on." He was so sweet and well behaved that I decided to foster him on the spot, so he did not need to live in a cage for even a day. He was a perfect gentleman, and I can't imagine why a person would not have tried to get him a good home, rather than taking him to the shelter. Anyway, a wonderful woman from Ukiah came to rescue him, and took him to her lovely home and I know will shower him with love and affection for the rest of his sweet life. Everyone who met him fell hard for him, and we'll miss his forever.
Had my great nieces for 11 days, ages 11 and 13. Always great to have kids here to help me rediscover the wonders of Nevada County. Went to the Fair, camping at Washington and swimming in the Yuba, boating on Scotts Flat, and dining in Grass Valley. The girls are smart, fun, beautiful and wise beyond their years. What a treat. I returned them to Oregon and can't wait till our 2011 adventures.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Channel 3 covers the racial slur in Union

Well, Jeff Ackerman may not think anyone is owed an apology for the Lost Dog ad (see my former report) but the nice guy who's phone number was printed in the add got FORTY nasty phone calls as a result. Channel 3 ran a 2min25sec report on it. As a result, chan. 3 said the Union has changed their procedures on incoming ads. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. It was indeed a very bad prank.
Union issued a "valued readers" apology in their classified today, and say's they've changed their system. Jeff Pelline's Sierra Foothills Report (he used to be a member of The Union family) mentions the incident also, with a link to the channel 3 report, and cites my blog and the power of blogging. Yes, the papers no longer dictate the information highway. What an interesting time in which we live . . . . .
Took the kiddies to the big lake today. At 12pm, on a gorgeous breezyday we had the beach and most of the lake allllllll to ourselves. Ain't it glorious! You just can't find a better place to spend spring, summer and fall than Cascade Shores. Then there's winter for your dramatic needs.
Saw a house (short sell) listed on Gaston for $159k! Tell me this is bottom. That was the avg. price when I was shopping here in 2009.
Couldn't believe my eyes last night when the weather report was showing a "flash flood" warning for South Lake Tahoe. It warned not to be near a stream or creek (what's the diff?). Anyway, don't know if anything got washed away, but they did have a hail storm. Weird.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Now, for more upbeat news

The newish CSHA Board is planning 2 events, as you can see by the home page. A family picnic/kayak race on 8/28 (sat). This is a great chance to meet your neighbors and let the kids have a kayak experience on Lost Mine Lake. Very safe, very fun.
The community flea market/swap shop/yard sale kinda thingy is on 9/11, 8am till 4pm at Firehouse. I love this opportunity to empty out my garage of the years accumulation. There are usually 10 or so sellers, and it is advertised in Union and KNCO, and broadcast email, so we get a pretty good attendance.
Pam Herrenkohl is in charge.
By the way, if you read Pam's facebook page, she started her vacation with a broken toe, courtesy of her Great Dane. Weighing in at 150 lbs, he stepped on her foot, resulting in a break. I've known people who got toes broken from their horses, but a dog???????
Kent and I will be applying a concoction that will topkill the algae forming at LML this week, so steer clear early in the week. It will be posted. You can still take your dogs to the Dog Beach. We only treat the area by the beach. It dissipates in 2 days.
I still have Chester the wonder beagle staying with me. If you know anyone wanting to adopt a senior dog that is healthy, well mannered and still has lots of fun days ahead, give me a call at 265-8680. He's a charmer, and just loves everyone, no matter what species.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shame on you The Union isn't enough

Woke up this morning, got a cuppa java, and sat down to read the Union. Checking the "lost" column I reeled. Here is the ad "Lost dog, black pitbull terrier on Greenhorn Rd, answers to the name of "dirtyni**er" call 530-270-1050. missing since 8/2". Now folks, I have put the ** where there were two g's. Got it?
Question: what sort of animal names their animal that?
Question: who is asleep at the wheel at the Union that allowed that to be published?
Question: how many people are now looking for the owner and dog to give them a piece of their mind?
Question: is this a "prank" from the mind of someone with a really bad sense of humor?
Question: does the Union have editors and proofreaders?

