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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Twentyeleven/the debate continues

Happy2011 all, whatever you call it, and thanks for your kind words about Rocky and me. I still weep at the thought of him, but that is as it should be. I also laugh when I think of his goofy antics.
On that doggy note, ad in Union today under Lost: Lost Datsun 11/11 in Alta Sierra. He is an 18mo old male. $200 reward when returned, no ques. asked. Gee, isn't a 1 1/2 year old gas saver worth more than $200?
Also in the Union today, a 9 pound gold nugget found on property near Washington up on Hwy 20, part of Omega-Malakoff Tertiary Channel is expected to sell at auction for about $400K. Wow, nice find. Apparently Jim Sanders of San Francisco found it on his property, which is estimated to have about 3,800 ounces of gold in the first few feet. Crimeny, that's about 5Mil. at $1400 an oz. Wonder what he paid for the property? I used to mine on the creeks of Washington in my misspent youth. Found a little. It is easy to get gold fever!
Hope we get into a warming trend soon. I've about had it with 31 degrees in the morning. I've never had frozen ground for a month before. Where is our usual balmy winter weather?
Be careful on these roads. I've seen 2 accidents on Red Dog in the past 3 days which were clearly
drivers taking the curves to fast for icy conditions. It's not a race track folks. Arrive safe.
Nevada County Shelter on McCortney is overflowing with cats and dogs. Please, if you've been considering adopting, or feel like you have the ability to foster, contact them. Too many people are walking away from their responsibilities to their pets. One guy recently came in saying he had to turn in his 4 year old lab and 4 year old shepard because he was moving. I asked where he was moving to. "Alta Sierra." Where are you moving from sir? "Alta Sierra." So, I guess it was to much trouble to find a rental that would accept his pets, or find a suitable home for them himself. The shelter legally has to take strays, but does not have to take "turn ins" and must often turn them away from lack of space. Unfortunately, these dogs are then dumped, like unwanted trash.
We saw Paula Poundstone on New Years Eve, hilarious! She spent some time making fun of our delightful community, and Grass Valley for the "candy throwing debacle" at the recent "Toys for Tots" motorcycle run. Really, where else would such activity merit countless articles in the paper and letters to the editor. How small town is that. If you missed it, the motorcyclists drive toys from the Rood Center to the fairgrounds, and toss candy to bystanders. Many people complained about the candy becoming litter on the street, and the fact that one cyclist was not wearing a helmet! I think they missed the point . . . . .