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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Looking for Spot

A neighbor called the shelter Friday trying to find his little white pitty. Spot was staying with a friend while Stephan was having surgery. Unfortunately, spot bolted, somewhere around the peardale area. The dog is familiar with Greenhorn Creek, so Stephan is hoping Spot is trying to make his way home. He is sweet and shy, mostly white with a black spot on his behind. If you see him, please grab him and call Stephan at 559-7764.
If you are a homeowner in Cascade Shores you may want to read the front page article in the Union Sat. 12/5 titled: "Victims or culprits? Colfax hurt by regulation or irresponsible stewards.?" The gist is that Congressman Tom McCLintock has introduced HR3544 designed to create a litany of protections for local municipalities subject to litigation. This has to do with all of the small communities (like Cascade Shores and Colfax) that are subjected to the same rigid standards as large communities, like San Francisco, resulting from the Clear Water act of 1972, now impacting the cost of sewer treatment plants upgrades. Obviously these costs have a lesser impact per household on huge communities than the 83 homes sharing the cost in a development like ours (the other 320 homes here are on septic). Currently, the "sewer homes" here are paying an average of $2400 per year for the treatment plant. In the Bay Area, the portion part of your tax bill would be about $420. That amounts to about $3 per flush here. Yeah. Judy and Al Kildow up on Summit Ridge have been real activists over the last year hoping to get more attention to this dilemma, and Supv. Nate Beason is always fighting the great fight for this cause. I was relieved to see Nate will once again be running for Dist. 1 supv as he has been a real advocate for the issues we have here in Cascade Shores. Beason in 2012!
To read the text of Mc Clintock's speech see the story online at
Wind damage? Pam H. tells me a large pine tree fell and crushed her neighbors truck bed. Joel Meghill, my roofer neighbor said he got a call on a family on Summit Ridge who lost 1/2 their roof in the storm.
The two "pillowcase puppies" have been happily adopted from Sammies Friends.