I called Publisher Jeff Ackerman for an explanation (at 11:30 am). He had no knowledge of the ad and has to "research" how this happened. I asked if the Union would apologize. He said "I don't think there is a need for that." My opinion is that no responsible paper would print this ad. At the very least he owes subscribers an apology. Way to make Nevada County look like rampant rednecks Jeff.
How do you feel about this? Call Jeff at the Union, 273-9561.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Residentially challenged Senior Citizen looking for

roommate or roomates. 70ish (in dog years), likes 2 simple meals a day, healthy,11 inches tall, weighing in at 25 lbs, good security skills, can round up varmits in your yard. Will accompany you on any/all auto trips, boat trips. Will gladly share your bed (or sleep on floor if you insist). Will gladly pretend your kitties do not exist (what do you see in them????) Can sound alarm if strangers come to door (sounds like broken foghorn). Will befriend any other dogs in the home, and I can be quite charming. Follows easy directions, but have slight stubborn streak when not "in the mood." My mom of 10 years dropped me off at the shelter. Said we both needed to "move on." You get the picture.
Call Chester (aka Wally) at 265-8680 to arrange interview. Even better looking in person.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Day at NC shelter

3 large dogs adopted today. A 6 month old went home with FOUR young children, to join another dog, 2 cats, rabbits and a snake. Now, that's a readymade family. A beautiful female Rott went to Sac to join her 3 humans, and another is off to another full family. Love happy endings. Still some great dogs needing forever homes. The kitten congestion was eased over the last week, but there are alot of young to older cats needing homes. Some real beauties. They are running a 2/1 sale (2 for $50) and discounting dogs from $80 to $50 to seniors. Way more $$$$ goes into these dogs than they are asking for adoption fee. Things are really calming down at the shelter, and Cheryl and Kurt have created a very safe easy atmosphere for all.
A reader reminded me that there is a Doxie rescue (Doxies are near and dear to my heart, as I have a 16 year old named Harry Dog.) There are alot of rescues for specific breeds. It's such a win/win to get a dog from a rescuer, as you will know so much about the animal from the foster parent. And they usually insist you return the dog to them if for any reason it doesn't work out.
They are spayed/neutered and have all their boosters. Ready made dog.
The Wed night & Thu night street fairs are in full swing, with awesome music. I've been working a booth for NC Land Trust, promoting their 8th annual concert to be held Aug 26th (Sat) with the fabulous Mavis Staples (of Staples singers). I've never seen her live myself, and can't wait, but many fans have dropped by the booth and told me "she brings down the house!" The event is at NorthStar House on Old Auburn Rd. Get your tickets from the Land Trust. Bring your own low back chair and enjoy a wonderful night of music under the stars at a great historic site. Soooo Nevada County.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lower Scott's Flat Lake

Had an inquiry about a quieter kayaking spot nearby. Yes Virginia, there is a lower Scott's Flat. Take Hwy 20 East to 5 mile house (same road that takes you go campgrounds). About 1/2 way down, turn right onto Scott's Flat Dam Rd. It's a good road, though signs may tell you different (locals want you to think you can't make it). Takes you right to a little launch spot. There is a house across the way. The people there like you to think you can't park (again, they wish is was their private lake, but it's actually NID/public). Just park on right beyond the launch spot. The water is coooolder (upper lake bottom water) but it's a beautiful peaceful spot, with the occasional small fishing boat. Lots of wildlife. This is the lake you view from the spillway of upper SF.
By the way, if you paddle the right hand side to the top of Upper SF, you will enter Deer Creek. You can go quite a way up this time of year (starts dropping soon and it's pretty quiet, too shallow for motor boats).
"Minnie" has been renamed Annie and is happy, happy, happy. Her new people work from home and she has their love and devotion 24/7. I love happy endings.
Supposed to start cooling today. Whew, I forgot how draining the 90's can be.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's hotter than hot, and time to hit the lake

Feels like a steam bath out there. Even the dogs (all 5 right now) are spending the day flopped on hardwood and lapping pails of water. Can't wait to hit the lake this evening in kayaks, once the ski boats take off.
Well, foster dog Minnie (cause she a mini-pinscher) got a great home with local artist LeeAnn Brooks (you've seen her wonderful river photography and art around town and in card selection) and her partner Robert. She could not have found a more beautiful and peaceful existence. Don't know who I envy more, LeeAnn for picking Minnie, or Minnie for getting LeeAnn and Robert. Any, wishing you a wonderful long life, "monkey girl."
No sooner did Min go out the door, that I went to my shift as the NC Shelter, and found a beautiful 10 year old male beagle named Chester hanging around behind the counter, flirting with all the girls. His former guardian "was done with him" and just turned him in. Well, I could not leave the little man in jail, so brought him home till a permanent situation can be found. Do you know anyone looking for the perfect companion. He is sweet, quiet, well trained, healthy and a perfect gentleman. I've only heard that "beagle bark" twice, when we arrived, and when he wanted his breakfast. He gets along with dogs and cats, and I'm told kids. He just needs someone who will let him live out these senior years with love and dignity. He's only about 25 pounds, and has the sweetest face you've ever seen. I'll try to post a pic.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 more movies, plus kids yoga

