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Friday, May 20, 2011

2 Aminals turned into to shelter today from Cascade Shores

Are they yours? A lovely ( and I mean that) male pitbull was brought in today. He walked into a home on Banner Quaker Hill Rd. a block from the store, and stayed the night. After a warm night in the garage and a hearty breakfast, he was brought into the shelter. Very sweet and well behaved dog. All white with a few black spots. He's waiting for his family at Sammies Friends shelter. He was wearing a green canvas collar, no tags.
Someone on Cascade Drive brought in a female Calico adult cat. Very friendly. Had been hanging around their house for a week or so.
CSHA has some fun stuff coming up this summer. Check the calendar for some socials and pot luck's.
Saw a 2 bed/2 bath house in The Union for $120K. Say "views" too. Wow. Have to go take a look at that one.
Got another check for $25 from PGE for power outage Feb/Mar. The refunds just keep rolling in. . . .
Dixie caught me. I said Sam's fundraiser was 3/27, but of course I meant 5/27.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fundraiser for Sam the Giant Wiener Dog

I mentioned Sam on a former blog. He was turned in to the shelter over a 6 weeks ago, and described as "bossy." He elderly owner could not handle him. After a month of no interested adopters, I brought Sam home to give him a break from the shelter. He is not only NOT bossy, he is the most congenial doggie houseguest I've ever had, and I've had many! Friendly, fun and sweet, he has fit in perfectly with our tribe. Anyway, it has been determined that Big Sam (38 lbs!) has heartworm infection, and must now undergo painful treatment, as his owner did not see fit to give him a very inexpensive pill a month. He is on anti-biotic, and in another week will get his first injection to kill the worms. Why am I telling you this? Well, Sammies Friends (aka Nevada County Shelter) has agreed to pay for Sam's treatment, so he gets better and becomes more adoptable. He will stay here with us during his recovery, and should be fine in a month or so. Caroline Inglis has volunteered her kids to have a lemonade/cookie booth at the big lake over Memorial weekend to help defray the cost of Big Sam's treatment. So, if you would like to help, please come by the boat ramp on Saturday, 3/27, or if you would like to donate, you can send me a check made out to Sammies's Friends, at 15855 Banner Quaker Hill Rd, 95959. Just put "Big Sam" in the note. Thanks. And friends, if you have a dog, please give them that monthly pill. Spare them the pain and suffering of such a preventable disease. It can be devastating, and will eventually take their life.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nevada City steps up for the Amgen

Wow, due to the snowstorm Lake Tahoe had to cancel stage 1 & 2 of the race, so the start was held right here again! Nevada City pulled it together in a couple of house. The city that can. Great job planners, and Dwayne Strasser. You made it happen for Amgen. They won't forget us now!
Sharon Hess over on Nugget told me that the local garbage marauding bear has turned to poultry. Her 3 hens were turned into a midnight snack the other night by the bruin. So, keep your pets inside at night. She plans to contact Fish and Game about this bear. Feels like he is becoming a big to carnivorous. Their usual food choice is manzanita berries and such, but when they get used to garbage, they quickly learn to prefer that over berries. So do our bear buddies a favor and don't put your garbage out till Thu morning. Don't compromise their safety or yours by making garbage available, or chickens.
Snow 2 days ago has melted. No problems, but I am real tired of cold damp weather. Summer better be around the corner. This is becoming quite a trend, these late springs. It's the same weather in Bay Area, so we're not alone.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lake Cleanup a success thanks to a great group of kids

The Americorp kids camping at Firehouse came down to LML in their bus and KICKED BUTT cleaning up the lake/park. What a great group! I've never seen it look better. They moved sand to the beach, set benches, cut up trees (come and get the pine rounds in parking lot if you want). It would have not happened without them, as very few residents (sadly) showed up. Lost Mine Lake is such a great resource, and such a wonderful peaceful setting for us here in the Shores. Pam said she already has 4 bookings for the 2011 season, including a baby shower and 2 weddings. SO if you are planning an event there, be sure to book with Pam Herrenkohl soon. You'll find her number on the board list.
Well, we got that snow today, as did Grass Valley and Nevada City. Woke up to that wonderful silence you only sense when fresh snow is falling. It's just the right amount, with no disruption of roads. Enjoy, it'll be hot enough soon. Just sorry for the Amgen Tour bikers trying to pedal around Tahoe today. BURRRRR. They'll be coming thru Nevada City and Grass Valley tomorrow if on schedule. Brave souls.
I was so sad to hear that someone tore the doors off Mateo's Pub last week, trying to burglarize the place. Matt Margiles, former CS residents owns the pub, and it serves wonderful food, plus has fun entertainment. The outside dining area is the best in Nevada City. If you haven't eaten there, be sure to try. I swear, theives are getting bolder and stupider. What were they going to steal from a restaurant, and on a day they were closed, when clearly there would not be money on premises. A few weeks ago some guys tore the bars off La Cache jewelry on Broad Street at 2am. They got caught on Hwy 49 when a National Hotel employee saw the crime and called NCPD. Desperate times?
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