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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Now, for more upbeat news

The newish CSHA Board is planning 2 events, as you can see by the home page. A family picnic/kayak race on 8/28 (sat). This is a great chance to meet your neighbors and let the kids have a kayak experience on Lost Mine Lake. Very safe, very fun.
The community flea market/swap shop/yard sale kinda thingy is on 9/11, 8am till 4pm at Firehouse. I love this opportunity to empty out my garage of the years accumulation. There are usually 10 or so sellers, and it is advertised in Union and KNCO, and broadcast email, so we get a pretty good attendance.
Pam Herrenkohl is in charge.
By the way, if you read Pam's facebook page, she started her vacation with a broken toe, courtesy of her Great Dane. Weighing in at 150 lbs, he stepped on her foot, resulting in a break. I've known people who got toes broken from their horses, but a dog???????
Kent and I will be applying a concoction that will topkill the algae forming at LML this week, so steer clear early in the week. It will be posted. You can still take your dogs to the Dog Beach. We only treat the area by the beach. It dissipates in 2 days.
I still have Chester the wonder beagle staying with me. If you know anyone wanting to adopt a senior dog that is healthy, well mannered and still has lots of fun days ahead, give me a call at 265-8680. He's a charmer, and just loves everyone, no matter what species.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shame on you The Union isn't enough

Woke up this morning, got a cuppa java, and sat down to read the Union. Checking the "lost" column I reeled. Here is the ad "Lost dog, black pitbull terrier on Greenhorn Rd, answers to the name of "dirtyni**er" call 530-270-1050. missing since 8/2". Now folks, I have put the ** where there were two g's. Got it?
Question: what sort of animal names their animal that?
Question: who is asleep at the wheel at the Union that allowed that to be published?
Question: how many people are now looking for the owner and dog to give them a piece of their mind?
Question: is this a "prank" from the mind of someone with a really bad sense of humor?
Question: does the Union have editors and proofreaders?

I called Publisher Jeff Ackerman for an explanation (at 11:30 am). He had no knowledge of the ad and has to "research" how this happened. I asked if the Union would apologize. He said "I don't think there is a need for that." My opinion is that no responsible paper would print this ad. At the very least he owes subscribers an apology. Way to make Nevada County look like rampant rednecks Jeff.
How do you feel about this? Call Jeff at the Union, 273-9561.