I stand corrected by Pam Herrenkohl. There will be two more movie night Fridays. On the 23rd they are showing "Old Dogs."
Womens Club has arranged for Kids Yoga at the Firehouse by teacher Colleen O'Rourke. Tues & Thu. 10-12, bring a drink, snack and yoga mat if you can. The cost is a donation of $5-$10, but no one turned away for inability to pay. All ages welcome. Yoga has just too many benefits to list here, but know that it is a wonderful healthy form of exercise for your kids!
Foster Dog Minnie showed off her swimming skills at the lake last weekend, and gained many new fans. She's got a couple of families interested, and should soon find her 4ever home. It would be sooooo easy to keep her myself, but as someone asked me, do you want to help one dog, or many dogs? So, I will send my little Minnie to her new loved ones, and open my heart to a new pup. Can't tell you how rewarding this fostering is. Plus I get to try out all kinds of training tips. Minnie has learned sit, down, off, dance, and house trained in just a few days. What a smart cookie! Amazing how they bloom when they feel secure and loved.
Are you watching this season of America's Got Talent? So many amazingly creative acts, especially one called "Fighting Gravity." You can catch them on YouTube. The Air Guitar guys are hysterically funny.
I accidentally stumbled into DICKIPEDIA. Way funny. Check it out.

Monday, July 12, 2010

movie at Firehouse

I did't make it to the Friday night movie at Firehouse this time (Monsters Inc) but heard it was a big hit. This coming Friday *(Journey to the Center of the Earth) is the last of the series! Lots of fun to sit under under the stars on a balmy night with all your neighbors/kids. Free popcorn and soda's/water. Thank you CS Womens Club! Just bring your chair and banky.
The Homeowners Assn is planning the annual group yard sale at Firehouse. If you want to participate (have a booth) at the Firehouse this year, contact Pam Herrenkohl (see her info on cascade shores website). She's checking on interest right now. It's a great way to get your garage cleared out for winter, make a few bucks and have fun with the neighbors. It's usually just a one day, (SAT ) sale. If you want to just shop, there will be many a treasure to find.
Things are going well at the Nevada County Shelter. It's getting spruced up, dogs are happy, kitties are in good condition, & lots of volunteers showing up to help. There are some wonderful dogs looking for permanent homes, or even foster homes. "Get a Life" by saving a dog or cat! Be sure it's the right dog for your situation. I've seen more than a few come into the shelter because they were the wrong dog for that family/person. Choose carefully. That's why fostering is such a win/win way to pick a dog. You get to try them on for size/personality. Agencies will pay foood/vet/meds while you foster. Call me if you want to hear about the experience from a foster mom's perspective.
Camped for 3 days across the lake at Scotts Flat. Such a beautiful clean campground. The bathrooms and showers are great too. The lake temp is perfect right now! By Sunday noon it felt like we had the campground and lake all to ourselves. It's fun camping in your own backyard!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gardens, cont + dog, dogs, dogs

Hey Anonymous: gardening in cascade shores is such hit and miss, you hate to invest alot of $$ when you don't know if it will even thrive here! Sooo, I would love to start a "free nursery" for neighbors to share cuttings of stuff that works! (god know my vinca is taking over, and the ajuga).
Want to start a campaign with me? Call me at 265-8680.
First day at shelter, and heard/saw some heartbreaking stories. The beautiful little sweet pit mix left behind to fend for herself when the family moved to Hawaii. A concerned neighbor came in to tell us all about her, how sweet, loves to swim, loves children. No shots, not fixed. Most loving little thing. If interested, go to shelter and as for "rosie." Shelter will take care of her needs, spay and shots. You can adopt her for $80. Most of my best friends cost me alot more than that! Also, shelter is full up on kitties. Is it time to adopt?
Scooter's Pals rescue needs volunteers to got to Incredible Pets ""adoptathon" on Sat. July 9th and just hang out with pups so people can come by and meet them. Call Sally at 268-3557 if you would like to help. Good community service for something to do for the teens.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


