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Friday, June 24, 2011


Come to the shelter on McCortney Sat. 12-4pm for a party, food and a chance to meet all the wonderful shelter animals. Someone placed 7 beautiful black/white Australian Shepard puppies in a dumpster in North San Juan. There has to be a special kind of hell for people like that. Come see them, they are so beautiful, and they still have puppy breath (I so love puppy breath). Lots of beautiful deserving dogs, cats, bunnies, goats and even a Llama are at the shelter looking for their new family. Even if you are not in the market, come see how nice the shelter is, and leave a donation of food or $$$ for the "babies." There will be a raffle also, and a chance to buy tickets to their annual dinner at Lake Wildwood on July 31st.
The Union confirmed that the forestry will be checking lots in Cascade Shores for fire hazard debris piles/downed trees. The fine will be $500 if your lot is not safe. So do yourself a favor and clean up before you get tagged. It's still burn season, WITH A PERMIT.
I hear lots of people are complaining about the black lab owned by the Ferguson's at the corner of Pasquale and Banner Quaker Hill, by the store. Animal control has been contacted regarding the dogs habit of jumping out from the bushes right in front of moving cars, or lounging in the street and blocking traffic. Owner's have been notified and requested to get the dog under control. . . .If you call animal control about "dogs at large" they will come and check it out. There is in fact a leash law here, so any dog roaming is in violation. Sometimes it takes paying a fine to get Fido back to wake up irresponsible owners. The beautiful basset that was wandering around finally went to the shelter, and the owners on Summit Ridge didn't even go to claim her. She got immediately adopted, and is now in her happy new RESPONSIBLE home. Good for her, she was a sweetie.