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Sunday, August 25, 2013

want your Surburban Propane tank painted? Just call them!

Yep, they'll send someone out to clean up and repaint your tank. Got mine done, and it is a thing of beauty.  Just another Plus with Surburban propane.  Nice people.Phone 273-6113.  (if they route you to the national number, they aren't very helpful.  Talk to the local office above.


update 12:30 on my dog Kyra:  It seems miss Missy may have gotten ahold of some hashish. In retrospect, she did seem MAJORLY stoned.  Since I have not owned any hashish since 1970, I'm guessing it somehow came over the fence in that suspicious foil package.  All 3 dogs pretty much slept from 4pm till midnight, so maybe they "shared" with Kyra getting the lions share. Mystery not solved, but I would feel better if it was an idiot "chucking" his stash, rather than an evil dog poisoner.
Alerted animal control, just in case it was evil intent.
A very sad and suspicious thing happened yesterday,  my foster dog Kyra fell suddenly ill.  She was the only dog in my yard yesterday.  Rushed her to Loomis Emergency Hosp.  She clearly had been poisoned. I keep my yard very clean of any toxins obviously, with so many little ones here at all times.  I found a very suspicious tin foil package just inside my gate, with brown residue.  I'll never know, but it appears someone threw a packet of something toxic over the fence sometime between 4pm-5pm yesterday (Sat 8/24).  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. It may be random, or we may have a very sick person wandering around here . . .
Kyra is slowly recovering.  Huge vet bill.  Hopefully no perm. damage.  Does not make me feel safe about leaving dogs in yard. . . . . .
Saw that John and Cindi Perry have their house up for sale.  John and Cindi owned the General Store here for many years, and have been in the community for a L-O-N-G time.  Really suprized to see them selling their house.  It's on the corner of Pasquale and Cascade Dr.  They've always worked hard on that house and yard. It looks like an interesting place.
Someone asked if I knew of any rentals/option to buy around here.  Lori and Jerry Shefels house (Shef's Plumbing) appears to be inbetween renters. It's on Lake Lane a block above the boat ramp (right side if you are going towards the ramp). Cute place, A frame, nice yard.  Not sure of status, but you could probably call Shef's Plumbing (grass valley or roseville) for info. Craigs list is always a good bet for finding rentals
WE had ONE day of relief from the smoke, now it's back.  Since Forest Hill fire (American Hill) if mostly contained, I think this is probably Yosemite Fire smoke.  For the best updates, go to  They do a great job of covering fires, and everything else!
Saw the surveryors around my house the other day.  Nosy person that I am, I asked what/when.  Seems the Pasquale/Nugget area will be getting new water pipes, consistent with the rest of C. Shores
NEXT YEAR.  This is great, because they also install new fire hydrants (I think the old ones here don't fit the new fire equipment).  Should make us much safer in the event of fires.  Thank you County.