As I was meandering around my garden today, (which I must say is lookin' good) I began thinking about how peoples gardens mimic their personality. I admit, I'm a kinda willy nilly, haphazard, "good enough for government work" type. So goes the yard. A little of this here, that there, no real composition. I like to think of it as English style, but I don't think it's even that organized. Then I go to Kent and Anna Rees house (a/k/a Little Sweden). They are very precise, organized perfectionist types. Their garden is organized, color coded, and I think the plants discuss amongst themselves when to bloom so the whole thing looks picture perfect all the time. Carol and Bill Carter = perfectly groomed/no weeds allowed/minimalistic but classy. My theory is, if you want to know what type of person lives inside, just take a peek a the yard. It'll give you a pretty good idea!
While on the subject, my friend Lynn Donald of "Plant Parenthood" flower gardens gave some really good advice about deadheading that I never forgot. She said a plant is like any other mother. Once she has given birth (flowers have appeared) and they mature, she feels her job is done, and she just goes to sleep for the rest of the season. So if you want your plants (or in this case, the mother) to keep on producing well into summer and fall, keep removing the babies (in this case withering flowers) and she'll get off her butt and reproduce again! A mother's work is never done.
Tomorrow I start my volunteer service at the Nevada County Shelter, who is as of 7/1 being managed by Sammies Friends founder Cheryl Wicks instead of county employees. Cheryl is a animal lover extraordinaire, and I expect big improvements in the quality of care all will receive in the shelter. Already they have cleaned the place up, are creating a "play room" for kitties, and planning to provide more flexible hours of operation. They can always use more volunteers if you have a desire to improve the life of a shelter animal. Cross your finger I don't come home with more. We're at 3 right now, and Phil says I'm "pushin it."

Monday, June 28, 2010

Looking for a cute little dog to love?

My current "foster pup" is a darling young (between 1 - 3yr old) mini-pincher. For lack of a better name, she is Minnie. Friendly, smart, quiet (till you leave her behind) and soooo loving (sweet little kisses). She gets along with everyone and everything, but likes to chase the kitties (hasn't caught one yet, and I guess like car chasing, what do you do when you catch em?) She belongs to Scooter's Pals, but if you want to meet her, call me!
Firehouse movie this Friday is "UP." That's a great animated movie, family friendly, but adult friendly too. Should be a nice warm night.
Did you notice someone added the word "KILLS" to the 3x4 or so Marlboro poster by the store. And they left it. Kind of an anti-smoking ad. I personally thought that big sign was kind of "overkill" (pardon the pun) for ciggs. Why not glamorize something healthy?????? Thought Joe Camel was dead. (died of lung cancer)
It's HOT, but not as hot as in town. I love coming home to 10 degrees cooler.
Huge raccoons were having a little argument in my back yard a 2am. Woke us all up, but the dogs declined to go have a chat with them about the noise. Anyway, warning, don't leave pet food outside. Everyone has awoken, and they're hungry!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Upcoming in Cascade Shores

Women's Club is having movie night at the Firehouse, 3 Fridays at 8:30 starting July 2. Bring a chair and bankey, and they provide the popcorn or treat. Just like the old drive in days. Very fun, and you get to see the moon rise over the firehouse. Movies being considered: Babe, Beetlejuice, The Incredibles, March of Penguins, Monsters Inc, the Neverending Story, The Princess Bride, Searching for Bobby Fischer (I love that movie!) Simon Birch (tearjerker) Yellow Submarine (great Beatles music). If you have a fav, let Sharon Hogan at know!
Womens Club is also supporting the Celebration of Life Walk on September 19th. You can go to for an application. It's $25 to register, and if you do so before 08/20 you get a T-shirt. Let Karen Hatton at 265-4803 know if you wish to join or sponsor a walker. It's all for a great cause (cancer).
I hear the CHP has been picking off the stop sign runners by the General Store. They sit outside my house and write em up. There are quite a few drivers that think it's ok to completely blow the 4 way stop, even going thru the intersection doing 25+. Not cool. Glad to see the CHP is on it. By the way, the hill is 25 too. Seems there are alot of commuters that think it's a 50. I wonder if they would like people passing their home doing 50?

