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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glorious glorious rain

Hi there, and welcome to autumn. Ain't it wonderful. Lots of rain, and all the dust is getting settled, the trees are getting a long awaited shower. We all have TONS of firewood stacked, and the house is cozy and fragrant with the smell of a toasty fire. Karen and I stopped in Nevada City tonight and grabbed the window seat at Friar Tucks for a glorious meal of Carrot Ginger soup, fresh greens salad with chunky Bleu Cheese dressing, and a bubbly pot of Swiss Fondue. We savored all the wonderful flavors while watching the rain begin, pedestrians scrambling for the cover of awnings but clearly enjoying the change of weather. We topped the meal off with an Irish coffee, and the delightful conversations with Bob Buhlis and Austin and friends. Bob runs the postal service on Commercial Street, and SWEARS that he is retiring on November 5th, this being his 19th year of owning that business, and his 75th year on planet earth. Hope he makes his goal.
I love having Nevada City Weather as a friend on my facebook. One stop shopping. They reported tonight that Fire Ban is lifted, so you can begin burning tomorrow if you have a PERMIT, but still remember to call 274-7928 to see if it is an allowable burn day. They are also predicting snow at 7000 level, but possibly as low as 5500, and a few inches in Tahoe Basin. And so it begins!
Did you read the Union article about homeowner insurance being hard to secure here in the foothills? I don't know, but I had Farmers for 10 years, no problem (Ed Mertens on Zion St.) In July we switched to Horace Mann cause we bought a rental home in Cascade Shores, and got more coverage for less $$ from that company. They definitely insure here, so, like I said, I don't know how accurate that article was. There most certainly are companies that won't tough the high fire danger area, same as there are some that won't insure in flood plains like Marysville, but still, I think you can always find the ones that do. Have you had any problem? Do tell.
Scooterspal rescue is having a Casino Night fundraiser this Saturday at Seamans Lodge at Pioneer Park. If you're looking for some fun, come on down. If you dress in Western Attire, you get double chips for gambling (you don't win cash, you win prizes). It's all for the puppies.