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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nevada City steps up for the Amgen

Wow, due to the snowstorm Lake Tahoe had to cancel stage 1 & 2 of the race, so the start was held right here again! Nevada City pulled it together in a couple of house. The city that can. Great job planners, and Dwayne Strasser. You made it happen for Amgen. They won't forget us now!
Sharon Hess over on Nugget told me that the local garbage marauding bear has turned to poultry. Her 3 hens were turned into a midnight snack the other night by the bruin. So, keep your pets inside at night. She plans to contact Fish and Game about this bear. Feels like he is becoming a big to carnivorous. Their usual food choice is manzanita berries and such, but when they get used to garbage, they quickly learn to prefer that over berries. So do our bear buddies a favor and don't put your garbage out till Thu morning. Don't compromise their safety or yours by making garbage available, or chickens.
Snow 2 days ago has melted. No problems, but I am real tired of cold damp weather. Summer better be around the corner. This is becoming quite a trend, these late springs. It's the same weather in Bay Area, so we're not alone.

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  1. That bear has been coming by our house earlier and earlier. A few nights ago it was here before 8pm! We don't have a place to stash our trash indoors so we've been cleaning up after it. Seriously though, it seems like he/she has gotten bolder. Freaks me out with two little ones in my house!

  2. Did she see the bear do that? That behavior sounds more like a coyote or mountain lion...(yikes too). My husband met up with 2 bears in our trash by our deck a few weeks ago. Give Sam a hug for me - I really like that guy!