Friday, June 11, 2010

from the headlines today:

Van der sloot lands in Peruvian jail
His evil cover blown
Dads not there to save his boy
Joran you're on your own

OJ seeks to appeal his case
2 years, where did they go
no one on the jury was my race
the judge she hates me so

Water recedes in Tennessee
Now the work begins
Flash floods now in Arkansas
16 campers meet their end

Bad boy holds a one year old
as hostage in old town Sac
a bullet wings him but he stays tough
Sac's best fights to get a baby back

Katie Perry appalled by Lady Ga-Ga
a Has Been and Who's To Be
Sandra shrugs off Jesse's regret
Strolling with baby happily

The great oil blob reaches our shores
tar balls and death are commonplace
BP exec's they wring their hands
lets hope we can win this race

Have a glorious weekend. We're draggin out the motorcycles for our first run of 2010. Finally.


Interested in reserving Lost Mine Lake this summer?

FYI, the person to call if you are interested in reserving Lost Mine Lake is Pam Herrenkohl, at 265-2363. Her email is Wow, that's an easy one.
I was at the LML last Saturday. All the late rains have left the lower half of the grassy area all the way to the beach very boggy. We took the dogs to "Bella's Beach" around the corner and it was perfect. The dogs all had a splashingly great time (yea, I made up that word). The upper half of grassy area is nice and Gary's been mowing. Picnic area, play area, horseshoes and volleyball court are perfect. Anyone want to form a casual volleyball club? Let me know. Maybe we can have a set time/day to play. 265-8680.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bike accident on Pasquale

Chuck Jaffe, Casade Shores resident, CSHA Board Member and the Union movie reviewer was injured in a head on collision with the mail truck today on Pasquale. He is in the hospital in "good" condition, with a head laceration and shoulder injury. Chuck was airlifted by Calstar helicopter from the Big Lake parking lot at between 1pm and 1:30. Security dude Mike Inglis was present and took pictures of the evac not realizing it was his friend Chuck. Godspeed Chuck, and we're thinking of you and Marvina. Note: Chuck unfortunately was not wearing a helmet. The mail truck was not being driven by Denise, but another carrier.
Wed AM: Good news. Kent Rees just called me to say that Chuck had some surgery, has a broken collarbone and had 100 stitches in his scalp. He is doing well, and should be coming home tomorrow. Whew, that was a close one! Lucky man Chuck.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Is your "Dog at Large?" I'm talking to you Randy . . .

First: A message to Gail. Thanks for the comment. I'm pretty sure bears don't like the taste of poodle, (who does?) but just to be sure, don't send the dog out smeared in honey or wearing a manzanita berry necklace. My dogs ( a doxie and a shepard mix )retreat to a safe position UNDER the bed when they smell the bear. Apparently bears are not partial to bathing. Now Frankie, the beagle up the street, will chase the bear until he tree's it. So far, so good.
Got a visit from a neighbor requesting any info I had on Indy. You might remember me writing (raging?) awhile ago that a LARGE yellow lab named Indy who lives on Gold Bug is allowed to freely wander all of Cascade Shores. Indy can scale any fence (and does) and is "intact" (still has his puppy making equipment) and loves to get all the fenced dogs riled up. Well, my visitor says he climbs the fence she had built expressly to keep him out and tramples and pees on her precious, and expense plants. I have personally called Indy's owners and asked them to contain him, and was met with a total lack of interest or understanding what problems he creates in the "hood."
So, for those readers who are having a problem with Indy, or any other similar dogs, here is the code for Nevada County:
Sec. G-1V, 1.47 Animals Running at Large Prohibited: No person owning or having possession, charge, custody or control of any animal shall causes, permit or allow the animal to be in any building or enclosure or to stray, run, or in any manner to be at large in or upon any public streets, sidewalk, park, school, ground or other public place or property witho9ut the permission of the owner or person in control of such private place or property. AT LARGE: animal off premises of it's owner & not under control of the owner by means of a leash, chain, tether, adequate fence, or other effective device.
Should such an animal be impounded by Animal Control (as in given a ride or picked up by dog catcher) the 1st offense is $50, 2nd is $100, 3rd, $150, 4th, $200, 5th and sub $250. The phone number for animal control is 265-2179. You must file a written complaint. The complaint form can be found, with some difficulty, at the Nevada County Sheriff website. As you may know, Cheryl Wicks of Sammie's Friends is taking over running Animal Control July 1st. We can thank Cheryl and friends for bringing the death rate of shelter animals from 68% in 1998 to 2% in 2009. What an angel!
If you want Indy's home phone, send me a comment. Only by complaining to owners and Animal Control can we protect our property and help dogs like Indy be safe. I have not had success in attaching the link, so I'll print it here:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day and Bear Season

