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Friday, July 31, 2009

Run your business ad on & newsletter

CSHA will be putting the fall newsletter out in a few months. It goes to all 180 members. Do you have a business or service you would like to advertise? It will stay on the website for a year, and be in both the fall newletter and spring newsletter (which goes to ALL cascade shores homeowners (400 or so). All that for $20. Absolutely the best advertising bang for your buck. Call me at 265-8680 or email me at You do not need to be a CSHA member to advertise with us.
2nights outdoor Firehouse movie is Pink Panther II. starts at 8:30 ish. Free crackerjacks, bring a comfy chair, and if you can, a non-perishable item for the foodbank.
No one claimed the little black and white puppy found on Sailor Flat Rd, so he got himself a brand new 4ever home, with his own 10 year old boy, and a built in doggie mom. I hear he's real happy. That turned out well . . . .

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bumper Crop of new books are Firehouse Book Exchange

Some wonderful soul parked a new oak bookcase and tons of new books at the exchange. A treasure trove of cookbooks (my weakness). Stop by and grab some.
We are woefully understocked on kids books. They go as fast as they arrive. If you want to purge some from your home, bring em down!
FYI: LML will be rented Saturday for the day to Quail Ridge for employee appreciation.
Evenings are just so very beautiful at the lake. Check it out if you want a wonderful place to relax. I see lots of folks walking their dogs around over to the dog swim area. We are so lucky, as you can't take your dog swimming at the main gate at the big lake.
The dogs from across the street, bull dogs, unfortunately think that LML is their private fishing spot. Though I try to send them packing, as they are unattended, I must admit I find their fishing techniques facinating. They both stalk the fish quietly for about 5 minutes, then dive COMPLETELY under the water for about 40 seconds. They either come up with a rock (???) or a fish every time. Luckily, they believe in catch and release, as they lay the fish on the beach, and he wiggles back into the water. It's quite a site.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Movie night asks for a Food Bank donation

As I've said, the movie is free on the next 2 friday nights at dark at firehouse, but Womens Club is asking for a non-perishable donation for the food bank. So even if you can't make the movie, feel free to drop something off! We always have something extra in the pantry, right folks?
Many Thanks.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Beautiful House on Summit Ridge

Ever check out the big modern glass and steel house at the top of Summit Ridge? It was completed about a year ago. Just heard that it is in foreclosure, and owner/builder moved back to their old house. The place was appraised at 1.1 mil, but no buyers in that range now . . . . .
I went on the "virtual" tour. It is very impressive and zen like. What a shame . . . . but a great opportunity for someone looking for a magnificient home with views forever. I think Olympia Mortage Co. in Grass Valley is holding the paper . . . . . I imagine it's a bargain now . . .


A beautiful black and white pit-bull mix has been found in Gas Canyon on Sailor Flat. He is about 4 months old, and a real sweet little guy. Do you know who he belongs to???? Please call 530-210-1488 with info/to claim. Thanks!
Would you care to list your home rental/vacation rental on We can publish your ad or link to your ad. Let us know. Nominal fee. Call Denise at 265-8680 or email Mention CS Ad in subject line.
RATTLESNAKE ALERT AT LML and Cascade Shores. Upon leaving the parking lot at 6PM last night. I spotted a young rattler slithering around the parking lot. Reluctantly I had to "put him to sleep" for the safety of people and dogs. Please be careful and scout before you let the kids/dogs run around. The heat is causing the rattlers to seek shade/coolness, and what's better than a shrub surrounded lake.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Movie night at Firehouse

About 30 people attended the viewing of Wall-e last Friday night at the Firehouse. Free movie and crackerjacks. Just bring a chair and bankie. Womens Club will show 2 more movies on the next 2 Fridays, starting at dark. It's so much fun, and they are both adult and kid friendly movies. This week is PinkPanther deux (2).
Last night me, Phil, 2 visitors and Bill Carter went to LML to view the spacelab orbiting the earth. It was amazing to watch this vessle fly overhead at 17,000 MPH! About 15 minutes later we saw the another spaceship (Soviet) that was tailing the spacelab. I'll tell you, the whole logistics of space travel is way over my head, but it sure was exciting to know that you are watching, with the naked eye, a ship carrying 13 humans approximately 200 miles overhead while standing in the parking lot of Lost Mine Lake. Tonight is I guess the last night to view it, so go to one of the lakes around 9:29 and be patient. It will be obvious! Stand in the LML parking lot with the lake to your back, and it will come from over the hill in front.

Proud to be a member of this community

On the first people I met in Nevada County in 1971 was a young man named Robert (Bobby Lee) Ohrum. He lived in Washington with his mom and dad, Louise and Robert, and brother Carl. We became friends and have continually "bumped" into each other over the years, and shared a big hug and kiss and catch-up session. Last year Bobby Lee died in a single motorcycle crash on Indian Springs Road. He was 58, and was much loved here in Nevada County. I came home from my trip last week to see that his friends had held a 1 yr anniversary "poker run" and raised money in Bobby's name for a scholarship fund for the kids of Washington, and to help his mother, Louise, who he had always financially assisted. What a great community, and what great friends to keep the memory alive and make someone's life continue to help and improve others lives. Kudo's friends of Bobby Lee. I leave his email address in my book so I will be reminded of his life and kindness. I hope to participate in the run next year, and I can hear his raspy and infectious laugh whenever I think of him.

Good to be back! Kayak races at LML

Got back from Oregon last Tues. Whew it's good to be home. Immediately set out for the Yuba River in the town of Washington. Water is slow, cool and perfect temperature. Friends Shera Banbury and Sue Stone joined me and we lollygagged in the water for 3 hours without so much as a chill. I highly suggest a visit, so good for the body, so good for the soul. I also stopped into the Washington Cafe for the BEST grilled chicken sandwich on a wonderful fresh french roll, yum. It is such a pleasure to sit on the back porch of a 150 year old hotel, 75 feet above the river, and gaze at the emerald green waters of the Yuba, watching school after school of trout and catfish pass by, and countless hummers feeding from the hanging feeders. The propane tank painted to look like a giant watermelon always makes me chuckle.
Yesterday (Sat) was the 3rd annual Kayak Race and family picnic at LML. What a perfect day, and at least a dozen kids got to learn how to row a kayak. The learning curve is short, and they all took to it, well, like kids to a kayak. All were racing, spinning and back paddling in a matter of minutes. It was such a pleasure to watch them having tons of fun in the lake. Also, the $4 burger, chip and drink deal was unbeatable, plus salad! Thanks Homeowners Assn. for giving adult and kids a chance to just go to the lake, soak up the sun, watch the kids, dip into the water, and just forgetaboutit! By the way, LML's water test got high marks for swimming, and the remodeling of the bathrooms is finished and they are spotless! Also, we have been able to replace both the fridge at the lake and firehouse, with newer energy efficient models. It's time to book your rental if you want the lake "exclusively."
Mother goose, Pops and the 3 babes are still hanging out at LML. Why leave? I've been so worried about the mom account of her broken leg, that I've been feeding her premium birdseed to boost her health, and I know Gary Kilday pampers her with stale bagles and the like. Anyway, now when they see me, instead of hissing and fleeing, they surround me looking for their peanuts and sunflower seeds! When I left a few weeks ago, the babes were still just brown fluffy kids. Now they are transformed into sleek black canadian's. What a difference. Anyway, Mom's leg seems much improved, and I guess we should start weaning them from the premium food so they'll fly away to whereever they go. . . .