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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is there a dirt bike "problem" in Cascade Shores?

Despite what you may have read in the Union, or rumors within the Shores, The Homeowners Assn. board members have no opinion/stand on what some locals are calling a "dirt bike/noise pollution" problem in the Shores and Gas Canyon area. Only a very small number of residents (3) have made negative comments to CSHA, and it is not within their realm to get involved. Law enforcement has no reports of vandalism or crime in the area associated with riders. No great light was shed on the problem, if it does exist, at the monthly meeting.
As far as I am concerned, personally, this is a recreational area and there is expected to be boaters, bikers, ATV's. Unfortunately there are also folks driving way too fast. A community like this is made up of all kinds of folks with all kinds of noisy hobbies. Can we concentrate on the positive? It's still paradise to me. . . . imperfections and all . . . . kids of all ages love two wheels, 3 wheels, and 4 wheels . . . so do I (I have a 750 Honda for my kicks). It is OK to ride on private property without permission? No. Is it OK to go 50mph in a 25? No, uncool, and dangerous. But, we will never have CHP down here to site speeders, (they say they don't have the resources) so how do we create awareness? There will always be those to whom the laws don't apply. I watch people of all ages every day speed up and down the hill, . . . . cars, trucks, delivery vehicles, bicycles (doin 35!) and motorbikes. Whadda do? Are you part of the solution, or part of the problem?

Future Improvements to Pasquale/Sewer Plant News

A few incouraging items from last nights meeting with Dist. 1 Supv. Nate Beason:
1. Some area's will be widened to provide better turnouts starting spring 2009.
2. New technology type guard rails will be installed in some area's in 2010, with $100K budget
3. Though Pasquale is considered a "secondary road" (Red Dog is a primary) and though there are only 400 homes out here, it does receive a great deal more attention than any other secondary road in Nevada County.
4. Plow begins plowing once there is 2" of snow on ground. Sanding trucks sand every 10-12 hours during storm/icy conditions. They always try to hit them early in am for commuters.
Nate reminds that despite the above, Pasquale will always be a narrow, curvy road with a 3000+ elevation, subject to icy conditions. Use your head when deciding to travel it during icy stormy conditions. ONLY SO MUCH CAN BE DONE by the county to make it travelable. Most folks at the meeting agreed that this years plow drivers did a great job of creating burms and pull-outs on the road, and driveways and mailboxes were far more excessable than in former years. I am trying to get the name of the drivers to let Doug Farrell of public works know who much we appreciate the plow guys attention to the above this year. (2 guys working 12 hr shifts)
SEWER NEWS: for you 83 homesites that are serviced by the sewer, you should be online with the new facility as of 1/21/09. Finally. Now, go tell your commode the good news! For the rest of us on septic (approx 300 homes in Cascade Shores) better keep up with the new regulations coming down the pike on septics. Watch for articles in the Union, KNCO and YubaNet.

Monday, January 5, 2009


A reminder, this Wed. meeting (1/7) at the Firehouse, 6:30. Supv. Nate Beason will be there to listen to and speak of road safety/winter road issues. Nate has been a big supporter of Cascade Shores, putting in countless hours and finding countless solutions for our sewer problems. Let's all join together to find solutions to make Pasquale Road safer in the winter. Amen. It was hairy out there during the Christmas 2008 storm.
Be sure to click on PolarBears? on home page to see the video of the "plunge." No, it is not sped up. That's how fast you can get in and out of the lake when necessary!