In my younger days (school days) Memorial Day only meant a long weekend to play in the newly arrived summer weather. After meeting Viet Nam vets, and understanding my own fathers role in WWII, it took on a far more important meaning. Be sure to make that phone call, or send that emial to the vets you know, thanking them for their sacrifice and service. It means the world to them.
Neighbor Pam Herrenkohl (and new Board Member) reported on her Facebook that she got a call from Lane Cox on Banner Quaker Hill by Gas Canyon Rd that a bear was in the garage! Pam and family raced over to cajole him out of the garage, but he/she had already made a hasty retreat. Oh yes, it's bear season again. Remember, our bears are shy and will happily retreat if you just make some noise. Don't leave pet food or any other food outside, keep garbage inside your garage until Thu. morn, and never ever take a shot at them. It could cost you a year in jail and $1000 fine. By the way, there is no "bear relocation" program in California. If a bear is deemed a real problem, he/she would be killed. So, be a good citizen of the woods, and don't make it tempting for the critters to visit your home, possibly dooming their existence. That means CLOSE your garage doors and make sure your other doors are not open when you are cooking something yummy. Even a vegetarian bear can't resist a fresh pie coming out of the oven, or an easily tipped garbage can. FYI, the last time a black bear attached a person in California was in like, Eighteen eighty (1880), in Santa Cruz mountains.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tailgaitors, so over, Lumberjacks, in like Flynn, BIG CONCERT COMIN UP

Union article says Tailgaitors in Brunzwick Basin is gone (not a surprize, since 95% of their menu was deep fried). Who deep fry's everthing in this day and age? Anyway, a chain called Lumberjacks is going to take a shot at that place. You know, that is the location where the Scott Thorpe shooting spree ended back in 2001, and I'm pretty sure that building has really bad ju-ju from the incident (manager was killed first week on job I think.) Oh, I said "shot." Really, no pun intended. LJ's has 4 locations, Redding, Yuba City and Sacramento (2). Good family friendly comfort food and a great salad selection, with kids menu's, at good prices. Good luck, bad ju-ju and all.
The Nevada County Land Trust is having their 8th annual "Stars" concert at the North Star House on Sat. Aug 28th. The main act is Legendary Mavis Staples of Staples Singers, an amazing R&B and Gospel singer, and local Lorraine Gervais and Burning Sensation Band warming up. This is a great opportunity to tour our own Julia Morgan creation (1st woman architect of California, 1st woman to graduate from UC Berkeley with civil engineering degree, and designer of Hearst' Castle and Asilomar Conference Center. ) They are creating a concert area and lots of parking at the North Star, for a wonderful evening under the stars. Lot's of good food and wine. Early birds (before 5/31) get discounts on tickets. It's a great night. Call 272-5994 for info.
ps: THE Saturday Farmers Market, formerly at the Fairgrounds has moved to this location. Check it out!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Traveling Red Dress

To my lady friends reading this blog: please read the bloggess "The Traveling Red Dress." Link on your right. Just F'ing inspiring. Love ya all. Click on the link showing all the pics. How great to feel that great about yourself.
Like a some of you, I've asked Dixie why she has seemingly abandoned her blog. She says she is just happy "flying under the radar" for now. Still basking in her 50 lb weight loss (you look mah-va-lous) and enjoying her jobless status. House clean, check, body makeover, check, daily exercise, check, happy home, happy husband, happy dog, check, time with the kids and grandkids, check, check, check. A bit of travel, check. Volunteering, check. Catching up on reading list, CHECK. Still, wishing you would share some of your thoughts Dix. See you for coffee and gossip soon? Was the Lady Gaga wig your Red Dress?

Women's club & Election

The Cascade Shores Women's Club has found a great way to earn money. A team of members has volunteered to work the June Primary election. Over $400 will be earned for the club, which as you know puts on parties for the children and families of Cascade Shores. Kudos ladies (of which I am proudly one). Their post will be at the Firehouse on BQHill.
Just got back from 5 days on Oregon Coast. Same weather there! I watched the movie 2010, about massive global warming/drastic weather changes. Fact or fiction? You tell me. This is the coldest, wettest May in my memory!
The Tour of California brought great atmosphere in Nevada City. Sure, we only saw the bikers for about 1 minute, but the coming together of volunteers and shopkeepers and well wishers was amazing. Great crowd. We had front row seats in front of Gold Country Real Estate by the National, and everyone was in a great mood. We rode a motorcycle thinking parking would be impossible, but really, not much different than hot summer nights. Thanks Lance! The bikes made their destination Sunday. Michael Rogers and Team HTC won the race. Lance crashed in Visalia during stage 5, while defending Levi Leipheimer. He had to drop out after receiving 8 stitches under his eye, and sustaining a severe elbow contusion. He should be back in shape for the Tour de France. Levi finished in the #3 position, 25 seconds behind Michael Rogers. Good stuff. For sure they put Nevada City on the map, and on alot of peoples radar. We should see a huge bump in tourism from this. Should be a great turnout for the Father's Day Bike race too.

