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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Lost Mine Lake's water test on Monday passed for swimming with flying colors (up to county standards). Kent Rees (CSHA Pres) and I have been working on (manually) removing some of the grasses growing from the lake floor, and collecting the algae. We will treat the algae again soon to help it settle to the bottom of lake. Kent is also have a consultation from a HealthyLake company to see what can be done about our sweet little lake trying to turn itself back into a meadow! The water plants are really trying to take over. We shall persevere!!
A few days after I commented that there were lots of kids books at the exchange, I went down and they were just about gone. So if you have any to donate, they are needed. The kids really like to take advantage of the books during the summer months. Don't ya just love that in this tv/dvd age.
I am in Eugene, Oregon for a couple of weeks. I love reading the local papers in small towns. A local "conservative" radio station was having trouble with transmission in Eugene's 90degree heat last weekend, and letters to the editor strongly suggested that the Obama administration was at the bottom of it. .. on account of the radio station being down on the demos.. . . .Does the White House know where Eugene, Oregon is? Oh, maybe they do. Michelle's brother is a college coach just a few hours down the road.
Gas is $2.59, and they pump it for you, WITH A SMILE. Sure can't figure how then can sell it cheaper than California, and pay employees. There must be a conspiracy theory there . . .