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Friday, December 31, 2010

Losing the Rock

Rocky, the little rescue Chug (Chi-Pup) that arrived in our home in late August from Scooters Pals rescue. We were to foster him while awaiting his "forever home." He was in poor condition, and had to have half his teeth pulled and put on meds for his back disc. Over time and with lots of love and TLC he became a sweet little hug bug. Rocky took ill a week before Christmas, but despite valiant efforts by 3 vets and Scooters Pals financial assistance, he went "home" on 12/26/10. He gave me one last kiss a hour before he passed. We learned alot from each other. I learned that even a little dog in serious pain, that had been abandoned after 10 years can turn around and give lots of love, and that 4 months of friendship can feel like a lifetime. Rocky is sleeping under the great Cedar Tree next to Harry and Bella. I love you my little friend. Next time, please stay longer . . . .

Happy New Year all. Hug your loved ones.
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  1. Rest in Peace, Fruit Bat!

  2. I have shed a little tear for the 'little guy' and I didn't even know him. May God bless him AND YOU for giving him such a loving home his last few months.

  3. I am sorry to hear about Rocky, Denise. He was so lucky to have you as his rescue angel. You gave him the happy ending he deserved.



  4. God bless you Denise for the wonderful care and all the love that you gave that little puppy. Love, Robin

  5. At least he had a good home towards the end.

  6. i'm so sorry for your loss, denise. i feel so fortunate to have had the chance to meet and spend the weekend with rocky. what a spitfire! i loved watching the love shared between you two... you were his person, and he was such a lucky dog.

    any animal coming in contact with you is lucky. you have such an amazing capacity for love of your animal friends and fosters, it is heartwarming.

    thank you for all you do for so many otherwise lost animals, denise. you are an angel.

    so sorry for your loss... take solace in rocky having had a forever home with you and known someone loved him.


  7. Thank you so much Kira. It is so satisfying to know that the left knowing people cared about him. Phil was a wonderful doggy daddy too. Rocky was finally warming up to him. Glad you got to know him.