Monday, May 10, 2010

MARIA'S in Grass Valley/Crime in the Shores

Is it just me, or does the new expansion/paint at Maria's on Main St. look like it belongs in Knotts Berry Farm? So much for local construction fitting into the Gold Rush Historic genre.
Noticed that there is a Quiznos being constructed on Brunswick by Safeway/Blockbuster. Love their totally fattening Cream of (fill in the blank) Soups.
A recent home burglary in Cascade Shores ended in the arrest of 4 young men on Hydraulic Ridge in Gas Canyon. Lots of household goods, bedding and electronics were stolen. Being burglarized is always such a huge personal violation, but when you find out it was a neighbor who ended up busted with the "goods" your sense of violation and fear of retribution is even more painful. We enjoy such a low crime rate here in the shores, we are perhaps lulled into an exaggerated sense of security. In this case, the front door was actually kicked in to gain entry. I can only guess that this house was chosen due to observation of the home as only occasionally occupied, which gave the thieves the confidence to take their time looting, even bringing their dog along for the caper. Shame on them. Fortunately they have been found out and hopefully will be appropriately punished. Neighborhood watch is incredibly important. Please be sure to report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood to the sheriff, and try to write down descriptions of vehicles & license plate numbers if you see anything that seems wrong. Lock your stuff up. Consider installing an alarm system. At least make them work for it! Don't be a easy victim.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Home sweet home

Just got back from a week away, and managed to avoid the news for most of that time (just too busy!) Tuned in to CNBC, local news, ect, and seems like all hell is breaking loose. Anyway, wrote a poem for your entertainment, or suffering.

Oil spills in sacred waters
floods in Tennesee
A bomber threatens Time Square travelers
A vendor stops to see
Dow is down a grand today
Greece is going bust
Earthquakes rocking foreign lands
L.T. succumbs to lust
The news I fear is never good
Despair it seems sells well
Wish someone would write a daily post
In which the news is swell

Hope you had a good week. Thanks for checking in.

PS: above sign we spotted on Quaker Hill Rd by the logging site. Now that's funny! Wonder if it works? Some folks must really hate loggers . . . .

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

December in April!

Isn't April supposed to come in like and Lion and go out like a Lamb? Nay, nay. Just made it back from town (saw Oceans at the Del Oro). By the time I hit Brunswick and NC Hwy, the hail was 2" deep, and all the 2 wheeled vehicles were a slippin' and a slidin'. Made the curve around Meeks Lumber and found a total cluster ____ at Ridge Rd and NC Hwy, with Rangers and Sheriff's Dept. attempting to control all the sliders, and folks chaining up. Pulled into Zion Thrift and watched the chaos for awhile, and jumped back in. Found the Pine Street bridge closed due to condition. Snuck around Pioneer Park (Broad St. intersection clogged ) up Red Dog to Pasquale intersection to find 2 cars in the ditch and the plow TRYING to clear Red Dog, with a line stopped to await. When we got to moving again, everyone was slipping and couldn't get traction to get going again, so more in the ditch or sideways . . . I wheeled the trusty Suburu around that cluster, onto Pasquale and made it safetly into the shores, while only a few passed me trying to make it out (good luck when you hit the Y). Hubby had the fire going, and there's a spicy casserole in the oven. Life is good. Hope you made it home safe. Snowing here, after a good hail storm earlier. I like the snow much better than those ice balls!
Oceans is a beautiful movie, plays like a Natl Geo documentary. It is a wonderful reminder of the unimaginable beauty of the 2/3 (or 4/5) of our planet that we never see. Just wondrous, like a secret world right under our nose. Great movie for the little ones, well really for the whole family.
Hope you're enjoying SOCAL Dixie. Lucky dog!

