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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Upcoming in Cascade Shores

Women's Club is having movie night at the Firehouse, 3 Fridays at 8:30 starting July 2. Bring a chair and bankey, and they provide the popcorn or treat. Just like the old drive in days. Very fun, and you get to see the moon rise over the firehouse. Movies being considered: Babe, Beetlejuice, The Incredibles, March of Penguins, Monsters Inc, the Neverending Story, The Princess Bride, Searching for Bobby Fischer (I love that movie!) Simon Birch (tearjerker) Yellow Submarine (great Beatles music). If you have a fav, let Sharon Hogan at know!
Womens Club is also supporting the Celebration of Life Walk on September 19th. You can go to for an application. It's $25 to register, and if you do so before 08/20 you get a T-shirt. Let Karen Hatton at 265-4803 know if you wish to join or sponsor a walker. It's all for a great cause (cancer).
I hear the CHP has been picking off the stop sign runners by the General Store. They sit outside my house and write em up. There are quite a few drivers that think it's ok to completely blow the 4 way stop, even going thru the intersection doing 25+. Not cool. Glad to see the CHP is on it. By the way, the hill is 25 too. Seems there are alot of commuters that think it's a 50. I wonder if they would like people passing their home doing 50?