Yep, snowing in the shores again

Had to run up top Summit Ridge this AM to feed pets. Huge snow flakes falling, and sticking.
This has to be the last of it, right? Sun predicted Thurs - Sunday. Happy day.
Scooters Pals is having a adopt-a-thon at the Nevada County shelter this Saturday, 12-4.
They will also have one at Incredible Pets on 5/8, from 11-2. That's the pet shop by the cinema on Sutton Way. Lot's of beautiful health dogs looking for a home. And they're being fostered, so their temperment is know by the foster parents. That's a big plus. Wish I'd know my Jenna was a regular Houdini when I got her at shelter, but she was a new stray (wonder why???? duh). But then maybe I would not have adopted her, and that would be my loss. I love my little Houdini.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank you Liz Keller & anyone looking for used Kayak?

Beau continued: I want to totally thank Liz Keller for helping get Beau a home. He was originally thought to be a Pekingese, and was posted on Scooters Pals as such. Once Liz clued me in that he looked like a Tibetan Spaniel, and we verified, his profile was updated, and BINGO! The family from Sacramento had been looking for that specific breed, and just fell in love with his pic and profile. (His new Mom's mother spotted him and called and said "your dog is named Beau and he lives in Nevada City!) So, power to blogging and power to Liz for tipping us off after reading the blog. Don't you love it when the world works like that! Liz, there is a Tibbie in Berkeley shelter looking for a boy to love. Check the website. She looks darling.
At 5PM today saw a lady putting a used blue Diablo single kayak in her driveway with a 4sale sign. Talked to her. Son going to college. Can't take boat along. She's asking $300. Hard to find used kayaks. She is at the corner of Crystal Wells and Banner Quaker Hill. Saw her husband loading 2 other kayaks on the roof of his Forrester. He put those foam noodles on first to cushion the boats. Clever. There should be a book "100 Uses for Noodles."

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Days! Beau got a family

My foster dog, Beau, a Tibetan Spaniel met his new family today. A Mom, Dad, 11 year old boy and 18 year old girl. Happy for him, happy for me (a few more weeks here and I could not have parted with the little guy) I'll be driving him to Sacramento on Friday to his new casa.
Wasn't it just glorious the past 2 days. Spring has finally sprung. My garden is convinced. It's all poppin now. Didn't make it to the lake for "no motor day" but I'll bet it was perfect.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I count the last 3 days of snow as ONE storm

Just beautiful. Adding pics of my very confused cherry tree, and our cozy snowy house.
April 21, 2010.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SF Chronicle vote for Scott's Flat Lake

I was trolling craigslist and saw an ad for a house rental (Baltic Close by Lake Lane). The ad mentioned that the Sf Chronicle had named Scott's Flat Lake as "Sierra Nevada Best Kept Secret Lakes." Did anyone see that article? Can't call it up on search. Good to know. But shhhhh, we don't want that secret out of the bag. I just love having 7 miles of shoreline to myself monday-friday all week during the summer.
OK, so today's snow was the last of the season, right?
Seem like everyone is running off on vacation. Kent and Anna Rees are off to 10 days in Ashland and parts of Oregon. Dixie and Robert Crabb are just returning from Mendocino. I'm dog sitting for both. Sent them all out to play in the snow today, plus my 3. Snowfest 2010.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Do you know Olivia?

My neighbors Olivia Diaz and Ernie Malamud just returned from a 3 month trip to Europe. They rented a wonderful apartment in Paris, and traveled and enjoyed the sites and friends all over, I don't know how many countries. They were lucky to have left the day before the volcano erupted in Iceland, making plane travel impossible for the past 2 days. They referred to it as "Strandanavia" on the news today. Great timing Olivia. So now they just have to conquer the jet lag and culture shock. Can't wait to see the pics. Welcome Home.
Terry A. just clued me in there is a kids "safety fair" tomorrow at the Beam Center in Grass Valley (Colfax Ave) by the bowling alley. You can bring bikes and car seats and have them checked for safeness. Also, free hot dogs, snow cones and big blow up slide for the little ones. I'm borrowing a 4 year old to justify checking it out! I think it's 10-4pm.
April 24-25 is No-Motor weekend on Scotts Flat Lake. from 10am - 4pm. Enter on Hwy 20 side (or boat over). Gold Country Yacht Club will offer free sailboat rides. Wolf Creek Wilderness will let you test drive different paddle boats and teach techniques (capsize recovery and kayak control). Boy Scouts will BBQ hot dogs and hambrgers from 11-2pm. It is their BIG fundraiser.
It's the 4th year, and the first time they have done it for 2 days instead of 1.